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  • GraceFB commented on Looking For A IT Specialist (Perl Required)

    Hey, LR! How's things?

    (Feel free to delete this comment once you've noticed it, I just wasn't sure how to reach you at this point. There are so many goddamned ways to try that I just get communicative paralysis, so I'm going lowest common denominator.)

  • davebaker commented on Perl Needs a User Friendly CMS


    I suspected you were speaking of WebGUI when you made your Lightning Talk, Scott!

    I wonder if you are familiar with this very polished Perl CMS: "Big Medium." It never gained a great deal of traction despite a very user-friendly installation process and user's manual; the developer has moved on to other projects. I believe it was designed to be a kind of push-the-button CMS for a church group, to use your example. Perhaps it contains something of interest in terms of features or architecture for a WebGUI 8:


  • scrottie commented on Perl Needs a User Friendly CMS

    Yeah, I wanted to avoid a knee jerk reaction I'd seen in the past and just leave it as "a CMS written in Perl".

    I'll check out Big Medium. Glancing at the site though, it talks about purchasing it, so I'm guessing that it isn't free software. I'll read more though. Thanks for pointing that out.

    wG may or may not be the best base for this project, but I'm involved in both that community and the Perl one, and it's the system I know well, but perhaps this effort will help open things up to other people wanting to do a similar thing with other systems.

  • scrottie commented on Perl Needs a User Friendly CMS

    Oh, they moved it to MIT style license, so someone totally could try to get a community development process going.

  • Steven Haryanto commented on Some statistics from Debian package tags

    On the contrary, I expected OCaml to have more packages :) OCaml is a bit like Perl: practical (instead of pure), multiparadigm (functional *and* OO), Unix oriented. It should be one of the choices to go to when perl is too slow. Perhaps it's just not popular enough (yet).

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