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  • Posted Guest Speaker Peter Rabbitson at Perl::Dancer Conference to Racke

    We managed to get Peter Rabbitson also known as ribasushi as guest speaker for our conference in October.

    Peter is very famous for being the master mind and release manager for DBIx::Class, the most popular ORM in the Perl world. He also plays an import…

  • Posted Amazon & Ebay to Racke

    We are going to start a project to provide easy to use + install interfaces for Amazon and Ebay for Interchange 6, similar to the one available for Magento and other Ecommerce software. It should be also possible to use this in conjunction with Interchange 5.

    With your help this becomes a …

  • Posted Perl::Dancer Conference 2014 to Racke

    We offer you the following incentives:

    • From Zero to Hero
    • Meet the Experts
    • Build the Community

  • Posted Dancer::Session::DBIC to Racke

    Two days ago I wrote a DBIx::Class session backend for Dancer.

    I couldn't upload to CPAN though, as this module name was…

  • Posted Final Schedule for Ecommerce Innovation Conference to Racke

    Here is the final schedule for our Ecommerce Innovation Conference at Hancock, NY, starting next Tuesday:


  • Posted Ecommerce & Perl Conference to Racke

    We would like to invite you to our conference in Hancock, NY.

    The conference focuses on Open Source software and general topics regarding eCommerce (Payment / PCI-DSS, ERP, Best Practices, Usability, SEO, ...).

    We are specially interested in speakers and attendees from the Perl Co…

  • Commented on Swiss Perl Workshop has a Logo
    Looks really nice!...
  • Commented on Any::Moose is out, Moo is in!
    I like "Yes, we do" better than "Yes, we can". My stuff is going to migrate to Moo as well....
  • Commented on iTransact::Lite
    It would be cool to base this module on Business::OnlinePayment, so users of Perl e-commerce software can easily integrate it. At any rate, please don't put it in the root namespace of CPAN, e.g. rename it to Business::iTransact::Lite. Regards Racke...
  • Commented on Dancer release codename "Yanick in Black"
    megasplat really fills in a gap in Dancer's usability - I ended up using complicated regular expressions and captures. Thanks for the release....
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  • commented on Dancer release codename "Yanick in Black"

    I'll post a longer reaction to the news once I can articulate something past the insanely wide silly grin that is threatening to split my head in half. But, in the meantime: I am honored, I am thrilled, and most of all I am ever grateful that you guys let me play with your baby.

    And now, if you excuse me, I have to go and - topically enough - do a little victory dance.

  • JT Smith commented on iTransact::Lite

    Thanks for the suggestion. If at some point I need Business::OnlinePayment I'd certainly create a wrapper around this module for it. If somebody else needs it they're welcome to wrap my module. I specifically didn't use it because I don't need to be pluggable for my projects, and making a Business::OnlinePayment module requires a lot of code that I don't need.

    As far as I know, there's no rule as to how modules need to be named. Starman, Plack, Moose, Catalyst, Facebook all sit in the root for example. And I don't think there will be anybody wanting to use the iTransact root namespac…

  • Nick Patch commented on iTransact::Lite

    Here are some relevant quotes from On the Naming of Modules (

    "There isn't a set of formal rules, or even its less restrictive little brother, guidelines, for naming your packages. Your module can use any name that it likes, but like all names, a good one goes a long way."

    "For frameworks like Moose, Catalyst, or DBI provide a functionality around an idea rather than a particular low-level or general task. They don't live in a hierarchy because the…

  • chimerix commented on Any::Moose is out, Moo is in!

    Is there a convenient way to specify many accessors at once, like you can with Object::Tiny, Class::Accessor, etc? If I have a dozen accessors and just want the simplest default accessors possible, can I do something like 'map { has } @accessor_names'? It would make transitioning from the other accessor generators so much easier than having to write a dozen separate verbose lines to accomplish the same thing.

  • Sawyer X commented on Any::Moose is out, Moo is in!

    "has" is a command, so you can just do: "has $_ => ( is => 'ro' ) for @names".

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