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  • commented on Dancer release codename "Yanick in Black"

    I'll post a longer reaction to the news once I can articulate something past the insanely wide silly grin that is threatening to split my head in half. But, in the meantime: I am honored, I am thrilled, and most of all I am ever grateful that you guys let me play with your baby.

    And now, if you excuse me, I have to go and - topically enough - do a little victory dance.

  • JT Smith commented on iTransact::Lite

    Thanks for the suggestion. If at some point I need Business::OnlinePayment I'd certainly create a wrapper around this module for it. If somebody else needs it they're welcome to wrap my module. I specifically didn't use it because I don't need to be pluggable for my projects, and making a Business::OnlinePayment module requires a lot of code that I don't need.

    As far as I know, there's no rule as to how modules need to be named. Starman, Plack, Moose, Catalyst, Facebook all sit in the root for example. And I don't think there will be anybody wanting to use the iTransact root namespac…

  • Nova Patch commented on iTransact::Lite

    Here are some relevant quotes from On the Naming of Modules (

    "There isn't a set of formal rules, or even its less restrictive little brother, guidelines, for naming your packages. Your module can use any name that it likes, but like all names, a good one goes a long way."

    "For frameworks like Moose, Catalyst, or DBI provide a functionality around an idea rather than a particular low-level or general task. They don't live in a hierarchy because the…

  • chimerix commented on Any::Moose is out, Moo is in!

    Is there a convenient way to specify many accessors at once, like you can with Object::Tiny, Class::Accessor, etc? If I have a dozen accessors and just want the simplest default accessors possible, can I do something like 'map { has } @accessor_names'? It would make transitioning from the other accessor generators so much easier than having to write a dozen separate verbose lines to accomplish the same thing.

  • Sawyer X commented on Any::Moose is out, Moo is in!

    "has" is a command, so you can just do: "has $_ => ( is => 'ro' ) for @names".

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