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  • Posted start up to melezhik


    I have just started a repository of portable web tests -
    This is an alpha stage. Please follow up:

    - Read what swat is
    - Create your test suite useful for others

  • Posted MongoDB monitoring with swat to melezhik

    MongoDB provides some http interface to enable monitoring.

    Swat is a perl/bash DSL for web application smoke tests. The one of inter…

  • Posted swat for Dancer to melezhik

    SWAT is simple DSL to create a smoke tests for any web application in easy and fast way. Recently I have created some tests for well known perl web framework

  • Posted Swat and Mojolicious to melezhik

    Hi. I continue to share some swat news. SWAT is automation test framework written on bash/perl and providing a simple DSL to rapidly create smoke tests for web applications.

    Mojolicious is a ..…

  • Posted swat - Simple Web Application Test ( Tool ) to melezhik

    As devops I update a dozens of web application weekly, sometimes I just have no time sitting and wait while dev guys or QA team ensure that deploy is fine and nothing breaks on the road. So I need a tool to run smoke tests against web applications. Not tool only, but the…

  • Posted pjam on rails, part 2 ( pjam projects ) to melezhik

    Recently I wrote a post about a pjam - a perl applications build server. Now I continue the topic and try to uncover some pjam vital features.

    First of all, central point of p…

  • Posted pjam on rails - build server for perl applications. to melezhik

    Pjam - is the build server for perl applications.

    Hi All! It's still in alpha stage, but anybody is welcome to try it out. Pjam provides standard continues integration server api with additional features:

    • checks out source code from subversion VCS…

  • Posted Pjam - continues integration for PERL, using pinto. to melezhik

    Pinto is an application for creating and managing a custom CPAN-like repository of Perl modules. Pjam is a tool which enables automatic creation of perl applications distribution archives from source…

  • Commented on jam - glue between pinto and scm
    Well, after all, I decided to choose "pjam", "jam" part is still here, and I like it, and "p" - is somehow connected with pinto. At least pjam gem is not reserved at
  • Commented on jam - glue between pinto and scm
    Hi Brian. Have never heard about this. gives a few results ......
  • Posted jam - glue between pinto and scm to melezhik

    Pinto is great and helps create custom repositories of cpan packages, tune dependencies and get vital information about your distributions. One thing I lack is to propagate changes in source control as new distributions in pinto stacks and also new…

  • Commented on psgi applications easy install with chef
    Hi David! Psgi cookbook only installs init scripts infrastucture. Now it supports centOS, debian and ubuntu. It's not intended to manage cpan packages prerequisitives....
  • Posted psgi applications easy install with chef to melezhik

    "Plack - Perl Superglue for Web frameworks and Web Servers (PSGI toolkit)" as said in documentation. Dealing with perl applications deployment, which I do with chef - modern open source platform…

  • Commented on chef pinto cookbook
    Ok (: Chef is cool open source tool for managing and configuring servers. Chef users may write various recipes (or installation scenarios) and distribute them as `cookbooks`, once one have specific cookbook he may run it on host (with chef...
  • Posted chef pinto cookbook to melezhik

    Pinto is an application for creating and managing a custom CPAN-like repository of Perl modules. You may find many posts on it on the site. I love the idea of pinto, so…

  • Posted perl distributive "early" testing with jenkins to melezhik

    Even though you have a stage servers `like production one', it'd be reasonable to check distributive in production environment before release is happened. I would call it `early` testi…

  • Posted jenkins plugin for building perl applications to melezhik
    Jenkins - is well known continues integration server. One of it's great features - one may extend it by writing custom plug-ins.

    It implements standard build scheme:
    1. look up …
  • Posted installing cpan modules with chef to melezhik

    Chef is a systems integration framework, built to bring the benefits of configuration management to your entire infrastructure.

    I have created cpan cookbook to install cpan mo…

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