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  • Dana Jacobsen commented on Alternatives to rand()

    Thanks for the note. You are correct that if run on machines with AES support (which is a *lot*, and OpenSSL supports a huge number of them) and if the software supports it, then indeed it's very fast. I added a parenthetical note.

    None of the Perl modules do this. Crypt::Rijndael's AES C code is the standard reference C code. CryptX uses LibTomCrypt which is based on the original reference code. So they are not very fast (relative to other PRNGs). Fortuna also includes running SHA2, which further slows down the output. Crypt::PRNG (Fortuna) runs at 0.14 GB/s on this machine, …

  • Yuki Kimoto commented on Alternatives to rand()

    This comparison is very easy to understand.

  • Dean commented on DBD::Oracle Trial release.

    Smoking by cpantesters is almost entirely pointless for two reasons:

    - the Oracle Client SDK has to be downloaded and installed (requires an account, but is "free" as in beer). there are some random websites that have it for download, avoiding the aforementioned account, but...
    - an actual Oracle database needs to be installed to test against

    There is an official Docker image of the Oracle database... but it requires injecting an oracle database installer file (even the free one from which again requires an account).

    So the smokers will …

  • kd commented on DBD::Oracle Trial release.

    mjevans: yes you're right the changelog is isnconsistent with what's in the release. I'll trawl through the commits and update it some time really soon.

    ribasushi: thanks. Almost all not my work. Although I can take responsibility for exposing the bug that prompted all this. I'll fix the version numbering when I update the trial release and mangle the changelog. As Dean notes it's of little practical consequence, but best to do things properly.

  • Dean commented on DBD::Oracle Trial release.

    I took that as inspiration for

    Thanks Peter

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