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  • Posted Sydney PM May 2015 to dean

    In brief, SiteSuite have agreed to host on the 14th of May.

    Dates beyond that are up for grabs, and speakers are welcomed for any and all meetings.

    Help promote by printing and hanging either the ="…

  • Posted Some Useful Debian Packages to dean

    Obviously these are probably in other distributions and BSD's. Debian is win though.


    Actually reduce/stop clock drift, rather than having ntp constantly tweaking the system time. Useless on VM's obviously.


    Emails y…

  • Posted Sydney-PM Tonight ! (April 14th) to dean

    Hosted by us at Broadbean. The address is Level 8, 9 Hunter Street, Sydney 2000.

    The front doors close promptly at 6pm. If you arrive before 6pm, then walk straight in (there's no sign in process). When on the 8th floor, there's signs to say we're to the left. Come on in!

    If you ar…

  • Posted Looking for BZ::Client Author to dean

    I am looking to contact Jochen Wiedmann who is the BZ::Client author (amongst other modules) whom I am guessing resides in Finland. I have emailed the associated email address and I created an

  • Posted Looking for HTML::FormFu patches and contributions to dean

    The HTML::FormFu module is well known enough to be mentioned in detail in both published Catalyst books. Despite a reasonable learning curve, once mastered saves enormous time in creating web-based forms.

    The author/maintainer, Carl (aka fireartist), has been nice enough to allow me to ge…

  • Posted Sydney-PM April 2015 to dean

    Broadbean have offered to host us this month, thanks be to Peter Harrison for setting the wheels in motion.

    What: Sydney PM
    Date: Tuesday, 14th April 2015
    Time: 6-9:30pm
    Where: Broadbean, Suite 8.03, 9 Hunter Street, Sydney

    Speakers are needed!

    Here ar…

  • Posted Firefox is dead... or something to dean

    In terms of market share, there has been no shortage of comparisons between Perl and Firefox over recent years. For that reason then, I found recent analysis of survey…

  • Posted Upcoming 2015 Sydney PM Meets to dean

    In brief...

    Catalyst have agreed to host us on March 10th.

    Broadbean have asked to have us on April 14th.

    SiteSuite have agreed to host on the 14th of May.

    Dates beyond that are up for grabs, and speakers are welcomed for any and all meetings.

    Help promote b…

  • Posted Blocking DNS malware with Perl and BIND to dean

    This evening at Sydney-PM, Nick Urbanik gave an excellent presentation about his work at a large well known Australian Internet provider, in automatically blocking malicious DNS requests in Bind based resolution servers.

    His method uses Perl, Inotify and Bind.

    If you have customers…

  • Posted Sydney-PM February 2015 to dean

    If you happen to be in Sydney Australia this month, please join us for a night of Perl and conversation.

    SiteSuite have again offered to host us this month, thanks be to Cees Hek for setting the wheels in motion. Note: SiteSuite have moved, so check th…

  • Posted OpenWest 2015 - Call for Papers to dean

    I just noticed on the SLC-PM Facebook that the OpenWest Conference 2015 has called for Papers.

    Last year it had a whole track for Perl topics. The content was excellent and can be

  • Commented on Michael McClennen gave this talk at MadMongers last week.
  • Commented on Michael McClennen gave this talk at MadMongers last week.
    'This video has been removed because its too long' ?...
  • Commented on Use Ctrl-d!
    Reminds me of the NetApp CLI (OnTap)... which forces ctrl-D...
  • Commented on Perl::Critic Has New Home And New Look
    Great work JRT...
  • Posted Spotify and Perl Article to dean

    Sawyer X recently gave a talk in which he outlined that merely talking about the stuff we are doing helps promote perl (watch his talk here on youtube). I believe he is absolutely correct.

    Mike Schilli is one person who I think…

  • Posted Next Sydney PM - 11th November to dean

    Posting on brought new faces to our last Sydney PM, so heres details on our next event. Please join us if you are in Sydney Australia!

    Hi All

    Catalyst IT have offered to host us this month, so I went ahead and booked their board room. Thanks to Andrew Boag fo…

  • Posted HTML::FormFu talk for Sydney PM to dean

    I am in the process of authoring a talk for Sydney PM as an intro to HTML::FormFu (via Catalyst). The draft of which follows, to which I would welcome feedback and suggestions.


    Efficient web forms.

    So you can leave at 5pm each day.

  • Commented on S.C.O. cloning project - progress report
    It's still not clear to me why doesnt become like (or be replaced by) something more community driven like That cpan's search function isn't the recommended place to browse cpan doesn't help perl's image (or help newbies)...
  • Commented on Sydney Perl Mongers Thursday Night
    Thanks to SiteSuite and Cees who arranges that for us, for allowing us to use their facilities last night and shouting us all dinner. A huge thanks to Jeffrey and Cees who gave very interesting and well prepared presentations on...
  • Posted Sydney Perl Mongers Thursday Night to dean

    Sydneysiders are invited to join us this Thursday night for yet another Sydney-PM meet.

    SiteSuite have offered to host us. Thanks to Cees for setting the wheels in motion for us to use the venue.

    What: Sydney PM
    Date: Thursday, 16th October 2014
    Time: 6-9:30pm…

  • Commented on Event::Lib
    I can see you are already trying ->
  • Commented on Event::Lib
    There is a process to taking over modules on PAUSE, see Personally i have not yet succeeded with it....
  • Commented on Opportunity to support Strawberry Perl
    how flexible are the above requirements?...
  • Commented on Please don't use ::Tiny unless it meets the ::Tiny criteria, thanks!
    Maybe make a Dist::Zilla plugin to test for it all?...
  • Commented on Put your CPAN distributions on github
    A nice (and key) feature of Git is that you can easily add any number of upstream's which you you can push too at will. So whilst you may prefer to use your own private git repo, or another git...
  • Commented on Foster Care
    Perhaps TPF could facilitate kickstarter style campaigns for perl related stuff? Like a derivative of grants, basically crowd funded grants?...
  • Commented on Some ideas for improving the community - The ANA initiative
    I am impressed how much I totally agree with this post. Getting organized and building a great experience is hugely important. Its totally legitimate to say "if you see a problem, then fix it" - alas that isn't in and...
  • Commented on Strawberry Perl released
    You might consider pushing these release announcements to sites like, and
  • Commented on Why Companies Turn Me Down For Contracts
    At the end of the day, you are still selling some of your waking hours for money. That is to say that you are earning money rather than making money. Whilst its important to build your career, remember that ultimately...
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