• Commented on Foster Care
    Perhaps TPF could facilitate kickstarter style campaigns for perl related stuff? Like a derivative of grants, basically crowd funded grants?...
  • Commented on Some ideas for improving the community - The ANA initiative
    I am impressed how much I totally agree with this post. Getting organized and building a great experience is hugely important. Its totally legitimate to say "if you see a problem, then fix it" - alas that isn't in and...
  • Commented on Strawberry Perl released
    You might consider pushing these release announcements to sites like, and
  • Commented on Why Companies Turn Me Down For Contracts
    At the end of the day, you are still selling some of your waking hours for money. That is to say that you are earning money rather than making money. Whilst its important to build your career, remember that ultimately...
  • Commented on I need pack examples for the Camel
    Perhaps consider an example from
  • Commented on When do you upgrade perl?
    redhats blatant refusal to take perl seriously is very damaging. come on they put an end of life perl version in their new os. (5.10 in rhel6)...
  • Commented on Three things I'd Change About Perl
    This function just looks like a recipe for unmaintainable code and then system administrators contacting hitmen on their developers. Its interesting how languages focus on programmer conveniences and neglect other parts of a softwares lifecycle which can be just as...
  • Commented on RHEL and perl
    Sadly, perl 5.10 is slated for rhel6 rather than perl 5.12 My workplace is a large rhel and perl user, so we have placed a formal request for 5.12 in rhel6. Can i recommend that other rhel users log in...
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