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  • Commented on Perl7 is a fork of values
    This venue seems as good as any to voice your support for the current "governance model", or your ideas for how it could be remodeled to better serve those few people and businesses still loyal to Perl. So as a...
  • Commented on Perl7 is a fork of values
    You will support reforms then I assume. Giving members of the perl community a voice? TPF membership, TPF elections etc. The current anti-model of governance has been used throughout its fade to near irrelevance. If you sat people down and...
  • Commented on Polling for fun and engagement
    Alas posts in groups can't be linked too. We are thorough at adding "tags" to posts, so click the "polls" tag from the tag cloud on the RHS and you should see them....
  • Commented on Perl7 is a fork of values
    Elections allow people to express their values by selecting their leaders. People overwhelming migrate from countries without democracies in to countries with democracies. In perl their are no elections and leaders appoint each other. The people have left perl for...
  • Commented on Perl7 is a fork of values
    Great commentary. I agree that the elation to change things in perl's core that the perl7 announcement has created will fork whats left of the community and douse the last embers of perl I share the concern about self appointed...
  • Posted Polling for fun and engagement to dean

    I've been posting some Perl related polls in Perl Programmers over the last few weeks. Despite the obvious weaknesses in the sampling method, they've provided some good insights and great talking points.

    Here's some results as …

  • Posted Perl Mentoring to dean

    In the Perl Programmers Facebook group we have kicked off a Perl Mentoring program. Already more than a dozen experienced Perl people have offered their services to anyone looking to learn more about Perl. It's very…

  • Commented on Perl 7: A Risk-Benefit Analysis
    Why not introduce a warning if 'use warnings' is enabled and there is no 'use vXXXX' Thats a soft way to encourage using a version number AND it generally wouldnt impact one liners...
  • Commented on Thinking and Question of The Proposal for Perl 7 - day1
    I think there are many positives to perl, but some of the defaults can be updated which will add to the magic....
  • Commented on Thinking and Question of The Proposal for Perl 7 - day1
    Regarding the word choice "silly". It is very mild and was chosen for that. In terms of usage. My on the ground experience running Sydney PM is that our sponsoring companies where dropping off. No new employers where appearing. People...
  • Commented on Thinking and Question of The Proposal for Perl 7 - day1
    Perl has been very kind to maintain backwards compatibility very carefully. Its users value this. However its users have declined and declined. While companies happily rewrite their software in to languages that routinely break things. From the proposal in the...
  • Commented on +1 "use v7;" in Perl 7
    I agree with all of the above. I would add that for one liners the version should be optional and assumed to be whatever the interpreters version is....
  • Commented on Please not yet-another-oo-system, let's support frameworks
    I think within an organization 'use standard' is reasonable since it would be your org's 'standard'. For CPAN I agree that something like your suggestions would be better. Perhaps creating a prefix instead so that people could select differing profiles....
  • Commented on Please not yet-another-oo-system, let's support frameworks
    Whatever "readable code" is, is subjective. Whats nice about perlcritic+perltidy is that your organization (company, project) can decide what "readable" means to you. JSON for example has decided that trailing commas are unacceptable. The perl interpreter doesn't mind, but you...
  • Posted Please not yet-another-oo-system, let's support frameworks to dean

    I'm very keen to be actively deprecating and removing syntactic oddities that folks should already be prohibiting via good perlcritic policies (i.e linting) hopefully in their editors and CI pipelines.

    And sta…

  • Commented on Perl 7, not quite getting better yet
    I think we have a solid platform already in cpantesters to support making changes to perl that are already best practices. Obviously more tooling may need to be built on top of it. Lets be realistic though. Perl is about...
  • Posted Contacting author of Net::Azure::StorageClient to dean

    I am trying to contact Junnama Noda author of Net::Azure::StorageClient

    I have sent two emails now to the public email address listed in his public github profile and have received no bounce or response.

    If anyone is in contact with him, please have him contact me


  • Commented on Stack Overflow Developer Survey 2020
    This article has some interesting thoughts that i think are related. i.e. "even though the number of professional programmers has grown sharply since the glory days of the 90es, these software experts have shifted away from developing new languages toward...
  • Posted Stack Overflow Developer Survey 2020 to dean

    There's a lot in it and we could question some of the methodology, but here's some thoughts.


    Perl developers are ="https://…

  • Posted Late May Software Releases to dean

    There have been several! LANraragi, ZEVENET CE, LedgerSMB, and Sympa. All great perl software!

    LANraragi v.0.7.0 -- Cat People (Putting Out Fire)

    Web application for archival and reading of manga/doujinshi. Lightweight and Docker-ready for NAS/servers.


  • Posted Sqitch v1.1.0 released to dean

    Sqitch is a database change management application. It currently supports PostgreSQL 8.4+, SQLite 3.7.11+, MySQL 5.0+, Oracle 10g+, Firebird 2.0+, Vertica 6.0+, Exasol 6.0+ and Snowflake.

    Changelog at ="…

  • Commented on New release of RT::Client::REST
    Thanks to people who have actually sent in tiny fixes for minor edge cases. Theyre much appreciated...
  • Posted New release of RT::Client::REST to dean

    A very welcome PR for adding the new SLA parameters for RT 4.4.3 was provided to RT::Client::REST on githib, which went out in v0.57 just earlier this week.

  • Commented on Keyhole surgery 100% successful
    Modern medicine is amazing. Its great news youre doing well....
  • Commented on remake
  • Posted Monitorix 3.12.0 released to dean

    Another great Perl software that I find very useful is Monitorix.

    Monitorix is FOSS lightweight system monitoring designed to monitor as many services and system resources as possible.


  • Posted LANraragi v.0.6.8 - Cool Cat to dean


    LANraragi is a web application for archival and reading of manga/doujinshi. It's lightweight and Docker-ready for NAS/servers. There is even a standing o…

  • Commented on Paws XXXXIX (Very Close)
  • Commented on Shorewall Released!
    I find its perfect for managing local iptables rules on single servers. Having sharded config makes it easy to manage with Rex....
  • Posted Shorewall Released! to dean

    Shorewall is now available for download. Shorewall is a gateway/firewall configuration tool for GNU/Linux, written in Perl.

    Problems Corrected:

    1) A typo in the FTP documentation h…
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  • shadowcat_mdk commented on Perl7 is a fork of values

    Going to have to disagree with you on that Riba - not in regard to your underlying stance, or any technical matter in general, just to the assumption of an absolute,

    I have known both Sawyer and Todd to be benevolent and kind. I have never assumed they are angels who tread the light clouds of the fantastic; but to state they have never exhibited the quality of benevolence, that's bollocks mate. Also, in regard to BDFL - neither of them are, so double oops, still doesn't work as a never - maybe James Bond can give us all a Never Say Never Again.

    The use of a reduction to the a…

  • Todd Rinaldo commented on Perl7 is a fork of values

    I have no membership in TPF either other than being a conference organizer (which carries no membership). I openly welcome you to come volunteer to organize the next TPC (online or in person) when it happens next June.

    If you sat people down and said "how should we run our language in 2020" it would never look like what TPF and #p5p look like.

    1st off, I'd like to make sure you understand tha…

  • Todd Rinaldo commented on Perl7 is a fork of values

    By your logic, anything run by a BDFL would be abandoned.

    The "B" in "BDFL" stands for benevolent. Neither Sawyer, nor you Todd, exhibit this quality.

    Thanks! My comment was not about Perl's governance so much as most other open source projects. Some have a complex governance but the majority are managed by a select few. Isn't this the common case?

  • shadowcat_mdk commented on Perl7 is a fork of values

    Okay there is no +1 on this platform, but this is my +1

  • shadowcat_mdk commented on Perl7 is a fork of values

    it's usually the evolved state. Which is why structural criticism of form sees it as the parochial or abusive state.

    It might be so.

    However, assuming it to be the implied rather than the assumed (or default) is perhaps a misunderstanding.

    the internal sarcasm here is those who wish to rebuild, to evolve, object the changes to the original form. Those who have built and maintained, object to the adherence of a constant, or common, universal state.

    Honestly i think Gloucester would be looking sideways at flies, wanton boys and gods right now.

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