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  • Commented on Easily clean up a team's remote git branches
    With Ovid's permission i have added this to my git-tools repo on github:
  • Commented on Web development with Perl 5
    The ORM is not your model, and you've tightly coupled yourself to your framework by calling the ORM from your conroller code. Abstract that away:
  • Commented on Paging TOBYINK
    A fork of this: which i haven't updated other than adding a couple of newer modules and actually updating the dists it's benchmarking. So, possibly wrong/irrelevant? The benchmarks were a bit of distraction anyway, and just there as a...
  • Commented on Paging TOBYINK
    OK, understood - we have two products, one of which is pure Mouse (as per commit message, i.e. no mixing of the streams) and one of which is newer and pure Moo. I'm going to move it all to pure...
  • Commented on Paging TOBYINK
    Hurrah! The [will soon be] critical one is this pull request against Type::Tiny: # as it will break with the next stable version of perl. There are other bugs on RT against Type::Tiny, but i don't think they're critical....
  • Posted Paging TOBYINK to Lee J

    This week marks 2 years since TOBYINK seemingly dropped off the perl map, in terms of viewable open source contributions that is. Since then the author's modules have gone unmaintained, consequently they are

  • Posted Alpine Perl Workshop Videos (Day 1) to Lee J

    I have uploaded videos from the first day of the Alpine Perl Workshop (Innsbruck, 2016): The second day of videos should be done uploading by the same time tomorrow.…

  • Posted A recap for CPAN day to Lee J

    I uploaded my 20th distribution to CPAN yesterday, a little bit premature of CPAN day but that doesn't matter. It will require an update since odd things are happening in the tests, so there will be a release today. The module is

  • Posted Migrating from Mojolicious::Plugin::Swagger2 to OpenAPI to Lee J

    Mojolicious::Plugin::OpenAPI is close to being stable so i figured it was time to migrate from our use of Mojolicious::Plugin::Swagger2. Here's the…

  • Posted YAPC::EU 2015 to Lee J

    Rather than crossposting content, click here to read instead.

  • Posted Removing AUTOLOAD from to Lee J

    I'm about to release an update to that will strip out all of the AUTOLOAD and deferred compile optimization. I'm reasonably confident that this will have no impact other than adding a few tens of milliseconds to the startup time for any scripts using Of note is that CGI::Pretty…

  • Commented on Hacked Again?
    The date in the db dump file is from January 2014, so probably related to the previous hack. Nonetheless, change your password if you feel the need to....
  • Commented on Devops in the cloud with perl
    Interested! (BTW - youtube link broken)...
  • Commented on The 'right' name for your CPAN distribution
    Well it took a while (pesky Windows...) but i've just uploaded the latest version that fixes this....
  • Commented on The 'right' name for your CPAN distribution
    Heh, sadly not as i will be away. Certainly within the next couple of months however....
  • Commented on The 'right' name for your CPAN distribution
    Thanks Neil! I will probably get this done for the next release....
  • Commented on The 'right' name for your CPAN distribution is a special case as it pre-dates a lot of the infrastructure built around CPAN, including CPAN itself. So before it was this, now it's that, but should be something else. There is a ticket to get the distribution...
  • Commented on Swiss Perl Workshop has ROOM
    ++ for Arduino / Raspberry workshop....
  • Commented on Moose Dying With "Invalid version format (version required)"
    Makes we wonder if there is a need for some sort of automated reverse dependency testing system......
  • Commented on A Desired SQL Affordance
    Find a balance between an appropriate level of normalization and the amount of code you want to maintain, or simply strive for better understanding in the use of NULL. Sure, you can move the salary column into a salary table...
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  • Matt S Trout (mst) commented on Paging TOBYINK

    Mouse's hopeless incompatibility with Moose is one of the reasons Moo exists. I'd strongly recommend either going straight to Moose or staying with Moo.

    The only way to make Moose and Mouse play nice together is, in fact, to go via Moo - if you make an empty Moo role consuming a Mouse role, the Moo role now works with Moose. The Mouse one does not.

    Also, consider installing Class::XSAccessor to speed up Moo.

    Toby, any chance I can help you get your modules into the moose github org or somewhere else so we can help you with this stuff?

    (note that the Moo commun…

  • Graham Knop commented on Paging TOBYINK

    I'd be interested in seeing your benchmark script to see what you are actually comparing, as some of the numbers seem a bit odd. Also note that MooX::TypeTiny exists and should make the combination of Moo and Type::Tiny as fast as is possible in pure perl. It may be time to bake that in to Moo.

    Regarding module maintenance, I had previously tried reaching out about getting comaint or first-come Type::Tiny and some of Toby's other modules. I didn't g…

  • Ken Youens-Clark commented on Web development with Perl 5
  • David Cantrell commented on Paging TOBYINK

    lexical::underscore is broken on 5.24, which in turn breaks Scalar::Does and Data::Domain, and probably some other stuff that I've not noticed.

  • kid51 commented on Paging TOBYINK

    The test failures in Type::Tiny are becoming more urgent as we get closer to the release of perl-5.26.0. There are over 600 CPAN distributions which have first-level dependencies on this module. They cannot be tested against blead until this one test file is corrected.

    Thank you very much.
    Jim Keenan

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