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  • Posted What's the perl5's future? to xiaoayfeng

    Actually I'm shocked when I've read this blog written in 4 months ago.

    I'm shocked not only because many codes I've written is used with AnyEvent but also because I'm af…

  • Posted eager, hyper and race to xiaoayfeng

    a real usable Perl6 is imminent. So this weekend, I decide to play it around (the last action is 10 years ago). After one day playing, I feel it has evolved greatly! it's already a much fantastic language than perl5 even than I image it. of . It's cleaner, more logical, more consistent and…

  • Commented on A Grand, 2014
    Congrats! Many modules of yours make my life much easy. Thanks. :)...
  • Posted map/grep is not a real iterator? to xiaoayfeng

    I always thought map/grep(and many functions in List::MoreUtils) is the way to functional program in perl5. but a small test tell me it's wrong:

    test1: perl -e" do{print if $_ %1000 == 0} for(1..100_000_000);" #run successfully

    test2: perl -e" map{print if $_…

  • Commented on Galileo CMS
    I agree with Helmut, I like Mojolicious, that's why I also put an eye on Galileo. But It's still very young and you cant use it for real world like wordpress does....
  • Posted shortcomings of perl to xiaoayfeng

    I’m not surprised seeing this happened. it’s 2013, not 2003. except regex, I can’t see perl has any unique fea…

  • Commented on Introducing Text::ANSITable
    nice work! it seems to be helpful for my some CLI tools....
  • Posted wild thoughts about small core. to xiaoayfeng

    new version perl will lose weight. that's what I want to see for long time. but cleanning package size is not an ultimate target to me. cleanning internal code and attract developers to improve bizatine define is.

    I've been using perl for years. and I love it, because of its expression,…

  • Commented on iCPAN 2.0.0 now Available in the App Store
    interesting! ;)...
  • Posted Mix Perl and C++/CLI to xiaoayfeng
  • Commented on My first perl blog
    Thanks! ;)...
  • Commented on My first perl blog
    Thanks!!! ;)...
  • Posted My first perl blog to xiaoayfeng

    write down my thought, experience and life about perl.

  • Commented on I was called "fucking asshole"
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  • josephlo commented on Introducing Text::ANSITable

    Thanks Steven. The tarball compile ok in ActivePerl. I have issues in my perl console that keep saying it cannot find Log/ in @Inc and compilation aborted at the line when I load the Ansitable via "use Text::ANSITable;".

    In c:\Perl64\lib\Text folder I have "".

    In the c:\Perl64\lib\Text\ANSITable folder I have
    "BorderStyle", "ColorTheme" and "StyleSet" folder and each of these folders contain their respective *.pm libraries.

    Any ideas why Perl is making this complain?

    Thanks again

  • Steven Haryanto commented on Introducing Text::ANSITable

    You'll need to install Log::Any too (and other subsequent modules that might show up in the similar error message). It shouldn't happen though because the CPAN installer (like PPM or cpan/cpanminus) should already handle and install the dependencies for you.

  • josephlo commented on Introducing Text::ANSITable

    It would appear Log::Any is already installed in ActivePerl but I run the ppm install method again....but I am unable to get pass the compilation error when Perl tries to load the ANSITable library....anymore suggestions?

  • Steven Haryanto commented on Introducing Text::ANSITable

    I see that Text::ANSITable 0.33 has appeared in PPM repository. Installing it with ActivePerl should be easy now.

  • Upasana commented on A Grand, 2014

    Congrats! Your new blog is full of awesome news!

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