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  • Steven Haryanto commented on Introducing Text::ANSITable

    It looks like ActiveState hasn't tried rebuilding Text::ANSITable again. I've just pushed a new release that hopefully will nudge the build bots to rebuild it.

    You can wait for a day or two (perhaps?) for the build bots to build a new PPM.

    Or you can download , extract it on to your computer, open Command Prompt, cd to the extracted folder, and type:

    perl Makefile.PL


    dmake insta…

  • josephlo commented on Introducing Text::ANSITable

    Thanks Steven. The tarball compile ok in ActivePerl. I have issues in my perl console that keep saying it cannot find Log/ in @Inc and compilation aborted at the line when I load the Ansitable via "use Text::ANSITable;".

    In c:\Perl64\lib\Text folder I have "".

    In the c:\Perl64\lib\Text\ANSITable folder I have
    "BorderStyle", "ColorTheme" and "StyleSet" folder and each of these folders contain their respective *.pm libraries.

    Any ideas why Perl is making this complain?

    Thanks again

  • Steven Haryanto commented on Introducing Text::ANSITable

    You'll need to install Log::Any too (and other subsequent modules that might show up in the similar error message). It shouldn't happen though because the CPAN installer (like PPM or cpan/cpanminus) should already handle and install the dependencies for you.

  • josephlo commented on Introducing Text::ANSITable

    It would appear Log::Any is already installed in ActivePerl but I run the ppm install method again....but I am unable to get pass the compilation error when Perl tries to load the ANSITable library....anymore suggestions?

  • Steven Haryanto commented on Introducing Text::ANSITable

    I see that Text::ANSITable 0.33 has appeared in PPM repository. Installing it with ActivePerl should be easy now.

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