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  • Commented on Net:: vs WWW:: vs WebService::
    My $0.02; what would be nice is something that connects the module with OSI network protocol map. Net::Protocol::Application::DNS, Net::Protocol::Transport::TCP and even Net::Protocol::Application::HTTP::Github::API::JSON vs Net::Protocol::Application::HTTP::Github::API::XML or Net::Protocol::Transport::ZeroMQ::Twitter to use the example above. But it looks like authors chose to go the...
  • Posted MongoDB REST Interface to Jesse Shy

    Looking at the list of REST Interfaces listed on Mongo's site, there isn't a Perl solution. Well this just won't stand. So after looking at the python program to see if I missed something about what this would entail, I hacked out this

  • Commented on Why Companies Turn Me Down For Contracts
    The in the USA one kills me. I am a US Citizen, with a US bank account and US permanent address and I still have run into this. They should just think of me as a US remote worker permanently...
  • Posted Announcing Test::mongod to Jesse Shy

    After having done a couple of projects with MongoDB and working on and off on a personal project, I found myself wanting something like Test::mysqld, but alas it did not exist on CPAN. So here it is Test::mongod. It's…

  • Commented on There Are Half A Million Perl Programmers In The World
    Having been a system/network admin for many years, I can tell you there is a large crowd of people who use Perl on a regular basis and will never show up on, Perl Weekly, you will never see them...
  • Commented on security breach
    I am happy with the way this was handled. In this case, the focus should be on how it was handled once discovered and how it was dealt with. I think these guys reacted well and have handled it professionally....
  • Commented on Tie::File don't while(<>)
    @Gnustavo What? Not use strict and warnings, are you crazy? Yes, there are a couple of setup lines like that that I did not show. And you are correct on the sort, I changed this a little to protect the...
  • Posted Tie::File don't while(<>) to Jesse Shy

    Consider the common case where you want to take a text file and walk it doing various operations such as stripping whitespace, looking for duplicates, sorting or other common operations. I was recently asked to work on a program where part of the process is 'cleaning' uploaded files before doing…

  • Commented on Wing Now Auto-Generates Restful Object Relationships
    Excellent. I have been wanting to give Wing a flight since seeing at YAPC. Hoping to give it a try soon....
  • Commented on Announce
    Thanks for the feedback. I one basic functionality item then I will do a TOUR/Features page. I wasn't sure how to handle this and I Mithaldu's suggestion sounds the easiest. Thanks for taking the time to comment....
  • Posted Announce to Jesse Shy

    Ok, I took up JT's challenge to build something. Here is the MVP launch of it only works on https right now so don't try 80. Mojolicious, DBIx Class (Candy) and a healthy dose of DateTime::Set and a couple of other DT modules with Bootstrap…

  • Posted Perl Success Story - Managing PHP apps with Perl to Jesse Shy

    WebPub helps install and manage popular web apps. We currently are doing WordPress, Drupal, MODX and phpBB. While the web UI is in PHP (decided before I came onboard) the backend is all Perl.

    Some of the major components being used are: Mojolicious, Moose, DBIx::Class and Gearman.

  • Commented on Sexual Harassment?
    I am commenting here because of the number of articles lately on this sort of topic. I am not saying which way is right or wrong, but that the prevailing views of what is or is not sexual harassment are...
  • Posted YAPC::NA 2012 donate ticket to Jesse Shy

    I will not be using my badge to the conference. Is there a place where I can put this in a 'needs' pot? To be used by someone who can make the conference, thanks.

  • Posted Asynchronous HTTP Requests Using Mojolicious to Jesse Shy

    This is in response to this article, Asynchronous HTTP Requests in Perl Using AnyEvent - linked to from Perl Weekly. Particularly, this quote:

  • Posted How not to use Moose to Jesse Shy

    Maybe this is legitimate and I just don't know why, but I have seen the following in a couple of projects where I have taken over after the original programmer left:

    use Moose;

    has [qw/foo bar baz/], is => 'rw';

    no Moose;

    sub something {}

  • Commented on Archive::Tar::Wrapper vs. Archive::Tar
    It was seeing Archive::Tar::Wrapper in dzil that led me to it. I have a tarball that has all the statics I need but, there are dynamic files that need written to the tarball for each install. So, I am injecting...
  • Posted Archive::Tar::Wrapper vs. Archive::Tar to Jesse Shy

    If you don't know it, Archive::Tar is SLOW; it even says so. Running NYTProf recently on a project revealed that the major part of the program was taking a little more than 27 seconds to run and a little over 24 seconds of this was Archive::Tar reading the archive into memory. Since I did not…

  • Commented on Winobot, the IRC Bot You Can Party With
    Not trying to start anything but, the arg about deps is getting old. With perlbrew, the version is no longer a valid argument and as for deps, what I here is that you want everything to be stuck on 5.8.8...
  • Commented on Perl is more viable for web development than ever!
    Maybe someone should tell these guys: or even these guys to stop using in their examples What would be great (although I don’t think I would be the best person to do this ) is a “Why...
  • Posted Perl documentation is Awesome to Jesse Shy

    After reading the blog here a couple of weeks ago about taking 10 minutes to look for the answer before asking your fellow dev, and several other things of late about the state of documentation and such, I wanted to take some time to say this: "Things can always be improved upon, but for the most…

  • Commented on The Ten Minute Thinking Rule
    google-fu seems to be an elusive talent....
  • Commented on No YAPC::Cuba
    Cuba does not stamp passports for US citizens (and many others) you have to request it. To make sure, you can say to the immigration guy (girl) not to stamp your passport. The US does not hold it against...
  • Posted Frequently installing apps via any FTP to Jesse Shy

    Your app is in a tarball and clients only have FTP access to install your app on their host. Furthermore, you need to customize the config file (or do other process) for each install. What you need is Net::xFTP and Archive::Tar. Net::xFTP's put allows you to pass in an open…

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  • tio commented on Net:: vs WWW:: vs WebService::

    WWW implies it's using an unofficial api by scraping the html pages. WebService implies it's using an official api, whatever the transport method. There's also a lot of authors who create top-level namespaces like $site::Client or $site::API. And then there's the authors who go overboard and bloat their module names with redundant components, like: Net::$site::API, WWW::$site::API, WebService::$site::API, Net::$site::Client - all of which are not uncommon.

  • Ron Savage commented on Net:: vs WWW:: vs WebService::

    PAUSE guidelines are important, but it's still up to each author to think about the structure of the name they choose.

    My question remains: What does 'WebService' add to the mix?

  • moltar2000 commented on Net:: vs WWW:: vs WebService::

    What about something like Docker? It has a REST API, but it isn't like a proper web service, but it also isn't a network protocol. There is currently Net::Docker.

  • Matt Perry commented on Net:: vs WWW:: vs WebService::

    Is it not possible to restrict people from adding more modules to the Net namespace without review and approval?

  • Steven Haryanto commented on Net:: vs WWW:: vs WebService::
    Is it not possible to restrict people from adding more modules to the Net namespace without review and approval?

    That's not how PAUSE or the Perl community works. Unless there's spam or some technical glitch, people are free to submit new CPAN modules in any namespace.

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