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  • Commented on Perl6 module namespace
    The root namespace in Perl 6 module land is not the same as Perl 5 due to `auth`: `use HTTP:ver(v1.0):auth('cpan:GMANE')` This means your module's name does not have to be predetermined by the content storages (cpan, or any 3rd party...
  • Commented on Travis-CI and latest version of Perl 5
  • Commented on Refactoring Very Old Perl 5 in Perl 6
  • Commented on Refactoring Very Old Perl 5 in Perl 6
    Yes, I am sure http:/
  • Commented on Refactoring Very Old Perl 5 in Perl 6
    Note: run is a method of Proc, not IO...
  • Commented on We are all Perl's ambassadors...
    I don't think enough rating happen period, let alone enough that it would be a good idea to limit any being left. 8 out of 8 people found that review helpful. I don't want inconsistent ratings where I have to...
  • Commented on Inline Granted
    I'm glad to see this is happening. Thanks Ingy and TPF...
  • Commented on Perl Help :(
    mohamed i am not an expert but if you want to try something you can add the following under use IO::Socket; use Acme::Goatse; print goatse(); and see if the output tells you anything?...
  • Commented on and https
    You can use an encrypted VPN to prevent those ads all sites....
  • Commented on My Love/Hate Relationship with CPAN Testers
    If I get a bug on some weird environment setup I want to know about it so I can fix it. Whats a false positive to you may not be a false positive to me. And believe me, I hate...
  • Commented on Build For The Small Guy
    From a developer standpoint I completely agree and would rather have as many people using my product as possible. From a business standpoint we've found raising our prices led to more sales, so we didn't end up becoming a slave...
  • Commented on Build For The Small Guy
    I think any sane company would rather support 10 customers than 10k, profit being equal....
  • Commented on What exactly is going on at Perlmonks?
    Maybe you should go read about the Adria Richards fiasco and maybe you will start to see there is a balance that needs to be struck (and some random, crappy, joke on the bottom corner of a webpage hardly crosses...
  • Commented on What exactly is going on at Perlmonks?
    Ya know, Adria Richards made a complete ass of herself by overreacting to a similar joke at PyCon and it ended up with 3 people getting fired from their jobs (including Adria a few days later). There is a difference...
  • Commented on What does this PHP print?
    <?php if (0 == "zero") { print "welp\n"; } ?> welp...
  • Commented on Encouraging bloggers to use the 'extended' feature
    @brian e lozier: For one thing its especially painful if you browse on anything other than a computer....
  • Commented on Perl 7 - Final Thoughts
    I agree with Joel, especially in terms of bringing in new Perl developers. These are the type of people who have very little to information they can actually understand to base their choice of languages on. So thoughts like "I...
  • Commented on Perl 7
    Perl 6 seems like it has quite a bit of responsibility for leading to the 'Perl is dead' mentality. Even if it involves some initial bad press, it's probably best to rename Perl 6 to something else and let the...
  • Commented on what to know about aligning
    I think you want to use
  • Posted DBIx::Class::FilterColumn: making transformation easier to ugexe

    Over a year ago I was tasked with creating a data warehouse for sports data. Having known absolutely nothing about data warehousing/ETL, my first sport ended up quite the mess; scrapers would extract and transform at the same time then stuff it into a database where it most likely needed…

  • Posted Assigning a user defined function at runtime to ugexe

    I recently wrote my first XS module, and found myself wanting to dynamically load it in the parent module if possible. The next problem was what if the user wants to change back to the pure Perl version? And then, what if the user wants to use Other::Module's similar_function?

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  • Ether commented on Travis-CI and latest version of Perl 5

    "latest stable" would be really handy, but my primary usecase would be "test on all major perl versions between X and Y", usually from 5.6 or 5.8 up to latest stable (5.22), as well as blead (but the latest 5.23.x is almost always good enough).

  • brian d foy commented on Perl6 module namespace

    Sometimes the taxonomy makes sense, and sometimes it's just annoying. That someone understands what the module does and how it relates to other modules should be the most important thing. A Chess module for games of Chess uses the most used meaning of the word and it probably doesn't have to relate to other modules (like HTTP::Request and HTTP::Response are related to each other, or how HTPP::Cookies::Mozilla relates to HTTP::Cookies).

    I wouldn't want to see WebFramework::RouteBased::Mojolicious, for instance.

  • Zoffix Znet commented on Perl6 module namespace

    The error you're making is you're assuming Perl 6 module names function exactly like in Perl 5.

    In Perl 5, the module names are unique identifiers and, to a large extent, the descriptive, searcheable name of a thing.

    In Perl 6, the ambiguity among multiple 'Chess' modules is resolved with the :auth adverb and `tags` key in the META file addresses the issues about finding modules you raise.

    In fact, I'd argue that your post is suggesting we repeat Perl 5's mistakes and release modules with wordy names to rectify the problems that no longer exist.

  • Enkidu commented on Perl6 module namespace

    Wow! Let me just try and process these comments to see if I've learned something.

    I'm not too bothered about it being a decentralized project. I can see the merits in growing the Perl6 namespace organically to find out what works and then doing some retrospective cataloguing to fix problems. The tags give you that extra dimension so that your hierarchy can be shallow and allow easy code migration, but adds a bit of "need-to-know" tricks to get the right module when you'd ideally want to just use HTTP; with the caveat that it will bite you in the ass someday. Perhaps t…

  • Zoffix Znet commented on Perl6 module namespace

    > but trying to find out about them was tricky

    It's documented in the S22 speculation, I believe:

    > use Mail:approved-by('LWALL')

    That's not at all what I was talking about. The distribution's META file has a tags field that let any "distribution accumulators" (such as a CPAN site) to use those tags when trying to figure out what the user wants to find. Just like the posts on this website can be tagged with say, 'Perl 6' tag, and then searching for 'Perl 6' would bri…

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