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  • Ovid commented on Creating an MMORPG in Perl

    Matt, it's so radically different from what I'm trying to do that it doesn't fit my needs. One thing which has been hammered home repeatedly in reading about adventure/text game creation is that you can use systems that provide you with the base of your game, but those games typically are less interesting than games custom-built to fit your needs.

  • moritz commented on Creating an MMORPG in Perl

    Question: do you want to hear more about my attempts to create an MMORPG in Perl, even if posts are not Perl-related?

    Doesn't quite fit the "RPG" part, but it fits the "MMO" part: the backend is mostly Perl.

  • Ovid commented on Creating an MMORPG in Perl

    moritz: I used to play Lacuna Expanse quite a bit. The only downside I really found is the pollution. You could go on holiday for a week and come back, only to discover that everything you built had been destroyed by pollution. Sure, you could write scripts to manage your waste, or maybe figure out how to use someone else's scripts, but that made Lacuna Expanse very self-limiting, in my opinion.

    Unless you had some geek skills, you had to play every single day, without fail, to stop your colonies from imploding. That was somewhat demoralizing to me.

  • Ovid commented on Item Design in MMORPGs

    JT: does this mean you might find yourself having a use for this in the future? (i.e., another game?)

  • Chankey Pathak commented on Firebase with perl

    Thanks for sharing it Kiran!

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