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  • Aristotle commented on Custom DBIx::Class ResultSets

    Oh right, you’re writing a game. I forgot.

    You probably want to be aware of the entity, component, system pattern. Here is an explanation that made sense to me (via Wayback Machine as the blog is currently offline).

    Squinting at your game I can’t decide whether it’s applicable and a win for your case, so that’s your…

  • Raspberry Pi Kits commented on Perl and Raspberry Pi

    Just had a flick through the slides, this looks interesting, I can't wait to have a go! So far I've only used Python with the Raspberry Pi.

  • preaction commented on Between Learning and Doing

    Yeah. Unfortunately, there are also some counter-examples: If I hadn't decided to forego YUI or ExtJS and learn one of Angular, Ember, or Knockout (I chose Angular), the web project would've taken far longer despite my experience with both and though that experience could have made a better ExtJS app, the best ExtJS app isn't nearly as easy to maintain as an average Angular app (which is, of course, an opinion, subject to standard disclaimers).

    Which is probably why we fall into that pit: When we do learn something new that really does improve our work, it's one of the best feelings …

  • Alex commented on Between Learning and Doing

    If you needed to compile something that you want to sell, why not use the Perl Dev Kit from ActiveState? Press a button and get a binary exe file (or cross-compile it for whatever platform you need it). I think it covers the "as quick as possible" Statement :)

  • preaction commented on Between Learning and Doing

    If we intend to release the server app (if people want LAN play, or if we want to spread out game hosting a la TF2), that is the present plan. I only learned about PDK 8 days ago, though I've used perl2exe in the distant past and I've played around with Citrus Perl a bit (so this still is an option even if I'm cheap).

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