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  • Posted Half time at the Perl QA Hackathon 2016 to Paul Johnson

    Two days down, two to go.

    The Perl QA Hackathon for 2016 is being held in Rugby. We are now half way though. This is the first year in quite a few when I haven't come to the event with Devel::Cover failing tests against the imminent new Perl release, and this has given me a little more t…

  • Posted Happy 15th Birthday, Devel::Cover! to Paul Johnson

    Today is Devel::Cover's 15th anniversary. Version 0.01 was released on 9th
    first Perl version which provided the necessary infrastructure for Devel::Cover
    to work.

    In commemoration I have rel…

  • Commented on Upping minimum version for Devel::Cover
    A big thank-you to everyone who has taken the time to comment on this. I am surprised and gratified that people think it important enough to spend some time on. Ultimately, I believe I would like to leave the commit...
  • Posted Upping minimum version for Devel::Cover to Paul Johnson

    Devel::Cover is fast approaching its fifteenth birthday. When it was released the minimum Perl version supported was 5.6.1, and that was because the mechanism Devel::Cover needed was not introduced until 5.6.1.

    Since that time, Devel::Cover has supported every new, stable version of Perl,…

  • Posted Final TPF Devel::Cover grant report to Paul Johnson

    In accordance with the terms of my grant from TPF this is the final report for my work on improving Devel::Cover.
    Since the last report I have released version…

  • Posted TPF Devel::Cover grant report May/June 2014 to Paul Johnson

    [ I have been sending these grant reports to the perl-qa mailing list, whence they have found their way to It was quite rightly suggested that it was appropriate to post them here…

  • Commented on Automatic variable highlighting in vim
    I have spoken to Sandeep, the author of the plugin for PHP, and to Ovid, and I have put together a repository for this. You can find it at The main change I have made is to stop the...
  • Posted QA Hackathon 2014 to Paul Johnson

    This year's QA hackathon was held last weekend in Lyon. 30 of the nicest and cleverest people I know met for four days with the common goal of improving Perl's quality with specific reference to testing and the toolchain. I was there too.

  • Commented on Google Code-In 2012
    Unfortunately we were not successful in our application to be a part of GCI in 2012. Google received many more applications for the program than they are able to accommodate. Many thanks to everyone who submitted tasks or who volunteered...
  • Posted Google Code-In 2012 to Paul Johnson

    Could your module or project benefit from having someone

    • fix a specific bug
    • add a test for a specific feature
    • improve test coverage by 5%
    • write a tutorial
    • create a screencast for beginners
    • write an example program
    • create a …
  • Commented on Stupid benchmarks and a bit of confusion
    I think the problem is that you're just printing details for the main program, not the subroutines. $ perl -MO=Concise,bitwise,comp main::bitwise: 5 leavesub[1 ref] K/REFC,1 ->(end) - lineseq KP ->5 1 nextstate(main 294 up:5) v:*,&,$,134219776 ->2 4 bit_and[t2] sK...
  • Commented on Swiss Perl Workshop 2013
  • Posted cpancover to Paul Johnson

    I've started work on my Devel::Cover grant from TPF. If you are interested you can see my report for the first week at

    As a part of that work I have upd…

  • Commented on Perl vs Shell Scripts
    Your other blog wouldn't let me comment, but I would have written: ----- Or you could use zsh and get the best of both worlds. Or even better. It might not be worth it for you if you are happy...
  • Posted Vim report for Devel::Cover (Perl QA Hackathon) - part 2 to Paul Johnson

    At last week's QA Hackathon in Paris I put together a Vim report for Devel::Cover to show coverage information as Vim signs. See

    Whilst nice, and somewhat useful, this was very much a proof o…

  • Commented on Vim report for Devel::Cover (Perl QA Hackathon)
    @sawyerx Thanks! @gabor Are you using version 0.85? The initial release had the behaviour you observe but, of course, it is much more useful to annotate the files you edit rather than (just) the copies which are run, so the...
  • Posted Vim report for Devel::Cover (Perl QA Hackathon) to Paul Johnson

    Last night over dinner I had a discussion with Miyagawa about what Devel::Cover could steal from Ruby. He mentioned a Ruby backend which uses Vim signs to show coverage information.

    So today I shamelessly stole it and produced a basic …

  • Posted Perl Accepted For GCI - Now We Just Need Students to Paul Johnson

    Some of you may remember that a couple of weeks ago I wrote about how The Perl Foundation was hoping to take part in the Google Code-in 2011 (

  • Posted More about GCI 2011 to Paul Johnson

    The Google Code-in 2011 (GCI) will be starting shortly. This is the programme under which students aged between 13 and 17 years are encouraged to get involved in open source projects. The Perl Foundation would like Perl to be a part of this…

  • Posted GCI 2011 to Paul Johnson

    The Perl Foundation is hoping to take part in the Google Code-in once again this year. This is a programme under which students aged between 13 and 17 are able to undertake short, well defined tasks…

  • Posted Variable Names to Paul Johnson

    I wrote this on today in a thread which was discussing short variable names:

    My own take on variable names is that naming is one of the hardest problems in software development, and that the length of a variable name should reflect the length of the scope in which…

  • Commented on What non-Perl books do you recommend to Perlers?
    In addition to Dave's suggestion: Code Complete by Steven C. McConnell The Algorithm Design Manual by Steven S. Skienna (The second of those is a bit pricey and might target an area where Perl might not always be your language...
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