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  • Ron Abraham commented on Encourage user participation via a single-line patch to your dist metadata

    Yes . this is a cool idea.
    the shitty code another use talked about is such a pain, coz that means i would be passing on the same on to my customers by downloading and using the code base, when there is no clear cpan alternative. This is one area where proprietary scores over perl. IF i were to download a java package with all its dependencies, i can be assured of many things, or at best be insured from causing known bugs to pass on to customers.

    Some of t…

  • Neil Bowers commented on Encourage user participation via a single-line patch to your dist metadata

    I've submitted the MetaCPAN newbie mode idea on a separate issue.

  • Ether commented on CPAN Testers & pre-requisite reporting

    > The "DEVREL" prefix will be appended as soon as there is *anything* in the chain

    I like this a lot, and it's similar to what I was thinking too. However, I realize now there's a problem here -- the release status of a module can't always be determined from the module itself (at least, not the $VERSION) - you need the distribution metadata to determine that.

    There is one (relatively) simple way to handle misdirected failures, however -- allow a mechanism to redirect them. We've already got nearly that, with the new admin site -- just modify the interface to allow redirectin…

  • exodist7 commented on CPAN Testers & pre-requisite reporting

    I agree with Peter Rabbitsons solution, I left a comment to that same effect in the original post.

    I am the one making these Test::More changes, and I would have been a lot more reluctant to make these alpha releases if I know it would give other people red marks. I myself judge modules based on red vs green counts.

  • CPAN Testers commented on CPAN Testers & pre-requisite reporting

    Your assumption that there would be virtually no changes after the Metabase is incorrect. There would be several. Again we've had this discussion before and as Toby also points out, the problem dependency may be nothing to do with the distribution that is a development release. It is not a trivial task to check this in the client either.

    My intention, as Ether notes, is to use the Admin site to allow others to correctly attribute the report to the offending module. It's a slightlymore long-winded and manual process, but it will be more consistent when re-attributing reports.

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