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  • Commented on Promoting Perl
    Training (and certifications) have a powerful network effect. Thats a great contribution....
  • Commented on Promoting Perl
    I have taken a POV that is promoting perl through content creation and promotion. This would help address the mentioned idea that "people are learning it, so they want to use it". Another POV is excellent - that of promoting...
  • Posted Promoting Perl to dean

    After this weeks discussions about naming a shovel a spade, and how that would increase sales in the hardware store. I hope to start a substantive discussion around promoting Perl.

    Dear Reader, please don't let the above metaphor become a stumbling block. Your ingenuity is desperately need…

  • Posted Sydney Perl Tomorrow! (2018-09-25) to dean

    Please join us for September meeting of Sydney Perl Mongers.

    This meet is hosted by Broadbean, who are providing the venue and catering.

    Time: 6-9pm (roughly)
    Date: Tuesday, 25th of September 2018
    Location: 9 Hunter Street, Sydney

    (Meet in the g…

  • Posted Confessions of a recovering Perl hacker to dean

    "I always insisted on commenting my Perl. I never got to the very end of the Camel Book. Not in one reading, anyway. I never experimented with the darker side-effects; three or four separate operations per line was always enough for me. Over time, as my responsibilities moved more to programming,…

  • Commented on DBD::Oracle Trial release.
    I took that as inspiration for Thanks Peter...
  • Commented on DBD::Oracle Trial release.
    Smoking by cpantesters is almost entirely pointless for two reasons: - the Oracle Client SDK has to be downloaded and installed (requires an account, but is "free" as in beer). there are some random websites that have it for...
  • Posted What's happening with DBD::Oracle? to dean

    For $work reasons I have had to do a lot of work with DBD::Oracle.

    Master in github has a lot of floating changes ( since the latest release (v1.74 see

    There are also a number …

  • Commented on A new Linux distribution with Perl as its heart
    This could be quite an interesting basis for an AMI image of just enough os (JeOS) for a perl app....
  • Commented on Long Live Perl 5!
    Is someone marketing perl? I wasn't aware anyone was/is making an effort to promote it, and that the claims "perl is dead" and "perl is indistinguishable from line noise" are just endured. There was certainly much discussion on facebook around...
  • Commented on Stack Overflow Considered as a Grimoire or Trove
    Double posted?...
  • Posted New Website and URL for HTML::FormFu to dean

    Sitting on my TODO list has been a refresh (resurrection perhaps?) of the FormFu website.

    In 2017 the various contributors consolidated into a single Group on GitHub - authors of related modules are invited to donate them into that group for future …

  • Commented on CPAN Day is 16th August
    Might i suggest that CPAN day also be a "wear a perl shirt to work" day?...
  • Commented on __END__
    Self publishing is easier than ever. Which is being taken advantage of. Whats interesting is that as a result of changes in the way people consume media, we are seeing people embrace new concepts. Or perhaps, old concepts with a...
  • Posted New Sydney PM website and URL to dean

    With new cool TLD's available, I purchased perl dot sydney which is the perfect domain for Sydney Perl Mongers.

    Our current/old website is dated and tired, so I also spent some time whipping into shape a new website using…

  • Commented on My Perl Toolchain Summit
    Annoyingly, the flickr link seems to require the visitor to log in to yahoo :(...
  • Commented on Perl Toolchain Summit 2017 - Day 2 gives me a 404......
  • Posted Sydney Perl Mongers: April Meeting to dean

    You are invited to join us for this months Sydney PM meeting. We are hosted for the fist time by BarNet and we are glad and grateful for their invitation.

    Everyone with an interest is welcome regardless of your experience with Perl and although we appreciate people RSVP'ing on Meetup, ther…

  • Commented on Tomorrow is LWP Hack Night
    Having a LWP hack night is a great idea....
  • Commented on Turkish speaker needed
    cheers, much appreciated...
  • Posted Turkish speaker needed to dean

    A very kind person has submitted a Turkish translation for FormFu.

    We're hoping another kind Turkish speaker could find a few moments to read over the submission and check it's good to go.

    PR at ->…

  • Posted Perl BoF @ LCA 2017 to dean

    A Perl BoF (Birds of a feather) meeting has been officially organized for this years Conference in Tasmania Australia.

    Further details can be found at:…

  • Posted Netdisco moves to Github to dean

    Quoting Oliver G.

    Hi all,

    First, a very happy [Gregorian calendar] new year to you, and thanks for
    continuing to use our software!

    Following agreement in the dev team, the new home for Netdisco and
    SNMP-Info is:


  • Commented on Introducing JIRA::REST::Class
    Jira et. al. is now the MS Office of software development....
  • Posted Perl and Elasticsearch from Sydney PM to dean

    Perl and Elasticsearch - The talk I gave this week and Sydney PM.

    ="border:1px solid #CCC; border-width:1px; margin-bott…

  • Posted August Perl Meeting (Sydney) to dean

    Please join us on Wednesday, August 17, 2016 from 6:30pm at Fishburners (608 Harris Street, Sydney, NSW)

    Speakers are still being selected, please let us know if you would like to present a talk or lightning talk.

    Join us on:

    • M…

  • Commented on Please delete old releases from your CPAN directory
    Use ceph with ssd+platter disks?...
  • Posted Hiring in Sydney Australia to dean

    Staples is hiring Perl developers like crazy here in Sydney Australia.

    I understand they are running a linux+perl+oracle environment, with the usual periphery of open source to boot.

    More details and apply at:


  • Posted Sydney PM Tonight to dean

    Jobs! Hiring!: Staples is hiring 3x perl devs in Sydney. Click here to apply. Also another Sydney Perl Job,

  • Posted A helper managing your PM social media to dean

    Social media will absolutely help you grow your local PM. Through consistent social media usage, when combined with consistently holding meetings, Sydney PM meeting attendance has grown from a motley crew of ~6 people 18 months ago to a venue busting 25 last month.

    Attendance was so unexp…

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  • Andrew Solomon commented on Promoting Perl

    Thanks for bringing this up Dean. As I read through it I was composing a comment which - as I scrolled down - is almost exactly what Robert had already written :-)

    The only addition I have to make is that when I see businesses moving away from Perl - apart from the difficulty of finding developers - it's because many other companies they depend upon via Web services don't provide Perl APIs. They leave it to the Perl community to implement and maintain it themselves rather than spending enough to maintain their own. Two examples are Amazon AWS and Stripe.

    This means that the q…

  • Robert Rothenberg commented on Promoting Perl

    Andrew's point about API support is a good one.

    I'd like to add that while it's great to have "killer apps" written in Perl that are widely used, most companies won't care whether they are written in Perl. Their developers won't be looking at the source code or submitting patches.

    Anyhow, if we want to promote Perl, then the best way is train new developers to learn the language (train developers in companies, provide training courses, not just at YAPC but other open-source/web conferences).

    By training, I mean in modern Perl (Moo/Moose, plus Type::T…

  • Andrew Solomon commented on Promoting Perl

    I have a great deal of experience providing training in various forms from lectures to part-time courses and 3-day workshops. I've found that the most successful formula is to train new hires as part of the on-boarding process. is doing exactly that:

    (Note, for transparency - I run Geekuni)

  • kd commented on Promoting Perl

    Perl has a couple of major strengths [1], and some problems.

    Personally I've found that there's no normal programming activity I can't do with perl that I can't do with any other similarly positioned language. But there's not a lot of perl being taught these days, and a lot of people teaching perl don't really have the capability to do so. I've spent the last decade trying to get my programming game as disciplined as I can. I would have done it in another language, but perl is fun, and I'm a self-teaching type person with a non-typical programming background. Perl is really wel…

  • Yuki Kimoto commented on Promoting Perl

    > If you had $10,000 to promote Perl - what would you do with it?

    I open small Perl workshop in 10-20 people by Borrowing rental space Regularly.

    And We talk about Perl each others and develop Perl open source or service.

    And write blog about the meeting with some pictures.

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