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  • Posted Change offers amazing opportunites to dean

    The Camelia mascot of the language now known as Raku is a brightly coloured metaphor for the transition from Perl 6 to it's new identity. My hope is that having emerged from it's cocoon, Raku will flap it's wings and fly skyward, boldy seeking new adventures.

    I congratulate the team for ma…

  • Commented on Data Science and Perl
    A splendid question. My I suggest a three leg stool metaphor. To succeed in doing Perl coding (or anything) they would generally need: A purpose and desired outcome Good documentation Friends and mentors To expound upon each of them, the...
  • Commented on Larry has approved renaming Perl 6 to raku
    Now that Raku has its own name, I would like to see it create its own discrete identity as quickly as possible. Twitter already has people talking about RakuCon as its own annual event. This is a good start. I...
  • Commented on Fastmail and Perl: an interview with Ricardo Signes
    Great work Neil...
  • Commented on Is Perl 6 Being Renamed?
    Further to my prior comment. If things remain as they are, nothing will change. The downward decline will continue. If perl6 is renamed, and perl5 "officially" has its own future. Things might change. Of course there are many other factors,...
  • Commented on Is Perl 6 Being Renamed?
    A strength of perl5 has been its gradual evolution, with care to break things slowly, and CPAN providing the Lab and democracy for new ideas to become popular. The evolution of Moose then Moo is a good example. It's a...
  • Posted Shorewall Released to dean

    Shorewall is now available for download. Shorewall is a gateway/firewall configuration tool for GNU/Linux, written in Perl.


  • Posted The MongoDB Perl Driver is being deprecated to dean

    From Twitter

    We've made this decision using hard data; over the past few years we have surveyed our user base and talked to companies that use the Perl driver. They've told us how they aren't developing new applicati…
  • Posted Driving in Perl to dean

    Redhat just posted a podcast entitled "Diving for Perl" and also (strangely) "Driving in Perl" on some pages.

    Blurb is as follows:

    Languages come and go. A few have the right stuff to rise to the top--and fewer stay there. Perl had a spectacular rise, a quiet slump, and h…
  • Posted It's time to consider avoiding IP fragmentation in the DNS to dean

    An article on APNIC was posted earlier this month with the above title. It demonstrates the impacts of IP fragmentation in DNS by demonstrating two successful attacked using it. It is notable to us on this blog because all the examples are in Perl, in addition to everyone hopefully being…

  • Posted Perl jam ML center to dean

    I just spotted this on Twitter. are hosting a "Perl Jam" event on Monday 29 July 2019, 6:00pm
    at Azrieli Sarona Tower, Tel Aviv-Yafo Israel.

    There are three speakers- so it looks like a great…

  • Commented on TPF: Perl deserves better. Please do better.
    This is the first really thoughtful "Open Letter" type of thing on "the incident" that I have seen. Certainly this person seems to be the only person in the Perl community who has actually read the SoC. It's probably a...
  • Posted BackupPC 4.3.1 release to dean

    BackupPC is a high-performance, enterprise-grade system for backing up Linux, WinXX, and MacOS PCs and laptops to a server's disk. BackupPC is highly configurable and easy to install and maintain.

    Given the ever decreasing cost of disks and raid systems, it is now practical and cost effect…

  • Posted Leaving to dean

    This article just popped up on Twitter. Whilst I mostly idle on (say hello in #australia) I have no idea who runs or ran it. Whilst I noticed that there seems to be several servers (at lease one of which being…

  • Posted diff-so-fancy v1.2.6 to dean

    diff-so-fancy strives to make your diffs human readable instead of machine readable. This helps improve code quality and helps you spot defects faster.

    Version 1.2.6 of this perl utility has just been released.

    Check it out ="…

  • Posted Simple Event Correlator v2.8.2 to dean

    From the website's blurb:

    SEC is an event correlation tool for advanced event processing which can be harnessed for event log monitoring, for network and security management, for fraud detection, and for any other task which involves…
  • Posted Perl Is Still The Goddess For Text Manipulation to dean

    "Ever since I learned Perl during the dot com bubble, I knew that I was forever beholden to its powers to transform.

    You heard me. Freedom is the word here with Perl."

    Read on: ="…

  • Posted MTA-STA for Exim, thanks to Perl to dean

    MTA-STS (RFC8461) is a new standard that makes it possible to send downgrade-resistant email over SMTP. In that sense, it is like an alternative to DANE. It does this by piggybacking on the browser Certificate Authority model.

    There is a v…

  • Posted Reddit: After 2020, European Perl conferences are over to dean

    This popped up on Reddit, I don't go there much either, but the crowd here might want to read get involved in the dicussion:


    Nice clickbait, eh?

    Over the past years, it has been increasingly difficult to find hosts/venues for the next year. The reason why a…

  • Commented on Monitorix 3.11.0 released
    is in epel, according to
  • Posted Monitorix 3.11.0 released to dean

    Another great Perl software that I find very useful is Monitorix.

    Monitorix is FOSS lightweight system monitoring designed to monitor as many services and system resources as possible.


  • Commented on We don't need no stinkin' hosting
    How hosting content will be solved seems like a reasonable question for the grant application to address. Perhaps Heroku, perhaps GH pages, perhaps other. Seems like something that can easily be updated in the grant request ready for resubmission....
  • Commented on Perl Toolchain Summit: People & Projects
    Indeed, smaller scale is what I had envisioned when I made a suggestion. Although more open rather than invite only....
  • Commented on Perl Toolchain Summit: People & Projects
    I would like to suggest similar summits for other significant parts of the Perl ecosystem. Perhaps for 'DBI/DBD', or 'HTTP' (LWP, HTTP::*, Hijk, etc), maybe even 'Logging' might get people excited?...
  • Posted LemonLDAP::NG 2.0.3 released! to dean

    Another perl software that I use / like was just released. I will embed the tweet because it has clapping sheep.

  • Posted What's new in Proxmox VE 5.4 to dean

    Proxmox VE is a virtualization and LXC platform - all written in Perl.

    I wrote most of the the Perl client API on the CPAN - and use it with quite a few $clients.

    Proxmox VE 5.4 introduces new features:

    - Debian Stret…

  • Commented on Call for volunteers to update OWASP Perl Wiki
    What is required?...
  • Posted Thruk 2.28 released to dean

    Details available on ... and

    Thruk is a multibackend monitoring webinterface which currently supports Naemon, Nagios, Icinga…

  • Commented on HTTP requests, simply
    LWP::Protocol::PSGI converted me back from HTTP::Tiny For all HTTP::Tiny's joys, LWP::Protocol::PSGI makes testing delightful...
  • Commented on See you next year at 36c3!
    Great work representing perl. Keep it up....
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  • explorer commented on Is Perl 6 Being Renamed?

    "Perla" ⒫

  • Ovid commented on Is Perl 6 Being Renamed?

    Shenanigans: thanks, fixed! :)

  • Aaron Priven commented on Is Perl 6 Being Renamed?

    In general, I think the "rename Perl 6 to Raku / rename perl 5 as perl 7" is a good solution, but I would suggest that the Perl 5 -> Perl 7 bump should happen only when there is at least something notable to include in it that would otherwise justfy the change. (Native OO system, non-experimental signatures with named parameters, something like that.)

    I mean, the big user-visible improvement in Perl 5.30 was "The upper limit 'n' specifiable in a regular expression quantifier of the form '{m,n}' has been doubled to 65534", which was pretty underwhelming. And so far, the most notable …

  • Matthew Persico commented on Larry has approved renaming Perl 6 to raku
    • Signatures must no longer be experimental "optional" though, should still be allowed, right?

    • A solid OO system must become core "solid"? Define. I don't think so. I think you choose between Moose/Moo and Mouse, ship it in core and move on. Unless it is believed that none of these is clear or fast enough.

    • Deprecated features should be identified and eliminated This alone would be enough to move to 7

  • Aristotle commented on Larry has approved renaming Perl 6 to raku

    Et tu, Ovid? Whyyyyy does everyone keep saying that, why?

    The whole point of Perl 6 was to be where compatibility would be broken. Not Perl 5. A Perl 5 that isn’t compatible with Perl 5 is just a lesser new Perl 6 effort. One without a good designer at the helm.[1] And one with all the attendant problems at becoming relevant from scratch – because every bit of compatibility that‘s thrown away is a chunk …

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