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  • commented on Padre 0.76 has been released.

    On strawberry perl(Windows 7 x64)

    C:\strawberry-perl-\perl\bin\perl.exe "-Iinc" -MExtUtils::Command -e "chmod" -- 644
    dlltool --def Padre.def --output-exp dll.exp
    g++ -o blib\arch\auto\Padre\Padre.dll -Wl,--base-file -Wl,dll.base -mdll -s -L"C:\strawberry-perl-\perl\lib\CORE" -L"C:\strawberry-perl-\c\lib" Padre.o -Wl,--image-base,0x354f0000 C:\strawberry-perl-\perl\lib\CORE\libperl512.a -lmoldname -lkernel32 -luser32 -lgdi32 -lwinspool -lcomdlg32 -ladvapi32 -lshell32 -lole32 -loleaut3…

  • Erez Schatz commented on meetup 6th August 2011

    I wish you luck in forming your community, and also luck to the Royal Challengers, hopefully winning the IPL next year!

  • Shantanu Bhadoria commented on meetup 6th August 2011

    Thanks guys! We are working hard for this.
    In time we will have critical mass, then we can breath easy. :)
    @Erez Thanks for your wishes for the Bangalore Royal Challengers :)

  • mascip commented on PDL 2.006 released!

    Hi and thanks a lot to the team! I’ve used Matlab for a few years at work, and am quite excited about PDL which seems a lot more versatile, thanks to its Perl foundations.

    One question from a PDL beginner: which Graphical libraries would you advice?

    I guess i should read the doc and try them all. But there are many, and i found contradictory information. Maybe this can be clarified.

    In this blog post you mention these three: - PDL::Graphics::Gnuplot - PDL::Graphics::Prima - PDL::Graphics::Simple From what you write, it seems that the last one is best to use…

  • Joel Berger commented on PDL 2.006 released!

    I’m rather sure you are the same person who has gotten a reply from the pdl mailing list, but for future readers I will answer here. Plotting has been the Achilles Heel of PDL for a while now. The old standards (PGPLOT and PLPlot) are aging and it shows, but they seen in many of the docs and tutorials, if for no other reason than we haven’t changed them yet. If they work for you then great! Then new kids on the block are Gnuplot and Prima. Use Gnuplot as an interface to the popular Gnuplot program and access its power, use Prima if you want dynamic plots or if you want to see…

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