Perl 6 IO TPF Grant: Monthly Report (April, 2017)

This document is the April, 2017 progress report for TPF Standardization, Test Coverage, and Documentation of Perl 6 I/O Routines grant


As proposed to and approved by the Grant Manager, I've extended the due date for this grant by 1 extra month, in exchange for doing some extra optimization work on IO routines at no extra cost. The new completion date is May 22nd; right after the next Rakudo compiler release.


I've created and published three notices as part of this grant, informing the users on what is changing and how to best upgrade their code, where needed:

IO Action Plan Progress

Most of the IO Action Plan has been implemented and got shipped in Rakudo's 2017.04.2 release. The remaining items are:

Soft call operator: ~> (thoughts)

Perl 5 Porters Mailing List Summary: April 11th-16th

Hey everyone,

Following is the p5p (Perl 5 Porters) mailing list summary for the past week.


Alternatives to rand()

I recently added some functionality for random number generation to my modules, which led me on a digression about rand(). This is a short look at some modules for getting random floating point values. A later one will look at random ints and bytes.

Modules for rand()
Interval Bits in
Predictable Speed
Bad [0,1) 48 OK Yes 29000 k/s
OK [0,1) 53 OK Yes 14000 k/s
ChaCha20 XS
Good [0,1) 53-113 Full No 12000 k/s
Good [0,1) 53-64 Good No 14000 k/s
Fortuna XS
Good [0,1) 53 Good No 700 k/s
OK [0,1) 52 Full Yes 5000 k/s
OK [0,1) 32 rand() Yes 2200 k/s
Good [0,1) 32 Full No 460 k/s
Good [0,1] 32 None No 5700 k/s
480 k/s
Xorshift XS
OK [0,1] 32 Time Yes 16000 k/s

The Perl Toolchain Summit Project List

The Perl Toolchain Summit (PTS) is the annual event where we assemble the people who are actively working on the Perl toolchain, and give them 4 days to work together. In this blog post, we'll look at how we decide what everyone will work on, and give you a chance to make suggestions.

This blog post is brought to you by Perl Jobs by Perl Careers, which as well as helping Perl programmers find jobs, supports a number of community events, including the QA Hackathon last year.

Autoload::AUTOCAN - Autoloading the easy way

Autoload can be a very powerful tool in Perl, though often you should first consider if there's a better way; Autoload is not necessarily the best solution for cases where you just need to generate many methods by name, and definitely is not the best solution for "wrapping" static methods. But if your use-case does necessitate methods created on the fly, I have released Autoload::AUTOCAN to make this easier to get right.

Trials and troubles with changing @INC

With the upcoming 5.26 release series of Perl, there's a breaking change that's part of the release. The current directory, '.', is being removed from @INC. It's a good thing, it deals with a bunch of potential security problems and has been discussed more thoroughly elsewhere and

This means that a number of common patterns in many perl scripts, particularly tests, no longer work the way that they did in the past.

use inc::Module::Install;  # To get the bundled copy of Module::Install with a CPAN dist

# Usually used to setup some common test environment
#  or common functions for the tests
require 't/';
use t::common;

# I'm not sure what the actual common use of this is, but it's also impacted.
do '';

Virtual Spring Cleaning Interlude: A herd of yaks, all waiting to be shaved

In my long-term quest to host all of my data on my systems, one of the major points is to replace the note-taking app Google Keep with something that allows me to take my notes back to me. I've looked at various open-source apps for taking and synchronizing notes, but they either feel like overdesigned monsters that don't fit my workflow (Laverna) or don't have good synchronization from mobile phone to the server.

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