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I started programming in Perl in about 1995, a few years before design started on Perl 6. Over the years, I've taken a look at Perl 6 from time to time, but never got hooked. Sometimes it appeared too hard to get a working system running -- assuming you could at all. Other times the language looked so foreign that I wasn't sure what the point was: if it didn't even look like Perl, then it might as well be a different language, so why not go learn a different language that was ready?

Well, that finally changed this summer. The impetus was an interview with Larry Wall wherein, with his unique style, he talked about the language (and a variety of other things) in ways that intrigued me and made me want to see what he'd created. Hearing that a real release of Perl 6 was no more than several months away, and that a working compiler could be installed with a few commands, hooked me the rest of the way.

Job::Machine integration

Integrating Job::Machine into Djet.

Dancer2::Plugin::Auth::Extensible Presentation

Andrew Beverly is going to talk about at the Perl Dancer Conference.

This talk will give an overview of what's now possible with very little code, including user registration, password resets and the management of user details.

CPAN PRC: July is Data::Dump

For July, the CPAN Pull Request Challenge assigned me Data::Dump. Better than the pull request itself, this assignment was great to know Data::Dump, as I have never see it before.

For the PR, I tried to read user complains, and one suggestion was to keep UTF-8 intact when dumping to a stream that is utf-8 aware. I created a basic PR, so illustrate a possible solution. Unfortunately, as on most of the previous months, I did not receive any feedback yet. But the pull request is there, ready for comments or to be merged.

Schedule for Swiss Perl Workshop 2015 ready

We are happy to announce the schedule for the Swiss Perl Workshop 2015.

We will have the Perl 6 Hackathon starting on Thursday August, 27th, Talks on Friday, August, 28th and Workshops and Talks on Saturday, 29th.

Since so many people are contributing to this years' program, it is difficult to highlight any events.

Feel free to listen to the talks you are interested in

  • War stories: programming in the field of medieval history‎‎
  • QA with Larry Wall‎
  • ‎Parallelism, Concurrency, and Asynchrony in Perl 6‎
  • ‎How to create CRUD database webapp in 40 minutes?‎
  • ‎Whatever, or How I Stopped Worrying and Fell in Love with Perl 6 Operators‎
  • ‎Normal Form Grapheme‎
  • ‎API Design‎
  • ‎Pearls from the contest‎
  • ‎OAuth2 and Mojolicious‎
  • ‎The Cool Subset of MAIN‎
  • Processing toki pona with Perl‎
  • ‎Introducing Replay
  • ‎Web::Machine - Simpl{e,y} HTTP‎
  • ‎Genetic Algorithms in Perl

or join the workshops

  • Kickstart your Perl 6 development
  • CallBackery Hands On‎
  • Perl 6 hands on
  • Hands-on code coverage tutorial

or come to meet us and do some socializing.

We have stil a place for you to join us, please register at

Perl5 to Java compiler is 1 month old, and we have a hackathon

We are having a hackathon at work, and Bosko, John and I have hacked together a working Perl script that executes in a Java environment (HBase).

Nóirín Plunkett

I'm sad to report that Nóirín Plunkett has passed away. Many in the Perl community knew them as a speaker and participant at YAPC::NA 2012 in Madison, Wisconsin, and YAPC::EU 2012 in Frankfurt, Germany, as well as other conferences including Open Source Bridge, OSCON, and ApacheConf.

Nóirín was passionate about open source, open documentation, and open community. In addition to their leadership within the Apache Software Foundation and the Ada Initiative, they were also a contributor to Perl v5.14. Most importantly, they were a friend and advocate to many in the open source and tech communities.

Making Alien::Base more reliable

The Alien::Base (AB) team has done a number of things over the past year with AB to make the installing packages more reliable. For AB based Alien developers who have created their own Alien::Libfoo this is great because they get the benefit of more reliable installs when users upgrade their version of AB without having to release a new version of Alien::Libfoo. Though largely backward compatible with version 0.005 (or perhaps further), modern versions of AB have also been given a few interface enhancements that require changes in Alien::Libfoo in order to benefit. So if you are an AB based Alien developer, please consider a couple of simple changes that you can make to make your distribution more reliable.

Use %c instead of %pconfigure.

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