Meeting Perl while on Vacation

Well bandwidth is still a problem for me these days (can you even remember 56k dial-up) so just a short post.

Well on the road today I met Perl at least 3 times and I wasn't even on line.

Well first we passed a semi hauling a load of cars and I looked up and saw a sticker on it saying powered by CargoTel. Well some of you may not know, well most maybe, that the CargoTel network for car delivery logistics is 100% Perl.

Well stopping at a very remote site in the afternoon I saw a sign that said 'As Seen On '' again another site that uses a good deal of Perl at least the last time I checked.

Finally stopping at the B+B this evening I noticed a sticker on the front door was from our good friend to the perl world ''

So I guess for a dead of dieing computer language we are not doing to-bad if we can penetrate into what can only be called a rather remote part of N.A.

More than a life sign

Cheers Perl community - I'm not dead :), no currently I partially study music and delve into instruments, - more precisely I'm building synthesizers with NI Reaktor.

Well it is worth the wait?

Well being out here in off-line land I took some time to work on formating some YAML files for my ongoing AD&D game. Well I was ok until I had to parse some things. Usually I just lay with my good old online YAML parser but I was finding it a bit trying what with the slow speed and late hour.

Then I remembered that some time ago I had used such a thing with Padre and sure enough after about 5 mins searching on Map of CPAN I ran into Padre::Plugin::YAML So I decided to give it a whirl and here is the results.

Well it seems I must of been missing a few of the compassionates it required as it took a good few hours to install but it did go-smootly. Seems it was not the size of the packages that took forever it was installing and compiling and the stuff the requirements required. Sigh!

Where to find the good stuff

One thing I ave found when doing a little research for this post was the very large number of perl tutrials out there and how many where well over 10 years old some as old as 15.

Well still stuck here in limited access land so I had a quick look around and found this site

So in about 10 mins of reading I now know where to send anyone who asks me where to go for good tutorials.

There is also a good chance if you want to help out as there is a long list of sites to still look at and I am 108% sure that GABOR would be more than happy for the help.

One thing that really grabbed my attention in this site is it is just not a simple list of tutorials it is a vetted list and it is very well vetted. Just check out the reject page and you will see the reviews really through job at evaluating a site you just say a site is bad you have to prove it.

parsing email to get required information using perl script


I am new to perl and i need some help in parsing email's using some perl script and get required information

Below is the sample email format in the logfile

From Mon Apr 14 20:24:14 2014
Date: Mon, 14 Apr 2014 13:23:06 -0700
Message-Id: <>
Subject: WARNING :
X-Priority: 1
Content-type: text/html
X-Milter-Version: master.31+4-gbc07cd5+
X-CLX-ID: 507038003
Reply-To: -----
X-Loop: ----
X-Sequence: 197227
Errors-to: -----
Precedence: bulk
X-no-archive: yes
List-Id: <---->

< Body of the email >

in log file we have lot of emails and we need to skip email's which has reply

I need below information


Email start with From at the start of the line

can any one help me with the sample code

Well A long way From home

Well I am a long way from home today and of course I had to check in and look at a few things.

Well No problem with the modern web just connect in from anywhere in the world and do your work.

Well my internet connection is 34kb so not very broad as well I using my cousin's computer but at least I can get my google mail and use good old ftp if I need to copy anything to and from the remote site

Well that is all great and good but I had to do some very quick debugging on a web site I sometimes help maintain. Well with the very limited connection speed I was timing out over the ftp but after 20min I finally got the offending file downloaded.

Views in DBIx::Class

Did you know you can write a view in DBIx::Class? The DBIx::Class::ResultSource::View module makes this very easy and it's helped me solve a very thorny problem in Veure: how do I efficiently make sure that email sent from Alpha Centauri to Epsilon Eridani doesn't show up instantly in your inbox?

Improving the grant program (2) Bi-monthly Grant Cycle

Continued from the previous post.

From the comments to Alberto's post:

The 3-monthly call for grants, and the 1 month taken to assess grants, means that there is a 1-4 month lead time between "now" and when a proposal can be accepted.

Now we have a bi-monthly cycle, +50% added frequency, the lead time between "now" and when a proposal can be accepted can be as short as 3 weeks. Or 3 weeks + 2 months at the longest (announcement).

Should we make it monthly? Certainly yes if we have more applications. If we get a lot more proposals every two month, it will be appropriate to make it more frequent.

Bi-weekly cycle? Well, the Committee Secretary needs a break :)

Frequently anticipated questions

So the lead time is between (x weeks) and (x weeks + y months). Any views to make x smaller?

Right. It is easy to decrease y by increasing the voting frequency. However x is a different story.

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