Perl QA Hackathon 2015

yeah me too ....

Or lets call it insights from an imposterer. I just came because I like the people and I could visit my brother and maybe Berlin art galleries. (which I did). I knew the place because German Perl Workshop two years ago was here too. So i could show people the way to the pub when they left work from day one I just came from train station and could immediately say hai to ingy - perfect.

I was not at the QA Hackathon

You might be overwhelmed by all the reports about the QA Hackathon. I am impressed and thankful! I just wish each report had a different title :).

I am especially grateful for the people who have collected the posts. It's much easier now than next year when someone will look for justification to attend or sponsor the event!

QA Hackathon 2015 (Berlin)

I was at the QA Hackathon in Berlin this year.

Everyone else writing about it has an introductory section about what it is, so I needn’t concern myself with one… as well we’re on here after all.

In a stupid move, I forced myself to constantly look for some other hacker to mooch power from – I left my own power supply at home. Fortunately as a semi-reluctant initiate to the Apple cult, I found plenty who were of the same hardware persuasion, whom I could bum some laptop juice of life from. I hope to not repeat this part.

But the main reason that I chose to be present at all was for the consensus discussions scheduled this year.


I published a new article about Perl in my blog. It's about wrapperl, a wrapper for Perl customized invocation. Find the article here and happy reading!

CPAN PR-Challenge - April Report

This was a busy month in my teaching duties. Also, needed to debug and create pull requests for other projects. Nevertheless, I managed to create a small pull request in the PRC assigned module, Google::ProtocolBuffers Perl implementation.

The pull request was a validation of the google spec, adding a test for enumeration values with aliases. Looking to the existing tests it was not clear if that functionality was implemented. Therefore, my test was to know if I should try to implement that functionality or not. Fortunately, the tests passed. And because more tests is always good, this month PR is just a small test: PullRequest.

I hope I can get real contributions in my next assignments, but lately the time is not much.

Perl QA Hackathon 2015

Last post - the post that hurts the most.

It's been a while that I blogged. Yet, it's a tradition now to write my report about the Perl QA hackathon as probably the last one of the attendees. The 2015 edition of the Perl QA hackathon was a lot of fun. I'm one of the less visible guys there so I want to give some visibility into my work.

My topic is benchmarking.

Benchmarking the Perl 5 interpreter.

Over the years, I narrowed down that topic beginning with the problem statement over several steps: the search for workloads, the creation of a framework for executing and producing meaningful numbers, the bootstrapping of Perl with CPAN, ensuring a stable CPAN, a system to store benchmarks together with general testing results, and the actual execution on dedicated hardware.

You can recapitulate some intermediate steps here:
Perl Workloads - YAPC::Europe 2010
Perl::Formance - YAPC::Europe 2011
Perl::Formance / numbers - YAPC::Europe 2012

With the 3 projects that hold my overall vision together being those:

Test Driven Development by David Delikat

Test Driven Development by David Delikat

[From my blog.]

Wanna Getta Drink (in Veure)?

So, it turns out that working full time on a great contract, overseeing employees/contractors on other contracts, trying to build an MMORPG, working through legal issues associated with said MMORPG, preparing conference talks, and trying to be a good husband and father is a wee bit time-consuming. That's why I probably didn't answer your email or write a blog post in the past month.

So to let those interested in Veure know that it's not dead: we have bars! (Amongst many other things). Read on!

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