How I made my core testsuite 2x faster

There is more than one way to make perl5 twice as fast, but this is what I did today. I fixed it on one machine.

My Macbook Air gives constantly better results in my hash function benchmarks than my big Linux Desktop PC, because it has a newer i7 Haswell, and the linux has only an older i5 CPU. Both have fast SSD's and enough RAM.

But when I run the perl5 testsuite the linux machine is twice as fast. Typically 530s vs 1200s. Which is odd and very annoying.

And then I fixed it with one little change.

$ time ./perl -Ilib -MNet::Domain -e'print Net::Domain::hostname()'

real    1m0.151s
user    0m0.028s
sys 0m0.011s

$ hostname

$ sudo hostname airc.local

 $ time ./perl -Ilib -MNet::Domain -e'print Net::Domain::hostname()'
 real   0m0.039s
 user   0m0.027s
 sys    0m0.008s

You see that Net::Domain::hostname didn't return a value. It timed out. Great for testsuites and benchmarks.

YAPC::NA 2015 Wrap-up and More New (PSGI!) Modules

I was lucky enough to be able to attend YAPC::NA 2015 in Salt Lake City, this year. First and foremost I have to applaud the organizers, the event was so well coordinated it looks positively effortless, which I’m sure masked the huge amount of effort that it takes to appear so.

After not being able to attend the last two YAPC::NAs, it was such a joy to be back. As my new friend VM Brasseur has been saying in #yapc lately, “these are my people.” The community feeling at all Perl meetings, and especially at YAPC::NA, is overwhelming and I loved meeting and reconnecting with so many fellow Perlers.

Perl build fails on Suse

Hi all,

just to report there is an issue building Perl (v5.20.2) on Suse

# cat /etc/SuSE-release
SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 11 (x86_64)

It seems it is an issue open since 2011, how it is possible that Suse devs do not report it and fix it? They build Perl on Suse, right? Why they did not contribute back?

I found here the solution: by the way, I do not know how to write an XS, but, I could solve it as the comment?showComment=1360600273455#c3636290794182954084 say: by opening the file ODBM_File.xs at line 128 and adding "db" to the dbmclose function.

git stashed

A quick 'n useful git tip:

$ git config --global alias.stashed "stash list --pretty=format:'%gd: %Cred%h%Creset %Cgreen[%ar]%Creset %s'"
$ git stashed
stash@{0}: 2d7f38b [19 minutes ago] On variable-travel-times-207: variable station travel times
stash@{1}: 1e4207e [6 weeks ago] WIP on custom-mission-actions-30-2: a00a646 Don't show intelligence since we're not using it.

Typically, git stash just shows you the items in your stash. Now, git stashed shows you how long ago an items was stashed (I had no idea I had a 6 week old stash item) and colorizes the relevant bits to make it easy to read (admittedly not visible in the bit above).

Found a bug in File::Finder

I uploaded File::Finder to the CPAN more than a decade ago. I was using it for a project today, and found a bug that has been in there in the beginning. I forgot to localize $_ in ->contains, which clobbered File::Find's $_, used by just about everything else.

I couldn't even remember where I had put the git repo for the distro source, and once I found that, I couldn't remember how to build and test modules.

I'm getting old.

Problems logging in to

If you're having trouble logging in here, try this link rather than the one above.

See also github issue #294

Net::Amazon::EC2 now with v4 signature support

I just released 0.30_1 of Net::Amazon::EC2 to CPAN. This test release contains support for AWS4 signatures. It is based on a pseudonymous patch on this RT ticket but I reworked it to support both v2 and v4 signatures because I know some of the people who use this module connect with Eucalyptus or other AWS-compatible-ish APIs which may not fully support v4 yet.

So if you've been itching to get stuff done with EC2 in the eu-central-1 region (which AFAIK only accepts v4 requests), please give this test release a spin. I plan to release it as 0.31 after a couple of weeks if no show stopper(s) pop up.

Swiss Perl Workshop: The Programme

Right between YAPC::Asia (Tokio, 20-22 Aug) and YAPC::EU (Granada, 2-4 Sept) you have the opportunity to attend another Perl event, the Swiss Perl Workshop 2015.

Day One
Thursday, 27 August
Perl 6 Hackathon
(Plus Dinner for Hackers)

Day Two
Friday, 28 August
Keynotes and Talks, Perl 6 Hackathon
(Plus Attendees' Dinner)

Day Three
Saturday, 29 August 2015
Workshops, Perl 6 Hackathon
(Plus "Cleaning the House Party")

Buy your ticket soon.

Also attending: Larry and some celebrities from the Perl6 core team. More to be announced soon.

Thank you, sponsors (and yeah, we urgently need more!):

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