Enlightened Perl Organisation sponsors Strawberry Perl

I am pleased to announce that Enlightened Perl Organisation (EPO) has kindly extended the support of Strawberry Perl project by sponsoring our build server (VPS) for the next 12 months. I would like to thank Mark Keating for arranging the funding.

For those interested in technical details: the build server is MS Windows 2012 R2 virtual private server, 4 CPU, 16 GB RAM, 120 GB HDD.

If you are also considering supporting Strawberry Perl project you can do it indirectly by becoming EPO member or via donating EPO.

Join me online for 3 hours of Perl 6 training courtesy O'Reilly

Top Ten Things You Need To Know about Perl 6
[The description says 2 hours, but we agreed to 3 over email, I'll get it straightened out. They also got the title from my upcoming OSCON London talk instead the intro, but we'll straighten it out.]

As the title says, I'm working with O'Reilly to deliver a 3-hour training seminar on the basics of Perl 6 in mid-October. This is going to be more targeted to those learning Perl 6 ab initio, rather than seasoned Perl 5 programmers. I do intend to throw a few notes in for current Perl hackers, especially ideas on how to migrate your existing Perl 5 code to Perl 6 in a reasonably painless fashion.

Perl 5 Porters Mailing List Summary: September 5th-11th

Hey everyone,

Following is the p5p (Perl 5 Porters) mailing list summary for the past week. Enjoy!

Reply to David Golden "Comparison of Class::Tiny and Object::Simple"

p5p pumpking David Golden wrote the following topic.

Comparison of Class::Tiny and Object::Simple

I'm pleasure he is interested in Object::Simple even if the entry criticize Object::Simple.

Yes, you can create custom constructors, but that defeats the syntactic simplicity of Object::Simple.

No, No. Custom constructor is very very easy. Nothing is difficult.

Very soon, you'll have re-invented the semantics of BUILD/DEMOLISH.

No, No. Perl calls constructors and destructors in correct order if we use only single inheritance.

I strongly recommend single inheritance in object-oriented programming.

See Object::Simple(CPAN) for more details. I add FAQ section to reply this question.

Docker::Engine::API 1.24 starting point giveaway

As part of a demo/POC I hacked together a complete Perl binding for the Docker Engine remote API v1.24 (Docker Engine 1.12).

We are sadly not using Perl where I currently work so after demoing some stuff we will move forward using other tech.

There exist some modules on CPAN already but they are not complete and did not work with the new features in Docker.

Perhaps if someone wants to continue the work they can fork and/or merge with the other modules to create a definitive Perl binding for Docker.

Here is the project

* No support will be given
* Rewrite needed
* Look at the Golang binding for ideas for the next steps, eg. types instead of handling everything as JSON

Do you need "Fast Perl"? Look at "Static Perl" project at once.

Do you need "Fast Perl"? Look at "Static Perl" project at once.

Static Perl - Fast calculation, parallel process, GC, static typing, VM with perlish syntax without XS

3 interviews about Perl projects

Recently I've started a new interview series published both as videos and as a Podcast.
The first 3 episodes were with Perl developer: Jason Crome on Dancer 2, Sawyer X on Perl 5 Porters, and Joel Berger on Mojolicious

The 4th episode is Tom Hudson on gron that helps making JSON structure grepable.

Alpine Perl Workshop Videos (Day 1)

I have uploaded videos from the first day of the Alpine Perl Workshop (Innsbruck, 2016): https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCLsVz9vprzs6U6PmcI4tnqA. The second day of videos should be done uploading by the same time tomorrow. Some observations from recording/processing/uploading the videos:

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