Language Identification, Neural Networks and Perl

I will not write much, but just would like to let you know there is a new Perl module for Language Identification (Lingua::Identifier). It uses a neural network for the task (read this for details), with Math::Matrix::MaybeGSL, that will use Math::MatrixReal or Math::GSL::Matrix if it is installed. An extended version of the paper is being reviewed, and therefore I am not allowed to publish it here.

Q: Nestoria Dev Blog and comments

On Nestoria Dev Blog I tried to post a comment+script about smart match.

  • I log on via Google
  • Everything looks ok.
  • I post text + script
  • The page refreshes
  • Everything looks ok

But the post is not afterwards visible.

OK, so it’s possible the blogger just zaps my post :-(, but it there another explanation?

Fatpacking your scripts with fatten

"Thank you for a freakin awesome app. Seriously, fatten is great! <3" --Paul J. Fenwick

fatpack is a utility created by MST to pack a script along with its dependencies (required Perl modules) into a single file. It differs from PAR in that it does not create an archive that must be extracted into the filesystem at the start of program run. Thus, a fatpacked script is simpler and faster to run.

The command-line utility is a bit cumbersome to use, though. Producing the final result involves several invocations of fatpack, and often the final result still misses some required modules. If you want a more turnkey solution to fatpacking a script, you might want to check out fatten.

Using fatten could not be easier:

% fatten /path/to/myapp

Parsing of anime reviews on rec.arts.anime.misc

I have been collecting posts from rec.arts.anime.misc newsgroup, mostly related to anime reviews to prioritize which one to see. The format is more or less the same of (collection of) reviews ...

  • title
  • a paragraph of comments
  • ending with some kind of quality statetment (a second paragraph is rare)

Take message for example by GeoffC (Wed, 15 Oct 2014 10:48:16 +0100) ...

Gundam G no Reconguista:
Another Gundam, still with young characters piloting giant robots in space. Not badly done, but I was confused about who was who and what was going on in the first episode, and did not feel sufficiently involved to continue with further episodes.


Donten ni Warau:
Meiji Restoration period drama. I saw the first episode in raw. So far, it has not interested me enough to encourage further investigation.

Visualizing the McNaugthon-Yamada-Glushkov Construction

Once in a while I poke in my old Perl stuff to find something interesting. Luckily, this is usually the case.

Today, I found a script that draws an annotated syntax tree of a regular expression. The annotation shows the state sets calculated when applying the McNaugthon-Yamada-Glushkov algorithm to construct a finite automaton from the regular expression.

You can read about it in "Bruce W. Watson. Taxonomies and Toolkits of Regular Language
Algorithms. PhD thesis, Faculty of Computing Science Eindhoven
University of Technology, The Netherlands, 1995".

Here is an image:


I just thought about sharing this bit because there once was a thread about how we could improve marketing for Perl and one of the answers was to write (more) Perl applications.
So, here is one :)

Sydney Perl Mongers Thursday Night

Sydneysiders are invited to join us this Thursday night for yet another Sydney-PM meet.

SiteSuite have offered to host us. Thanks to Cees for setting the wheels in motion for us to use the venue.

What: Sydney PM
Date: Thursday, 16th October 2014
Time: 6-9:30pm
Where: SiteSuite, Level 3, 1 Bay Street, Broadway Shopping Centre, Sydney
Who: Anyone with any level of experience with Perl. Please bring friends, family and co-workers!

The building locks it's doors at 6pm, so one of their staff will let us in. On the day a contact mobile number will be posted for stragglers. Please jump on the email list for that detail on the day.

Cees will be giving a talk about Rose::DB and we have a guest speaker giving us this talk live from San Francisco...

Title: I've Got 99 Problems But CPAN Ain't One

Celebrating Perl 5’s 20th birthday at MadMongers.

Celebrating Perl 5’s 20th birthday at MadMongers.

[From my blog.]

Pod::Readme v1.0.2 released

I released a new version of Pod::Readme yesterday. It's a module for "Intelligently generate a README file from POD" by using POD =begin/=end and =for commands to control what parts of a module's POD are included/excluded in the README. For example, you don't need the details of method calls in the README, nor do you need installation instructions in the module's man page.

This is a major rewrite using "modern Perl" that supports the following features:

  • Generating a README in various formats such as plaintext, POD, markdown, HTML;
  • Support for plugins to add new features.
  • Support for (via plugins) inserting the module version, recent changes and prerequisites in the README.

It should still work with existing software that uses it, such as Module::Build.

The next steps will be to write modules to integrate this with other release tools, such as Module::Install or Dist::Zilla.

Feedback as always would be appreciated. The module is on GitHub.

Thanks to everyone who commented on previous blog posts about this, and to CPAN Testers for test reports on previous dev releases.

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