The 19th CPAN Day and the 1st

Yesterday (August 16th 2014) we celebrated the anniversary of the first upload to CPAN by Andreas König (ANDK) (as he worked on what became PAUSE). It was the 19th anniversary, but the first that we've marked in this way.

In one day, 107 people uploaded 775 releases, 41 of which were the first uploads of new distributions, and 10 of which were the first upload by new CPAN contributors. The first two numbers were outright records, and the second equalled the previous best. All of those numbers were higher than I expected.

CPAN Day winner?

I didn't think it was a contest but I think Ingy won CPAN Day....

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Kephra XP ded prototype works

Mark eting may prefer vampires, but here's a different why Kephra keeps evolving, for all that are interested in dev tools, written in Perl. Oh , btw, it go ready on CPAN day - mere coincidence. :)


First off, let me say I think CPAN Day is a great idea, and I am happy to take part in it!

For CPAN Day, I have contributed App::HTRender, a command line tool to assist development of HTML::Template-based templates. If you are building a website using HTML::Template and your data model is still fluid (or you just want to quickly test different values) you can lay out your data in JSON format and use the ht_render command to feed it to your template without having to change any of your Perl code.

Additionally, Logical Helion has released a new version of Helios, Helios 2.81. This version is largely a bugfix release, but does include a new command for retrieving jobtype information and some improvements to the helios_config_* commands.

Happy CPAN Day everyone!

PPI 1.218 has been released - bug fixes, speed optimizations, tests, doc improvements

On request of Neil Bowers i pushed this release back a day, so now on CPAN Day in 2014 the first update of PPI in 3.5 years has been released to CPAN and will be available on a mirror near you soon.

Since the release candidate only minor changes affecting the release process itself have been made.

The change log has a detailed listing and the git repository is even more detailed (it even has tags if you clone it). That said, the summary of the changes is:

  • a number of fixes to how Perl is parsed, notably around the x operator and some case sensitivity
  • many speed optimizations, allowing PPI to parse big files in reasonable time
  • the 1MB limit is now removed
  • many many doc fixes
  • many more tests for previously untested code
  • PPI is now on Github

Type::Tiny 1.000000 Released

It's been almost 17 months, and over 160 releases to get there, but Type-Tiny 1.000000 has been released on CPAN Day 2014.

Type-Tiny is a framework for type constraints and coercions. It can be used for isa checks in Moose, Mouse, and Moo attributes, function parameter checking, and so on. It's already used by over a hundred CPAN distributions.

Over the next few days I'll be posting some tips and tricks explaining some Type-Tiny features that you may find useful.

A brief history of CPAN

My project for CPAN Day has been to pull together a history of CPAN:

  • How it was started, and by whom
  • The other services that make up the CPAN ecosystem
  • The key modules that have helped shape CPAN

In best CPAN tradition, this is the work of dozens of people, who patiently responded to my pestering via email over the last few weeks. Thanks to everyone who helped get it to this point.


To celebrate CPAN Day, NEILB and BOOK are proud to announce a new CPAN-related site, specifically targetted towards playing with CPAN (with the underlying goal of improving it).

Please join us in celebrating the first the day of!

The site is rather empty now, but we have grand plans for it. Come play the CPAN game with us, fork on github and send us patches and feature requests.

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