Final TPF Devel::Cover grant report

(Russian) Article about Test::Spec

Article in Russian about Test::Spec benefits and gotchas/internals

Travis-CI Helpers for Perl

I deal with a lot of modules that promise backwards compatibility with older versions of perl, usually back to perl 5.8.1. Since I don't regularly use perl versions that old when developing, accidentally introducing incompatibilities is always a risk. Having a continuous integration system check this for me makes it much easier to catch mistakes like this before they get released into the wild.

Travis CI is a very useful continuous integration service that is free for any public repositories on GitHub. There are issues with using Travis CI for the kind of testing I need though. First, it only provides the last revision of each perl series. Especially in the perl 5.8 and 5.10 series, there are substantial enough differences between them that testing only the latest isn't adequate. Additionally, some of the testing needs to be done on perls built with threading, which isn't included on most of the versions available on Travis. It also is sometimes useful to test without any additional modules pre-installed like Travis does.

Strawberry Perl released

Strawberry Perl is available at

More details in Release Notes:

I would like to thank our sponsor Enlightened Perl Organisation for resources provided to our project.

Spam on CPAN

Some idiot has just uploaded a purely spam distribution: THEMA-MEDIA. He clearly knows it's idiotic, because his begins with "CPAN-foolishness".

IO::Iron::Applications - Command line tools for services

Partitions of an Integer

The subject of integer partitions comes up regularly, with multiple threads over the years at PerlMonks, a big chunk of Chapter 5 of Higher-Order Perl, and some pages from Knuth TAOCP volume 4A. Last year I added a partitions function to my ntheory Perl module, for counting integer partitions (OEIS A000041). A few months ago I added a partition iterator (forpart) since I liked the one Pari/GP added last year.

Integer partitions
Solution Impl
Max in 10s Count in 10s
ntheory 0.45 XS yes no yes yes 87 223,000
ntheory 0.45 Perl yes no yes yes 72 7,300
Integer::Partition 0.05 Perl yes yes no no 67 -
(unreleased, from Limbic 2004)
Perl no yes no no 62 6,000
MJD 2013 Perl no no no no 71 -
blokhead 2007 Perl yes no no no 63 -
kvale 2004 Perl yes no no no 62 -
sfink 2004 Perl yes no no no 58 -
tye 2001 Perl no no no no 58 -
(golfed, 73 chrs)
no (73)
no no no 21 -
Pari/GP 2.8.0
(not a Perl module!)
C/Pari no no yes yes 100 34,000,000

Exporter::Tiny nearing 1.000000

Yes, in my warped mathematics, 0.042 is nearly 1.000000.

Exporter::Tiny is a module I split out of the Type::Tiny distribution. It's an exporter, offering roughly the same capabilities as Sub::Exporter, but with a lighter footprint. I've not massively promoted it, but have been using it in a bunch of my other modules, and other people seem to have picked up on it and started using it too.

The documentation requires a bit of work, but from my perspective the implementation is effectively complete. If you're using it, then I'd appreciate any feedback you have before it's "stable" and thus too late to change.

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