Perl 5 Porters Mailing List Summary: August 29nd - September 4th

Hey everyone,

Following is the p5p (Perl 5 Porters) mailing list summary for the past week. Enjoy!

Perl 6 at the Alpine Perl 6

2016-09-04 09.47.17.jpg

I was able to attend the Alpine Perl Workshop in Innsbruck thanks to the sponsors who funded my travel. Thanks to, MyControl, perl Services, and Oetiker+Partner AG.

I didn't talk about Perl 6 but I learned quite a bit. Liz put on a hands-on tutorial to upload a Perl 6 module. In that, I created Chemistry::Elements. That's the first Perl 5 module I published to CPAN. It's a simple and definable problem so it shouldn't be too much work to make the Perl 6 version. Zoffix's How to Make a Perl 6 Module and the examples in are quite helpful. Axel Beckert's talk on using Travis CI had Perl 6 examples, so that helped. Travis CI has it's own instructions for Perl 6. (Chemistry::Elements on Travis CI).

I gave a couple of talks. My first day I presented "The Surprisingly Tense History of the Schwartzian Transform" (with companion PerlTricks article The History of the Schwartzian Transform)":

Screen Shot 2016-09-05 at 7.58.40 AM.png

Dancer2 0.203001 improves speed of apps, fixes missing dependency

Dancer2 0.203001 is on its way to a CPAN mirror near you. It is essentially a maintenance release, with only two minor changes:

  • Class::Load was replaced by Module::Runtime. This will result in a slightly faster execution time for your Dancer2 apps. This had been applied previously, but was erroneously undone by another commit. Thanks to veryrusty for noticing and fixing!

  • The minimum version of List::Util needed by Dancer2 was omitted from 0.203000, causing some headaches for users of older versions of List::Util.

The full changelog follows:

0.203001  2016-09-03 20:59:47-05:00 America/Chicago

* GH #1237: Specify minimum version of List::Util required for pair*
  functionals. (Russell @veryrusty Jenkins)

* PR #1242: Replace Class::Load with Module::Runtime (Russell 
  Jenkins - @veryrusty)

You can always find us at if you have any questions.

The Perl Dancer 2016 conference is just a few short weeks away! It’s not too late to attend. Check out the conference website for more information.

Happy Dancing!

Simplest class builder "Object::Simple" 3.17 released!

Simplest class builder "Object::Simple" 3.17 released! I rewrite document in this release. I describe the benefits at first.

Simplest class builder, Mojo::Base porting, fast and less memory

  • Simplest class builder. All you learn is only has function!
  • Mojo::Base porting. Do you like Mojolicious? If so, this is good choices!
  • Fast and less memory. Fast new and accessor method. Memory saving implementation.

Check latest Object::Simple document!

backseat YAPC::EU

Cluj was my ninth YAPC and it was different for me in many ways. Please read this especially if you never been to a YAPC.

Introducing Terminal::Print

After a long incubation period of intermittent hacking, I am pleased to present Perl hackers worldwide with the option to quickly and easily print to their console screen.

Ok.. why?

From the module's README:

Terminal::Print intends to provide the essential underpinnings of command-line printing, to be the fuel for the fire, so to speak, for libraries which might aim towards 'command- line user interfaces' (CUI), asynchronous monitoring, rogue-like adventures, screensavers, video art, etc.

Let's first point out that this module is a serious attempt at solving a relatively frivolous problem. There are plenty of existing text display engines (hello, ncurses!), game engines, and other Perl modules that already solve many command line display (CLD) issues.

However: ncurses is not re-entrant. Furthermore, its UTF-8 support is (understandably) bolted on. Looking around at other C library options, it came to dawn on me: why was I involving "native" options, anyway?

The Math::BigRat Trap

rat tail

With the latest stable release of perl, v5.24.0, you could easily get trapped into using a problematic combination of math modules. Here is how, and what you should do to avoid trouble.

Announcing Veure at The Perl Conference

I'm back from Romania and had a lovely time at YAPC::EU, er, The European Perl Conference, er, or this:

I unveiled that suggested logo at my opening keynote only to discover that many Perl devs had no idea what I was talking about. My sense of humor is shouting "get off my lawn."

However, I gave a lightning talk announcing Veure, including the game's name and blog! Veure is officially known as Tau Station and sign up for our newsletter to find out more, including keeping up with the alpha. Or just read our blog to see what's happening with it (but you really want to sign up for that newsletter).

Many thanks to Evozon for hosting a great conference!

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