Benchmarking several ASCII-table-generator modules

UPDATE #1 2014-07-11: Added Catmandu::Exporter::Table. This module is not exactly lightweight, so I will not consider it for usage in Perinci::CmdLine::Lite, but it's interesting to benchmark anyway.

UPDATE #2 2014-07-11: Nudged by me, Jakob extracted the table-generating
functionality of Catmandu::Exporter::Table into its own module Text::MarkdownTable. This module depends on nothing but Moo. Great job Jakob. Although for my particular project Perinci::CmdLine::Lite, I declared that Moo is a bit too heavy, and so excluded it. :)

UPDATE #3 2014-07-11: Added more modules to the mix: Text::FormatTable, Text::Table::Tiny. Excluded more modules: Data::ShowTable, Text::UnicodeBox::Table.

UPDATE #4 2014-07-11: Excluded 2 more modules: Table::Simple, Text::SimpleTable::AutoWidth

See you at YAPC::EU!

I'm happy to announce that, as usual, Nestoria will be sponsoring this year's YAPC::EU in Sofia, Bulgaria.

Also as usual we will be sending along a contingent from our dev team. Other than myself you'll also see Sam, Ignacio and Tim - all of whom have never attended a YAPC before and some of whom have learned Perl quite recently. I'm hoping they are going to get as much out of YAPC as I did at my first one back in 2007.

You can read more - and see some photos so you'll know who to say Hi to - on the Nestoria Dev Blog:

Hope to see you there!

P.S. Although I'm not speaking at YAPC::EU this year, I am speaking about Test::Kit 2.0 at the technical meeting on Thursday July 24th :-)

Swiss Perl Workshop in Two Months :-)

In a bit less than two months the second Swiss Perl Workshop takes place.

Lots of cool things are going to happen!

Register soon to secure one of the limited tickets.

Book your seat at the courses by brian d foy.

To make waiting for the workshop easier, and to get in touch with fellow Swiss Perl Mongers, come to our Swiss Perl Community Meetups. The next event happens on July 24 in Zürich. You will know us by at least one small puppet camel on the table.

Last time we "meetupped" in Olten, the workshop venue. Look at the view we had:


Thanks to our sponsors: | |

Grants Committee Budget

I don't know the Grants Committee ever published the annual budget. I see reasons to do so and not to do, but let's do it. Transparency is a good thing.

Conclusion first. The Grants Committee's budget for 2014 is $16,000.

Here is how it works.

Rule #1: The committee evaluates and funds grants every two months. At the point of funding, the money is "spent".

Suppose you submit a grant proposal of $3,000. Your proposal is great, the community feedback is all positive, and your grant is funded. At this point, we have spent the money; it's like putting the $3000 in a special envelope that has your name on it. The money is still in the TPF safe but it is reserved for you.

Rule #2: We are out of the money when all the money is spent for the year.

Rex meet Rspec~

As an DevOps, I use Puppet and Rex, and like automatic testing for my infrastructure. So when I saw serverspec, I thought: maybe I can do such things in Perl?

I know there are already so many testing frameworks at CPAN. But I like the syntax used by serverspec( yes, evoloved from Rspec!) so DIY begin~

Here is my work:Rex::Test::Spec.

We can use it as follow:

Amazon & Ebay

We are going to start a project to provide easy to use + install interfaces for Amazon and Ebay for Interchange 6, similar to the one available for Magento and other Ecommerce software. It should be also possible to use this in conjunction with Interchange 5.

With your help this becomes a successful project, e.g. through

  • Feedback / Experiences with Amazon / Ebay and Perl modules
  • Feature suggestions
  • Developing time
  • Documentation
  • Testing
  • Funds


Metabase down?

Does anobody know what's wrong with Any attempt to submit test results ends in failure. Accessing the url returns a please come back later message.

Grants Cancellation

As announced in the official blog (link), three grants have been cancelled. All of them have been stalled for some time.

It is neither a pleasant nor easy decision for us to cancel grants regardless of a reason. I understand the grant managers and the grantees did their best to make progress but delivering a grant is not always easy.

One of the major reasons to terminate grants is our budget. In the next post, I will discuss our budget and explain why it is necessary to cancel stalled grants.

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