is sponsoring the QA Hackathon

Today we would like to announce that is sponsoring the 2015 Perl QA Hackathon. has been supporting many Perl events and was the main sponsor and host of the QA Hackathon in 2014.

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How Perl + StickK helped me get organized

The last three months have been some of the most professionally productive months I've had in years. In true Perl fashion, it all boils down to a Perl-related "hack" with

Looking for BZ::Client Author

I am looking to contact Jochen Wiedmann who is the BZ::Client author (amongst other modules) whom I am guessing resides in Finland. I have emailed the associated email address and I created an RT ticket 1 year ago. Hopefully ownership of this module can be shared and development continued.

In the interim, users of BZ::Client (i.e. Bugzilla XMLRPC Client) might be interested in my GitHub Repo which includes a number of patches.

Update: Contact has been made! Persons with patches for BZ::Client are encouraged to submit them via GitHub for inclusion in a soon to be released new version.

NYC Perl Hackathon 2015 has its own Mini CPAN PR Challenge

Influenced by the original Pull Request Challenge, I am excited to announce that NYC Perl Hackathon 2015 will have its own Mini CPAN Pull Request Challenge.

Here's how it works:

A list of CPAN distributions will be published in the Mini CPAN PR Challenge project page one day before the hackathon begins.

On the day of the Hackathon, Hackathon participants will choose 1 distribution and start hacking on it.

If you are new to this challenge, we have a list of suggestions to help you get started on your assignment.

If you want to be part of this challenge please register as a Hackathon Attendee and add yourself as a participant in the projects page.

Looking for HTML::FormFu patches and contributions

The HTML::FormFu module is well known enough to be mentioned in detail in both published Catalyst books. Despite a reasonable learning curve, once mastered saves enormous time in creating web-based forms.

The author/maintainer, Carl (aka fireartist), has been nice enough to allow me to get involved and I have pulled in a number of patches that kind people have submitted via github and RT. Only minor changes thus far, but it's great to have something so useful that people take time to tweak, fix and repair it - then submit their changes for inclusion. I am readying a release for the near future.

Which brings me to the point of my post.

If you or your organization are harboring some fixes or enhancements to HTML::FormFu, please send them through for inclusion via is broken

When I click on "login" from the front page and type in my username & password, I get a "Permission denied." error message. If I need to log in, I have to reset my password, and then I'm logged in.

Come to MojoConf and tell us something cool!

Maybe you are already registered for this year’s MojoConf in New York City (June 4th-6th) or maybe you are still thinking about it. Either way, a great way to introduce yourself to the Mojolicious community is to give a talk! But what should you talk about? The cool stuff you do with Mojolicious!

Last years talks were on a wide range of topics. When I write a talk, I usually write really technical talks; I’m always trying to pack too much code into each slide. But when I’m in the audience, the ones that really knock my socks off are the ones I don’t expect.

Last year, Rich Elberger (this year’s host, incidentally) gave a talk that took me completely by surprise, he’s gaining traction using Mojolicious in an Enterprise system! How cool is that?!

Saving Vertical Space

I was reviewing some code I had written for a simple RPG dice algorithm (although there's already a good module for this, Game::Dice) and I realized again that I have a prefererence for functions that can fit on one screen. One strategy is breaking up the code into smaller routines but I sometimes like to compact it vertically as much as possible first.

This function roll, given a string of "dice language," should return the results of such a dice roll. An example of this would be "3d10+1" to roll three 10-sided dice and then add 1, or "4d6b3" which says to roll four 6-sided dice and take the best three.


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