[BREAKING] [GPW 2015] German train drivers' union calls 5-day strike starting Tuesday

This is just a quick PSA to bring it to anyone's attention who needs to know and doesn't already yet: The association of german train drivers has announced a general strike of person transportation from tuesday to sunday (5.5. - 10.5.). No further details have been announced by Die Bahn yet, but this might call the German Perl Workshop this year in jeopardy. Organizers have been sent messages, but have not replied yet.

Edit: The GPW organizers have posted an update.

Term::ReadLine::Gnu Unicode Hell

I must be doing something wrong. Surely. I have a REST service. I get data using HTTP::Tiny and use JSON::Tiny to decode it.

If I try to print to the Term::ReadLine::Gnu OUT filehandle, I get double encoded strings, like this:


If I try to binmode it to utf-8, things get worst, with triple encoded strings:


Resolved it decoding (Encode::decode) from UTF-8 and using the internal Perl character representation. It worked.

The problem was when I tried to feed a pre-defined input line to Term::ReadLine::Gnu. Result looked something like this:

my $newGloss = $self->{term}->readline(">> ", 
    decode("utf-8", decode("utf-8", $gloss->{gloss})));

my $x = encode("utf-8", $newGloss);
if (length($x) && $x ne $gloss->{gloss}) {

  my $ans = $self->post("gloss/$offset", 
                gloss => decode("utf-8",$newGloss));
  if ($ans) {
      // ...	

else {
  $self->INFO("Nothing changed!");

If someone knows any good solution, I am grateful!

Microsof's Visual Studio Code editor


Did you see that the brand new code editor just released by Microsoft (https://code.visualstudio.com) ships with the Perl 6 syntax support?



Mini CPAN PR Challenge Distros available in NYC Perl Hackathon 2015 Wiki

As promised here is the list of CPAN distributions for the Mini CPAN PR Challenge at the
NYC Perl Hackathon 2015.

Mini CPAN Pull Request Challenge Distros

If you are attending the hackathon and participating in the challenge please add yourself to the wiki page as a participant.

QA Hackathon 2015 and PAUSE on Plack

At the previous QA hackathons, I spent most of my time on improving various aspects of CPANTS. However, I usually couldn't see what I implemented there online, because it takes about a day to analyze everything. All I could do was to start the analyzer before I fly back and confirm the result at home.

This year, things went differently for me. I spent three days on porting PAUSE Web UI using Plack toolkit, and was able to actually see the result there.

Why ported?

[RANT] Apparently I don't know "localisation"..

..because I didn't include mysql utf8 cruft in a connection string in something.

Thing is, I've done tonnes of localisation, from parsing named entities in german, to dealing with misconfigured mysql databases, localising currency, numbers and dates to dealing with special cases of greek capitalisation in pattern matching.

So for future reference, if you're relying on connection strings client side, you're doing it wrong - that's brittle and will eventually fuck up when somebody forgets to do it or uses a dodgy my.cnf - instead force it at server side and don't risk messed up encoding : http://blog.oneiroi.co.uk/mysql/mysql-forcing-utf-8-compliance-for-all-connections/

You're welcome

You Too Can Hack on MetaCPAN at the 2015 New York Perl Hackathon

I'm happy to say that I'll be participating in the 2015 New York Perl Hackathon. I'd like to thank Bloomberg, L.P. for sponsoring me so that I can attend this event.

While I'm at the hackathon, I hope to continue my work on MetaCPAN as I did at the QA Hackathon one week ago. I've put together a list of possible MetaCPAN projects. If anyone would like to take on any of these projects, feel free to get in touch with me in advance if you have any questions on what might be involved with any of these proposals.

I'll also be available to help out with things which aren't MetaCPAN-related: Perl, Git, GitHub, etc. There's more general information at the hackathon wiki.

I will, of course, report back on my progress at the hackathon after the event has taken place. I'm looking forward to a productive day of hacking with a group of smart, motivated people.

German Perlworkshop 2015 - next week

The German Perlworkshop takes place next week, Wednesday to Friday, May 6th - 8th, 2015 in Dresden, Germany.

Hurry now while stocks last!

Schedule: http://act.yapc.eu/gpw2015/schedule

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