Test failures in File::LibMagic

My June assignment for the CPAN Pull Request Challenge was File::LibMagic. The module had 50 FAIL reports at CPAN Testers, so I decided to start from them.

You're not too late for the CPAN Pull Request Challenge

The CPAN Pull Request Challenge has now been running for half a year. Hundreds of people have done pull requests on CPAN distributions. Many have fallen by the wayside, as life and other distractions caught up with them, but more than 50 are still in the game. If you haven't tried it yet, it's not too late — you can sign up any time before 31st December.

a perl5 to Java compiler - work in progress

I've been adding support for Java in Perlito5 in the last few days.

This is what it does so far:

Simple and efficient formatting of relative date/time using Time::Moment

swat - Simple Web Application Test ( Tool )

As devops I update a dozens of web application weekly, sometimes I just have no time sitting and wait while dev guys or QA team ensure that deploy is fine and nothing breaks on the road. So I need a tool to run smoke tests against web applications. Not tool only, but the way to create such a tests from the scratch in way easy and fast enough. So this how I came up with the idea of swat.

Keywords - perl, curl, Test::More, TAP, prove, bash

The Seven Steps to Perl Mastery by Tom Christiansen

(Reposted - originally by Tom Christiansen, preserved by Ilya Chelpanov at http://i72.narod.ru/perl-mastery.html, reposted here for convenience and posterity.)

The Seven Steps to Perl Mastery
by Tom Christiansen.

A Perl Novice ...
- Thinks CGI and Perl are interchangeable terms.
- Still thinks Perl looks like bad C code viewed over a noisy modem.
- Is insecure about the concept of dollar signs and at signs.
- Thinks Perl should be more like sh or tcl.
- Has heard of the `` Unix mindset '', but hopes it's a treatable condition.
- Can not figure out how to read input from the keyboard.
- Thinks regular expressions are somebody cursing.
- Wonders why no one can give him a straight answer about whether Perl is
compiled or interpreted.

Perl in Universities

A very late comment on a small portion of Brian's remarks to Dave's thoughts on recruitment in December. In a blow to my work productivity, I can now login again so I'll clear out some of the drafts I've had hanging around. I don't need to know why I can now or couldn't before. The Truth is I had real work to do and the Universe was telling me to focus. Collateral damage is unavoidable.

In this post, I make short, tangentially relevant comments on why grabbing Perl mindshare is important and a couple of ways for sneaking it into universities through the back door.

I have no explanation for this
I'm a little concerned that the We have enough is bordering on the complacent. I'm not sure how many exciting COBOL projects are out there. There are enough COBOL programmers and they are paid well, but you'll need a hobby to make life interesting.
- quote from December's draft. Maybe you can enlighten me on what I was thinking.

blogs.perl.org... Perl's Death by 1,000 Cuts

Just trying to log into blogs.perl.org to comment on David Mertens' PDL features I'd like to see in Perl 6 was a huge pain in the ass... in fact just getting the login to work for this was also but I won't go there.

Imagine how many would-be contributors have been turned off by what is described below.

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