PRC 2016 - Second Trimester

This second semester got me modules owned by well known community members. I expected that to make my life easier, namely to prepare more relevant PRs, but unfortunately it did not work that way.

For April, I got Dist::Zilla. My PR was the documentation of 'Dist::Zilla::App::Tester', but I never got any comment:

For May, I got WWW::xkcd. For this I could get an answer about what might be a relevant PR. I added a method to fetch random comic strips. I even got some comments, an…

PRC 2016 - First Three Months

As last year I was unable to post every month about the Pull Request Challenge assignments, I decided that this year I would try to post updates every three months.

So, for the first month, I got WebInject. The PR was not huge. Just a contribution to add a README file to the distribution. As the author did not want to update the README and the POD, the PR was changed in order to generate the README from the POD. This PR was then merged. Yay, first month complete.

For February, I got IRI. I got confused about what IRI was, but then the problem was finding something where to hel…



In the last week, as a result of YAPC::EU::2015, the main website for the `Portuguese Perl Mongers' (a free translation of the association name) has been rewritten by Nuno "smash" Carvalho, in Perl 6, to generate (static) web content. It still has its perks, but it mostly working.

In order to not be just waiting for Nuno's work, I've been writing some artic…

CPAN PRC: July is Data::Dump

For July, the CPAN Pull Request Challenge assigned me Data::Dump. Better than the pull request itself, this assignment was great to know Data::Dump, as I have never see it before.

For the PR, I tried to read user complains, and one suggestion was to keep UTF-8 intact when dumping to a stream that is utf-8 aware. I created a basic PR, so illustrate a possible solution. Unfortunately, as on most of the previous months, I did not receive any feedback yet. But the pull request is there, ready for comments or to be merged.

CPAN PR-Challenge: June Report

I know this is getting a lame excuse. But with lack of time, the patch I had time to prepare this month is, again, small. It is mostly some extra tests:

But better few than nothing...