Language Identification, Neural Networks and Perl

I will not write much, but just would like to let you know there is a new Perl module for Language Identification (Lingua::Identifier). It uses a neural network for the task (read this for details), with Math::Matrix::MaybeGSL, that will use Math::MatrixReal or Math::GSL::Matrix if it is installed. An extended version of the paper is being reviewed, and therefore I am not allowed to publish it here.

Storable-like Modules

I need to store some big matrices (Math::MatrixReal objects) to be released on a module that will need to load them every time it is loaded. Therefore, the save time is not important, but I need fast loading. Also, it would be nice if the format would be kind of compressed (zlib or any other). Finally, and less important, it would be also nice if the format, in case it is binary, is platform independent.

Every time I needed something like this I used Storable and/or Data::Dumper. What other interesting options are out there?

Pod Outline

I just found out I needed a tool to printout the outline of a POD file (its section structure) in order to study its conceptual structure, and notice if I need to change sections depths or just move them around.

I installed Pod::Outline but it seems it is something else.

So I put my hands on work, and wrote this:
I know it has many ways to fail, but will work on most normal cases, and is being already useful.

Hope it can be useful for some of you, too.

Dancer::Plugin::Database and Dancer2::Plugin::Database

Not sure if you already noticed that Dancer2 is already on CPAN. It is usable and in fact I know some people using it in production.

Unlike other modules that just evolved until a version 2, the Dancer team decided that Dancer2 will be a different module, and Dancer (version 1) will continue to be maintained. I do not want to discuss on whether this decision is good or bad, but it was a decision.

Now, Plugins for Dancer and Dancer2 are different. In one hand it makes it easier to write plugins for each of the Dancer versions. At the other hand, it makes it more difficult to ha…

About the Grants Committee

As some of you probably noticed, from my post in TPF blog, there were no grant proposals in the last six months. I am not sure how to interpret this lack of interest in grants. But there are some ideas that come to my head:

  • People do not need money :-)

  • People prefer to do things by themselves, without any schedule or pressure;

  • Nobody uses Perl anymore

  • Everything Perl needs is already on CPAN

  • The maximum amount of a grant ($3000…