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Are the new Perl features worth anything?

Yes, the title is provocative. That's my idea. Now that I captured your attention, let me explain what's going on. I have a project, Quiki, that is requiring Perl 5.10. This because I use the given/when construct.

Meanwhile we received a bug report from Adam Kennedy asking to back port the project to Perl 5.8.8 because there are some Linux distributions that still use it. Note, I am not against this request from Adam. I totally understand it, and I am willing to help, back porting Quiki. But this makes me think. If Perl 5.10 is dated from D…

YAPC::EU::2010 - Second Afternoon

The second afternoon of YAPC::EU::2010 in Pisa was dedicated to the following talks:

  • The Perl6 in the real world talk, by Moritz Lenz had, at much, two or three slides or Perl. These 20 minutes reminded me of physics classes. Not much detail was given to the module internals.The presentation ended up with a good question from the audience: why Perl 6? with the answer, "because I like it", and because of the Perl 6 introspection mechanisms needed to calculate the dependencies. After talking in IRC with Moritz he shown me the abstract of his talk, which made me rewrite t…
  • YAPC::EU::2010 - Second Morning

    My second morning at YAPC::EU::2010 wasn't very productive. I went to one presentation, and got sick during the coffee break (something wrong with the breakfast, I would say). I went to the bedroom to rest, and got back during the afternoon.

    The only talk I've watched was Graphic visualization - there is a life after GD and GD::Graph‎. Uwe was kind of nervous as it was his first English talk. That was easy to notice, as he even did not remember correctly the slide order. That's the speakers life.

    Regarding content, he talked mostly on four technologies: GD and GD::Graph, Cha…

    YAPC::EU::2010 - First Afternoon

    Following the idea of previous post, I would like to write here some thoughts about the talks I went to this afternoon, at YAPC::EU::2010.

  • My afternoon started with a talk by Paul Johnson on software quality. It resembled me an article I've written about the Perl community initiatives to help code validation. By the way, I expect to make that article public very soon. Paul is a great speaker, and touched some interesting items that programmers should take in mind when writing code (not necessarily Perl).

  • Followed a talk by Carl Masak on Perl 6. It was much…
  • YAPC::EU::2010 - First Morning

    I am at YAPC::EU::2010 and I would like to congratulate the Italian organization. Everything is going smoothly. Just a few itches (like the fact of the chairs not being comfortable to be more than half an hour listening to somebody).

    For now I watched two presentations:

    • Larry Wall and the state of the onion was fun. Larry had his conscience represented by his wife (Glória) and one of his sons? (not sure). Unfortunately it was not easy to understand by non-native English speakers, as the talk was more talk and slides. Nevertheless, a keynote by Larry is, always, …

    Benchmarking perl 5 and perl 6: part I - loading overhead

    I know rakudo star is in its first releases. But it helps if we can start looking to it as a complete tool instead of a prototype, or we will never get out of the prototype.

    Therefore, I decided to perform a simple test: run the usual "hello world" program from the command line, both with Perl 5 and Perl 6. After a bunch of runs, the average measures are:

    $time perl -E 'say "hello"'
    real 0m0.009s
    user 0m0.004s
    sys 0m0.005s

    $ time perl6 -e 'say "hello"'
    real 0m1.163s
    user 0m0.982s
    sys …

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