Does anybody know Matthias Nutt?

Once in a while, I search the web for Perl/Tk. I'm always happy to find some old jewels. This time, it was keen little rabbit ears, which is a simple ear training program for Linux and Windows. It has a Perl/Tk GUI and comes with good installation instructions.

You can find it here: Keen little rabbit ears.



Did you know that there is a short sound played when you install Win32::MultiMedia::Joystick?

I knew the song, but I had to search a bit. Interestingly, I even had to search the module itself on metacpan ( doesn't provide it as search result). While searching for the song, I realized that I have no program that searches for a short WAV file in a set of MP3 files.

Does anyone has such a piece of code?

Games in Perl/Tk


I found an old Tetris-like game on backpan: Petris. It was written by Mark Summerfield around 1998/1999 or so. Out of curiosity I tried to get it to work. After the installation of Tk::MesgBox, a module which I only found on backpan it worked quite fine.
I was pleased to see that thi…