What could a reddit bot do with feedback?

David Farrell is conducting some Reddit experiments with his Perly::Bot. Through the _perly_bot user, he automagically injects things into the Perl subreddit, making a bit more like a feed aggregator. But that's just a start.

I like reddit because it allows for casual feedback, either up or down (unlike Likes). Some of that information could feed back into the bot. If someone's entries in blogs.perl.org, for instance, are consistently dis…

CPAN Cleaning Day 2457044: Compiler::Lexer

In my quest to clean up my CPAN distributions and to normalize them, I've been working on CPAN::Critic, my unreleased tool that looks at my directory and complains about things I don't like. That's going nicely for the most part, but I ran into a small problem that's taken me down a bit of a rabbit hole of C++. All this in the same week I wrote a Python program.

I want to check that the minimum version of Perl the code requires is the same as the /var/www/users/brian_d_foy/index.html

What should be in a CPAN distro README?

Most of my READMEs are lame. I have stuff that no one will really ever use. As I'm cleaning up my distros, I starting thinking about what should be in there. To do that, I have to think about the people who would read such a thing.

A long time ago in an internet far, far away, READMEs were small documents that you could inspect before you committed to the full download. After that, we neglected them for a long time. Then GitHub started formatting them, so now they are interesting again.

But who would read them?

Some people turn the embedded module documen…

My CPAN Cleaning, Day 2457034.500000

I've been playing with the Makefile.PL modulino idea this week as part of my CPAN cleaning. It's dangerous to have so much fun because I'll keep working on it. Someone might need to take my GitHub away.

Before I go on, I'm disappointed to report that the green boxes in my GitHub activity are relative to me. I was happy to make dark green boxes each day this month, showing the highest level of commit(ment)s. But then I made a few chan…

CPAN Cleaning Day 2457027: Changes and README

I spent another day of prosaic adjustments to my CPAN distributions. For quite awhile the chaos of the Changes and README files have bothered me, so I wanted to think about those. And, many of the files I scheduled for deletion disappeared from PAUSE today.

I'd like Changes to have structured information that a program can turn into a data structure (and query, such as "What version fixed GitHub issue #137?". We don't quite have that, but there is the start of a specification in CPAN::Changes::Spec a…