A smaller, faster, more agile Perl

I've been working on a secret project lately, and I wasn't quite sure it was going work out. Most forks of Perl don't, but because they try to go bigger. I needed something that went smaller. Miniperl and microperl, both parts of the core distribution, weren't enough.

It started with a customer who wanted to limit what could happen, but the Safe compartments weren't sufficient to limit that. I had advised against Perl for this situation, but they were adamant that it had to be Perl. So, I and some of their programmers set about removin…

New Perl content on O'Reilly Programming

Sinan Ünür and I have started writing for O'Reilly Programming. I can't speak for Sinan, who has been doing more technically-oriented articles, but I'm taking suggestions for softer topics.

My first article was CPAN's social continuity of code.

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On Readability

I don't think syntax has much to do with readability. Joel Berger posted his thought on a Perl versus Python matchup, but I think that falls into the same trap that most of these arguments do. If we're stuck at the level of syntax, we're really not very good programmers. I don't think any of us choose a language based on the syntax, but that's all we seem to fight about in the comparisons.

I've had the good fortune to have many excellent programmers, and none of the peopl…

Don't Compare Percentages (use.perl.org blast from the past)

[I wrote this for use.perl.org in 2006, but I keep looking for it at the beginning of each year as numeric illiterates try to do the same flawed analysis to prove something about programming languages in the last year (this year it's Andrew Binstock at DDJ). I'm adding it to blogs.perl.org in case use.perl.org (now read only) suddenly disappears.]

sigzero recently asked ="http://use.perl.org/use.pe…

The 2013 White Camels

The White Camel Awards recognize outstanding, non-technical achievement in Perl. Started in 1999 by Perl mongers and later merged with The Perl Foundation, the awards committee selects three names …