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YAPC Achievements

Want to make YAPC a game? Want elite points for doing things at YAPC? Want to be the person to give out the points?

JT Smith was at the Windy City Perl Mongers last night giving his The Game Crafter talk as an exemplar of the talks he wants at YAPC in Madison. It's more about his application of Perl to one of his businesses than just explaining another module or framework.

After the talk when JT and I were headed back uptown, we started talking about achievements for YAPC. You do somet…

Perl classes after YAPC::EU at Kloster Eberbach

If you're going to YAPC::EU, why not take another couple days for a Perl class as Kloster Eberbach? You might have already seen this Cistercian abby in The Name of the Rose with Sean Connery (and a very young Christian Slater).

I've taught Perl classes there as part of Big Nerd Ranch, although this class would be an independent offering in the same model. You spend three or four days onsite, with room and all meals provided. In the middle of the day, we stop the class to take an easy hike in the …

Submit your OSCON proposals this week

OSCON Call for Participation ends a bit earlier this year. You have until 11:59PM PST on January 12 to get your proposal in.

I have some advice I've given in previous years that's still good this year:

We're always interested in new subjects and new speakers. If you're a bit nervous about giving a talk at OSCON, you can try out a talk at YAPC::NA in Madi…

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