YAPC Achievements

Want to make YAPC a game? Want elite points for doing things at YAPC? Want to be the person to give out the points?

JT Smith was at the Windy City Perl Mongers last night giving his The Game Crafter talk as an exemplar of the talks he wants at YAPC in Madison. It's more about his application of Perl to one of his businesses than just explaining another module or framework.

After the talk when JT and I were headed back uptown, we started talking about achievements for YAPC. You do something and you get some sort of recognition. That might be for giving a talk, showing up at the keynote, donating money, talking to Schwern, posting a picture of YAPC on Twitter, and all sorts of other things.

The trick however, is to find the capacity to implement all the ideas. Someone must already have implemented something close.

Yanick already has perl achievements (although it's not on CPAN, wtf Yanick? :)

QR codes are one of the big things at YAPC this year. I wonder if someone could combine the two. You access the URL, which identifies your scanning device somehow, and it activates the right achievement.

It would really be nice to integrate this into Act so you can have trans-YAPC achievements and so on, but hey, baby steps.

This is actually something I would like to do, but JT has me working on another big project for YAPC, and this year is all about focus.

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Heh. To my defence, I didn't push it to CPAN because the code is very, very alpha. And stubby. And without documentation. But if there is a demand, and it seems there is, I'll gladly push it this week-end. :-)

Oh, and for giggles, the genesis of the thing started at http://babyl.dyndns.org/techblog/entry/perl-achievements

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