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Mobrater and White Camel Nominations

I'm looking for nominations for the 2013 White Camel Awards, and this year I'm using MobRater, a PlainBlack service, to get those nominations at're looking for people who have made significant non-technical contributions to Perl and the Perl community. We typically divide that up into user groups, community, and advocacy, although the categories are a bit squishy.

Us using MobRater doesn't mean that th…

My Catincan funded cpan(1) fastest mirror enhancement

I've completed the cpan(1) fastest mirror enhancement I described in Perl in Catincan, an open source crowd funding proposal. I wanted to test this new crowd-funding system on something small. Everything worked out and "Perl" is the first project to have a fully funded feature implemented. There were some bumps because I was the first, but once I sent in my bank details, I had the money in a day. The code stuff is done, and once releases a few things in my pull…

Deprecated modules warn when they are used

chris fedde asks How do we know when a CORE module is deprecated?. I don't know what was there originally, but it set off a lot of fingerpointing and posturing, and nobody answered the Perl question for the rest of the universe that finds it that post through Google!

perlpolicy says

As of Perl 5.12, deprecated features and modules warn the user as they're used.…

What would Psychic::Ninja do?

I have the Psychic::Ninja namespace. I was making a new GitHub repository, and GitHub suggested that name. I took it, but I had no idea what to do with it. I created a distribution that doesn't do anything.

I've been thinking about what a psychic ninja would actually do. He'd be a highly skilled worker who gets your work done without you knowing he did it, and he'd do it before you knew you wanted it done. If a psychic ninja was your gardener, you'd never know that gras…

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