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PrettyDump's European Tour

As part of a travel grant from The Perl Foundation, I was able to adjust a trip to visit, the French Perl Workshop, and

Perl 6 at the Alpine Perl 6

Reverse installing CPAN, at the Polish Perl Workshop

My Polish Perl Workshop talk on taking an existing Perl installation and creating a CPAN-like repository that would create it.

My Frozen Perl 2011 Keynote

I've uploaded the slides for my Frozen Perl 2011 keynote, in which I answer one part of the question "What are five things I hate about Perl?"


I've uploaded my Mastering Perl slides to the OSCON website.

I've uploaded my Mastering Perl tutorial slides to the OSCON website.

Our first Effective Perl talks

At Frozen Perl 2010, Josh and I gave our first talks based on Effective Perl Programming, 2nd Edition.

I gave a day-long master class as the first version of what we are turning into a full training course. I covered regexes, Unicode, pack, advanced subroutines, and tricks with filehandles. Each of those sections covered most of the material from those chapters in the book, and during the course I picked up even more tricks that we'll add to the ="http://www.effectiveperlprog…

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user-pic I'm the author of Mastering Perl, and the co-author of Learning Perl (6th Edition), Intermediate Perl, Programming Perl (4th Edition) and Effective Perl Programming (2nd Edition).