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PrettyDump's European Tour

As part of a travel grant from The Perl Foundation, I was able to adjust a trip to visit, the French Perl Workshop, and

Kickstart Learning Perl 6!

I need everyone's help! Perl 6 had its Christmas release, it's mostly easy to install now, and the language is stable enough that something I write this year will most likely be true next year. O'Reilly wants to publish it and we already have a mock-up of a cover. I want to write this book but I need some financial space to make it possible.


Perl 6 at the Alpine Perl 6

Perl 6 on FLOSS Weekly

FLOSS Weekly's Randal Schwartz interviews Patrick Michaud about Perl 6

How to write about Perl 6

YAPC::EU is about the Renaissance of Perl (although Eddie Izzard wonders why the Italians gave the real one a French name), and like the original, that's the time for an explosion of information and exchange of that information.

I have a few suggestions for people who want to promote Perl 6 by writing or speaking about it. I've had these complaints about Perl 6 articles people wanted to put into The Perl Review, but from the summer conferences this year I've been hearing the same complaints from other people. I've also had these same complaints about my own Perl 6 talks (which …

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