Test::More: Clearing up some confusion

I want to clear up some confusion about the Test::Stream/Test::Builder work.

I will try to be as clear and concise as possible:

  • Test::More is not changing in any significant way.
  • Nothing is being removed from Test::More.
  • Nothing is being added to Test::More.
  • There are no changes to Test::More::is()
  • Test::More::cmp_ok() is not being removed
  • Test::More is not breaking.

There has been a lot of FUD about this lately, I don't think any of it was malicious, but rather due to a misunderstanding. …

Test::Stream: Have your cake and eat it too!

*** UPDATE ***

After this was written I received feedback from several respected members of the community alerting me to the problems that could be caused by is() *guessing* if it should be comparing numbers or strings. After hearing this feedback I agreed that the behavior constituted a bug, and one serious enough to alter the behavior post release. Test::Stream was marked *stable* recently enough that the change should not impact very many people, if in fact any.

The latest version of Test::Stream on CPAN no longer guesses if it is given a number vs a st…

Test::Stream going stable

Test-Stream, the intended successor of Test-Simple (Test::Builder, Test::More), is moving out of the experimental phase. The experimental notice has been removed from all but a couple modules in the distribution. Now is a good time to start writing new testing tools using Test-Streams capabilities.

What does this mean for Test::More, Test::Builder or my existing test tools?
At the moment it means very little. Test::Builder is still around, and not going anywhere any time soon. At the moment …

Exodist @ perl-qa 2015

I am finally home from the perl-qa hackathon in Berlin. For me personally I consider this hackathon a huge success. I think many things happened at this hackathon that will propel the perl5 ecosystem forward.

Before diving into details, I want to thank my employer, DreamHost for sponsoring my attendance at the hackathon, they paid for my travel and hotel. DreamHost also went a step further by providing the perl-qa group with a dreamcompute account we were able to use to do smoke testing among other things.

So, what did I accomplish at the ha…

Test::More in serious need of review, be afraid!

Do you want Test-* to be released with only one pair of eyes spending any significant time looking at it? No? Me either!

This blog post is a cry out for review. Test-Builder/More/Simple are being seriously reworked. From my perspective as the author of these changes everything looks fine, but that is just one set of eyes.

How can you help?