Test-Simple, Test-More, and Test-Builder. What is breaking? Should I be scared?

Whats breaking? Much less than you might expect, but more than I had hoped.

That about sums it up! (Just kidding.) But in all seriousness, PLEASE TEST YOUR CODE!. Please install the trial releases of Test-Simple, try building your dependency chains against it! Please also try your non-cpan code against it. There has been plenty of warning, and you still have almost 3 months to file bug reports.

Test-Simple, updated release plan

After talking with the toolchain, and Ricardo Signes, a new Test-Simple release plan has been made. The Test-Simple release will sync up with blead and the 5.22.0 release (well, kind of).

This is the perl release schedule:

  • 2015-01-20 5.21.8 Contentious changes freeze

  • 2015-02-20 5.21.9 User-visible changes freeze

  • 2015-03-20 5.21.10 Full code freeze

  • 2015-05-20 5.22.0 Stable release!

We settled on 2015-03-19 as the Test-Simple release date. The idea is to …

Test-Simple release plan

Unless something comes up, I plan to release the new Test-Simple, with refactored and new internals, on Saturday January 10'th.


This trial version has been on cpan since December 28'th. No issues have been reported against this trial version. Assuming that does not change I will re-release it as stable. Now is absolutely the time to check your code against this new version.

The goal from the start has been to maintain compatibility as much as possible. …

Test-Simple Release-Candidates

This is an update to the ongoing efforts to update Test-Builder. At this point the updates have been merged into blead, that means the new Test-Simple will be part of perl-5.22, barring any significant reasons to remove it. This post is to provide details you should probably know.

The changes have entered the release-candidate stage. The plan at the moment is to go stable if we have an entire blead-cycle without any significant changes needed. What constitutes a significant change? This is a grey area, obviously documentation, version number, and error message typo fixes are not signi…

The new Test::Builder - "Why?"

Lately there has been a buzz of activity in the Test-More project (Test::More, Test::Simple, Test::Builder). In fact, it is safe to say that very little code has gone untouched in this process. We are currently on the 34th alpha release of the new Test::Builder, and I wanted to take a moment to discuss the things that are happening!

This is the first of several blog posts that will cover the changes to Test::Builder. This one covers the "why".

Why are things changing? The simple answer of course is "Testing". A more helpful answer is this: Test::Bui…