Exodist @ perl-qa 2015

I am finally home from the perl-qa hackathon in Berlin. For me personally I consider this hackathon a huge success. I think many things happened at this hackathon that will propel the perl5 ecosystem forward.

Before diving into details, I want to thank my employer, DreamHost for sponsoring my attendance at the hackathon, they paid for my travel and hotel. DreamHost also went a step further by providing the perl-qa group with a dreamcompute account we were able to use to do smoke testing among other things.

So, what did I accomplish at the ha…

Test::More in serious need of review, be afraid!

Do you want Test-* to be released with only one pair of eyes spending any significant time looking at it? No? Me either!

This blog post is a cry out for review. Test-Builder/More/Simple are being seriously reworked. From my perspective as the author of these changes everything looks fine, but that is just one set of eyes.

How can you help?

Test-More status update

The new Test-More stuff will NOT be part of 5.22 as originally planned. Instead the latest stable with ship with 5.22. The reason for this is a perl-qa consensus about a design decision that should be changed.

Back when performance was a problem I tried out using array based objects instead of hash base ones. In profiling, the object system was one of the big time eaters. While I changed the base to arrays I also changed how the accessors were built, and how some other parts of the objects worked. In the end my profiling showed huge improvements. Unfortunately I failed to measure the…

Test-Simple, Test-More, and Test-Builder. What is breaking? Should I be scared?

Whats breaking? Much less than you might expect, but more than I had hoped.

That about sums it up! (Just kidding.) But in all seriousness, PLEASE TEST YOUR CODE!. Please install the trial releases of Test-Simple, try building your dependency chains against it! Please also try your non-cpan code against it. There has been plenty of warning, and you still have almost 3 months to file bug reports.

Test-Simple, updated release plan

After talking with the toolchain, and Ricardo Signes, a new Test-Simple release plan has been made. The Test-Simple release will sync up with blead and the 5.22.0 release (well, kind of).

This is the perl release schedule:

  • 2015-01-20 5.21.8 Contentious changes freeze

  • 2015-02-20 5.21.9 User-visible changes freeze

  • 2015-03-20 5.21.10 Full code freeze

  • 2015-05-20 5.22.0 Stable release!

We settled on 2015-03-19 as the Test-Simple release date. The idea is to …