Test-Simple Release-Candidates

This is an update to the ongoing efforts to update Test-Builder. At this point the updates have been merged into blead, that means the new Test-Simple will be part of perl-5.22, barring any significant reasons to remove it. This post is to provide details you should probably know.

The changes have entered the release-candidate stage. The plan at the moment is to go stable if we have an entire blead-cycle without any significant changes needed. What constitutes a significant change? This is a grey area, obviously documentation, version number, and error message typo fixes are not signi…

The new Test::Builder - "Why?"

Lately there has been a buzz of activity in the Test-More project (Test::More, Test::Simple, Test::Builder). In fact, it is safe to say that very little code has gone untouched in this process. We are currently on the 34th alpha release of the new Test::Builder, and I wanted to take a moment to discuss the things that are happening!

This is the first of several blog posts that will cover the changes to Test::Builder. This one covers the "why".

Why are things changing? The simple answer of course is "Testing". A more helpful answer is this: Test::Bui…

Changes to Test::Builder/More/Simple incoming

A couple months back Schwern handed me the keys to Test::Builder and friends. Initially I planned to try and knock out little bugs and simply maintain stability... That plan failed and I ended up spending a lot of time giving it a major overhaul for a feature Schwern and I agreed would be very nice. Result Streaming. This was further prompted by a minor change to a specific diagnostic message that resulted in breaking fragile tests written with Test::Builder ::Tester, which frankly, has seen better days. THERE IS A BETTER WAY!

I have just released an ="https://metacpan.org/rele…

Test::More - New Maintainer, Also stop version checking!

This post is to announce two things:

1) I am the new maintainer for Test::More. Schwern and I got together this morning to move it to a github organization, Test-More, at https://github.com/orgs/Test-More/. We are working on getting the repository into a decent state. You will need to update your links, repo remotes, etc. https://github.com/Test-More/test-more/

2) Test::More 1.5 is suspended indefinitely. Regular Test::More will eventually reach the point where it will hit version 1.5.0, at this point the version will collide with the 1.5 experiment. There is probably *A LOT*…

Fennec V2.x - Testing made better

Fennec is a testing framework on top of Test::Builder, one that reduces boilerplate, and solves many of the limitations of vanilla Test::More. It addresses issues such as forking during tests, breaking tests into smaller parts, test-group isolation (state leaks), and mocking. With Fennec in your unit tests, testing becomes a much more enjoyable experience.

A while back I needed to create a presentation for promoting Fennec. That presentation can be found here and covers most of what makes Fennec so great. It even includes a javascript /var/www/users/chad_exodist_granum/index.html