Patreon and Perl

Once upon a time there was Gittip that became Gratipay that got shut down. Several Perl developers had account there and many got contributions through that platform.

A few days ago I've started to use Patreon that allows people to support each other on a monthly basis. (Or per creation.)

Searching for perl shows lots of unrelated entries. So it won't be easy to find other people contributing to Perl or writing about Perl.

This is my account: ="…

Bailador documentation

The documentation of Bailador was updated. It looks much better now.

Blog engine in Perl 6

I've started to build a blog engine in Perl 6 using the Bailador web framework. Primarily as an example for the Bailador book, but if it works well it might even be used as a replacement for the blog engine running

If you are interested, follow the GitHub project. If you'd like to help with the development, let me know, and I'll invite you to the Bailador Sl…

Google juice

I find it such a pity that after so many years of work on MetaCPAN by so many contributors it still accounts to 27.3% only of the total CPAN traffic.

Maybe if more people were linking to pages of MetaCPAN from their own blogs in the relevant context.

For example if you write about databases and Perl you could link to the Perl DBI for Database Access. When you talk about AJAX and JSON, y…

Perl Blaster - get selected videos in your inbox

A long long time ago I've set up a web site called Perl TV where I used to collect Perl-related videos. It is now on the move and soon it will be integrated in the recently created Code And Talk site.

That's where you can find videos from Open Source related conferences.

This time however, instead of just having a site with videos, I've also create blasters. Each blaster is a newsletter in which you'll get curated, topic-specific videos.

So far there are two such blasters:

The ="htt…