Single-page POD for a distribution

I often find myself going back-and-forth between POD pages of a single distribution. (e.g. Dancer and Dancer::Cookbook.

Is there a way to get all the PODs of a distribution as a single HTML page?

Link to public version control system (GitHub or otherwise)

You might know one of my pet peeves is to get people to link to the public version control system of their CPAN modules. Earlier I created a few reports, and in the last couple of days I have started to check the most recent modules again.
When I find a module that does not have a link from its META files to its VCS, I try to locate if there is a public VCS at a…

In addition to and I just found out that the domain is also about to expire. As I don't want to pay for these any more I'll let all of these expire.

If you have an idea what to do with any of these domains, please let me know and I'd be glad to transfer the ownership to you instead of letting random people register them after they expire.

perlpolls and perlsurveys

A while ago I've registered and but in the end I have not done anything with them. They are about to expire and I don't intend to renew them. If any of you is interested in these domains, please let me know and I can pass the ownership.

Need IO::Pty help with *BSD/OSX

Recently I encountered an issue with on OSX. I think it is caused by a bug in IO::Pty ( is a subclass of IO::Pty) and thus filed a bug report there. I even created a test-case and released an unofficial version of with a test exposing the problem.