Vagrant Perl Development Environment v1.1.0 released

The Vagrant PDE is a VirtualBox image ready for Perl development with many of the CPAN modules you'd want to use.

  • Upgraded the Operating System to Ubuntu 2015.04

  • Added Rakudo Perl 2015.09

  • Added several Perl Modules

  • Upgraded all the other Perl Modules

If you have never used it, you can follow the instructions for the
Vagrant Perl Development Environment.
If you already have the previous version installed, yo…

Travis-CI and latest version of Perl 5

I just tried to add perl 5.22 to the list of perl I run my tests on, but it seem Travis-CI does not support perl 5.22 yet.

This reminded me that it would be nice if I could configure Travis-CI to use a flag such as 'latest_production' that will always use the latest version of perl available in Travis-CI so when the finally add 5.22 the "latest_production" will automatically pick up that version.

It would be also great to have 'blead' that would use blead perl for testing.

Is any of these possible today?…

Perl Maven facelift and new navigation

The Perl Maven site was just recently updated to use Bootstrap 3 (I know, just in time before version 4 is released.) and it got some new navigation tools:

  • The language links were moved to the right-hand side.

  • Articles that belong to any of the series linked from the front page show a Prev and a Next button.

  • On the left-hand side they will show the list of all the articles that belong to this series.

  • For example you can chec…

    YAPC::EU - over 200 participants

    YAPC::EU Granada has just passed 200 confirmed participants already passing two previous YAPC::EUs and there is still more than a month to go.

    YAPC::NA in Salt Lake City gained more than 100 additional participants in the last 30 days, but they used a PR firm. I wonder if YAPC::EU will also get another 100 people. I try to log the numbers for future reference, but I am not sure how to help the organizers re…

    Has YAPC::NA 2016 been announced?

    I don't seem to remember any blog post here or on TPF. Has the location, time or the organizers of YAPC::NA been announced?