Some new MetaCPAN features

Perlybook integration: Each pod page and each release page now have two additional links to download MOBI and EPUB version of the current pod or the combined pod of the whole distribution.

The CPAN Author dashboard (can be reached from the 'Lab') now lists all of the distributions of the currently logged in CPAN author providing some overview of all the distributions.

The right panel can be now hidden (and then shown again) giving more real-estate for the…

Public 0 is the new Inbox 0

If you visit the Github dashboard you will see two entries in the top left corners. Yours and Public with two numbers. These are the number of pull requests you created (Yours) that other people might merge and the Public is the number of pull requests created by others and waiting for you to handles. Please do so. Public 0 is the new Inbox 0.

One of the best ways to encourage people to contribute more is to respond to their contribution quickly. Merging is of course the best action, but even a comment on how…

Single-page POD for a distribution

I often find myself going back-and-forth between POD pages of a single distribution. (e.g. Dancer and Dancer::Cookbook.

Is there a way to get all the PODs of a distribution as a single HTML page?

Link to public version control system (GitHub or otherwise)

You might know one of my pet peeves is to get people to link to the public version control system of their CPAN modules. Earlier I created a few reports, and in the last couple of days I have started to check the most recent modules again.
When I find a module that does not have a link from its META files to its VCS, I try to locate if there is a public VCS at a…

In addition to and I just found out that the domain is also about to expire. As I don't want to pay for these any more I'll let all of these expire.

If you have an idea what to do with any of these domains, please let me know and I'd be glad to transfer the ownership to you instead of letting random people register them after they expire.