Awesome Perl

An interesting list of awesome-perl.

2015 CPAN Pull request Challenge - collected links

As a minor contribution to the challenge, I've started to collect the links
about the CPAN PRC If something is missing, please send a pull request. (No, that pull request won't count as being part of the challenge :)

The popularity of Perl - 2014

In case you are interested I've published visitor-count numbers of some of the Perl-related sites such as, and

The popularity of Perl in 2014

Web sites with source code for hacking

Once in a while people ask me what open source projects could the contribute to?

I don't mean projects like Bugzilla which is downloaded and run by the end user, but projects like MetaCPAN, or the web site of Rex.

I've started to create a list of web…

Shutting down the Perl Community AdServer

Unfortunately not many people host the code any more, and almost no one from those who might benefit from promoting their stuff there have ever sent me requests to include theirs ads. Therefore I am going to shut down the Perl Community Adserver which was hosted at two URLs: and

I went over the logfile and sent e-mail to every person I could identify who still has the code on their web site.

If you have ever included the adserver on your pages and I have no…