Wish list: SVG to PNG converter

I think once I used Image::LibRSVG to convert images created by SVG to PNG, but now it has 70% test fail rate and I could install it on Mac.

I wish someone saw it as a CPAN challenge, took overt the maintenance of the module and made it easy to install it.

Awesome Perl

An interesting list of awesome-perl.

2015 CPAN Pull request Challenge - collected links

As a minor contribution to the challenge, I've started to collect the links
about the CPAN PRC If something is missing, please send a pull request. (No, that pull request won't count as being part of the challenge :)

The popularity of Perl - 2014

In case you are interested I've published visitor-count numbers of some of the Perl-related sites such as search.cpan.org, metacpan.org and blogs.perl.org:

The popularity of Perl in 2014

Web sites with source code for hacking

Once in a while people ask me what open source projects could the contribute to?

I don't mean projects like Bugzilla which is downloaded and run by the end user, but projects like MetaCPAN, or the web site of Rex.

I've started to create a list of web…