Which CPAN distributions include jquery.js ?

Further playing with the JavaScript based view of CPAN I've added a new page in the lab called files. You can type in a name of a file (e.g jquery.js) and it will list you all the distributions that include this file.

You can also search for directory names such as js or css.


New JavaScript based interface of CPAN

I've started to build a new, JavaScript based interface to CPAN. It uses the MetaCPAN API as its back-end. It is quite at the beginning, but you might already want to take a look at it and give suggestions.

One of the reasons to build this is to provide material for the Web Application Development course I am offering at YAPC::EU. This is a single-page application using jQuery, Handlebars and Kube.

Another reason is to provide a playgro…

I was not at the QA Hackathon

You might be overwhelmed by all the reports about the QA Hackathon. I am impressed and thankful! I just wish each report had a different title :).

I am especially grateful for the people who have collected the posts. It's much easier now than next year when someone will look for justification to attend or sponsor the event!

YAPC::NA master classes updated

There are now 6 courses:
4 1-day courses (From Zero to Perl, Introduction to Moose, Introduction to Go, and Programming the web with Dancer),
A 1/2 day course about Practical Career Development for Perl Developers,
and a 2-day course about front-end development using HTML5/CSS3/JavaScript, Twitter Bootstrap, Handlebars, and AngularJS with some Dancer back-end development.

For details and registration check out the Master classes.

Master classes at YAPC::NA 2015

This is not the official announcement, but I hope the organizers will forgive me for running ahead a bit.

As has been in previous years, there are going to be so called Master classes during the days before and after YAPC::NA. There are currently 4 courses listed. 3 1-day courses and a 2-day course (mine).

I don't know about the others, but for me, it is quite expensive to get to YAPC, and thus I can only afford to visit YAPC and run the course if it covers my expenses.