Perl Blaster - get selected videos in your inbox

A long long time ago I've set up a web site called Perl TV where I used to collect Perl-related videos. It is now on the move and soon it will be integrated in the recently created Code And Talk site.

That's where you can find videos from Open Source related conferences.

This time however, instead of just having a site with videos, I've also create blasters. Each blaster is a newsletter in which you'll get curated, topic-specific videos.

So far there are two such blasters:

The ="htt…

Missing and outdated CPAN modules in Ubuntu (Debian)

Today I tried to set up the Perl Maven site on a fresh Ubuntu/xenial 16.04 using the system-perl. Most of the CPAN modules the site needs could be installed using apt-get, but there were a few that I could not find or that were outdated.

Acme::MetaSyntactic 1.012 not found.
Business::PayPal 0.13 not found.
DBIx::RunSQL 0.12 not found.
Dancer2::Plugin::Passphrase 2.0.5 not found.
Dancer2::Session::Cookie 0 not found.
EBook::MOBI 0 not found.
MetaCPAN::Client 0 not found.
Module::Version 0 not found.
Template 2.25 not found. We have 2.24.

3 interviews about Perl projects

Recently I've started a new interview series published both as videos and as a Podcast.
The first 3 episodes were with Perl developer: Jason Crome on Dancer 2, Sawyer X on Perl 5 Porters, and Joel Berger on Mojolicious

The 4th episode is Tom Hudson on gron that helps making JSON structure grepable.

The Perl Weekly needs you help

There is a new page on the Perl Weekly website listing all the authors.

The problem is that the list of authors is probably not complete and many of the articles that were included in the 4+ years of the newsletter were not tagged with the author. Especially in the first 2 years. So if you have some spare time and would like to help adding the authors to the articles....

All the source code is in ="h…

Perl Maven guest-posts

At the beginning of the year I've sent out a call for authors. It took us a while, but I am happy to report that there are already 3 guest-post from 3 different authors.

  • Marpa for building parsers - a first look by Peter Jaquiery aka GrandFather on PerlMonks
  • How to install Perl modules on FreeBSD by Steve Dickinson
  • Benchmark: Refactoring MD5 calculation in Rex by Ferenc Erki, one of the core developers of…