S.C.O. cloning project - progress report

A week ago I mentioned that I've started to create a clone of search.cpan.org using the MetaCPAN API as back-end. I've also promised to record a series of screencasts explaining the process. Something, that can be very useful if you need to rewrite an application and you can't read the source-code.

Open source clone of search.cpan.org

I have started to write an open source clone of search.cpan.org. In case you are interested, see more details and links in that article. It is currently hosted here. The front-page is already there, but of course most of the parts don't work yet.

I am looking for Derek Price

I tried to get co-maintainer bit for Text::MediawikiFormat, but his e-mail does not get delivered. do you know Derek? Could you help me get in touch with him to become a co-maintainer?

DWIM Perl for Linux - version released

After almost a week of adding more and more modules I've got to the 9th revision of DWIM Perl for Linux.
It explicitly includes more than 400 CPAN modules, but with their dependencies it is probably a lot more. The idea behind this distribution is to make it very fast and easy to get started with Perl. Without learning how to brew perl and how to install CPAN modules. Without fighting external dependencies or some failure in the latest release of a CPAN module.

I need your help to test-drive the distribution and to f…

Some new MetaCPAN features

Perlybook integration: Each pod page and each release page now have two additional links to download MOBI and EPUB version of the current pod or the combined pod of the whole distribution.

The CPAN Author dashboard (can be reached from the 'Lab') now lists all of the distributions of the currently logged in CPAN author providing some overview of all the distributions.

The right panel can be now hidden (and then shown again) giving more real-estate for the…