In addition to and I just found out that the domain is also about to expire. As I don't want to pay for these any more I'll let all of these expire.

If you have an idea what to do with any of these domains, please let me know and I'd be glad to transfer the ownership to you instead of letting random people register them after they expire.

perlpolls and perlsurveys

A while ago I've registered and but in the end I have not done anything with them. They are about to expire and I don't intend to renew them. If any of you is interested in these domains, please let me know and I can pass the ownership.

Need IO::Pty help with *BSD/OSX

Recently I encountered an issue with on OSX. I think it is caused by a bug in IO::Pty ( is a subclass of IO::Pty) and thus filed a bug report there. I even created a test-case and released an unofficial version of with a test exposing the problem.

Perl Training and donation to TPF

Just a few hours ago Dan Wright mentioned that the Perl 5 Core Maintenance Fund of the The Perl Foundation needs donations. (In addition Makoto Nozaki just mentioned that the budget of the grants committee is only $16,000 for 2014.) Let me offer part of my work as a donation. The deal is that if you organize a Perl Training that I teach, I'll transfer half of the profit to /var/www/users/gabor_szabo/index.html

TPF Grants collected data 2010-2014

Yesterday I spent quite a few hours going over the articles published on which resulted in a page listing the status of all the TPF backed grants.

As far as I can understand there are 3 major grant-groups.

The "General TPF Grant" that you hear about from Makoto Nozaki which paid out $2,500 in 2013 and has a $16,000 budget for 2014.

The "Hague Grants" which is mostly for Perl 6, but I think has been deplete…

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