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Perl Tutorial and the Internet

In response to Mithaldu's blog post, How do newbies find Perl learning materials online? Dave Cross, one of the best Perl trainers, have checked out what are the top results when searching for "perl tutorial".

I was very happy to see he thought my Perl tutorial is worth sharing with others.

What do we, Perl programmers, want?

Just thinking aloud about a list of things people using Perl want.

Here is what I want:

  • Get my job done.
  • Be appreciated.
  • Improve my skills while at work.
  • Enjoy my work, make something cool.
  • Get reasonable salary/income.

What do you want?

Written by Gabor Szabo.

YAPCs, Perl workshops and Monger meetings

As I was trying to buy my flight ticket to the London Perl Workshop I thought I look around if there is some other interesting event on the days before or after. Quickly I landed on Eventbrite and found a couple of interesting talks at The RSA.

As I was already at Eventbrite I checked which Perl events are listed there.
To my surprise there are almost no Perl events liste…

Why and how to promote the Perl Weekly newsletter?

The Ironman blogging contest was created to get more of the Perl mongers write about the stuff they are doing. To raise some awareness to new features of Perl, new CPAN modules or just to new ways of programming in Perl.

We also have blogs.perl.org now that provides an easy way for Perl programmers to start a blog. Right in the middle of the "echo chamber".

Having those blogs is a great way to distribute news about Perl but somehow it feels the number of readers has not grown much.

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