Call for volunteers to update OWASP Perl Wiki

Hello Perl Hackers!!

OWASP (Open Web Application Security Project ) is a project that is focused on the visibility of software security and it needs our help updating its wiki entry on Perl related technologies.

Why am I posting this? Well a few months ago OWASP had listed Perl in its list of programming languages but presently Perl has been removed from the listing…

Perl used in an unusual place

Here's an article by New York City-based Perl hacker Jim Keenan on about an unusual place where Perl has been put to good use:

Need Perl6 modules on Windows then use Zef

Lately I have been working on writing some serious Perl 6 so I can discuss and review at the NYC Perl 6 Beginners group in After doing some research I then realize that I need to install additional Perl 6 modules on my Windows machine. In a Rakudo Star installation for Windows you have Panda as your default Perl6 module manager but it doesn't quite work for Windows just yet. In this post I list a few Gotchas while attempting to install HTTP::UserAgent on Windows

NYC Perl 6 Beginners Study Group Session 2

"The future is now thanks to science" - Clemont - Pokemon Trainer and Science Aficionado.

If you are in or around NYC next week then be part of the future. has organized a Perl 6 Beginners Study Group and next week Saturday March 05 2016 is our second group session. Meeting details from official announcement in mailing list:

The second meeting of our New York City Perl 6 study group will be held:

Saturday, March 5, 1:00 - 3:00 pm
41 First Ave
between East 2 and East 3 Streets…

A Travis pull request for Proc::ProcessTable

My pull request challenge assignment for the month of February was Proc::ProcessTable a Perl module to interface with the Unix process table. As you can see from looking at the file via Github this project recently has been moved to Github with the intention of light maintenance with focus on critical fixes made by the community. I was running out of time and I didn't have a linux system to use or test this module so I decided to do something simple like integrating Travis CI.…