Dancer2 0.205001 improves documentation and internals

The Dancer Core team has just released Dancer2 0.205001. This release primarily fixes some documentation issues with a couple of notable exceptions:

  • If HTTP::XSCookies is installed, Dancer2 will check at install time to see if the correct version is installed (Peter Mottram)

  • Dancer2 is now tested by Travis CI on Perl versions 5.22, 5.24, and 5.26, as well as Appveyor (Dave Jacoby)

  • All reference checking under the hood is handled by Ref::Util (Mickey Nasriachi)

We have several new contributors this release. Thanks to Dave Jacoby, Abdullah Diab, Glenn Fowler, and Jonathan Cast for your first patches to Dancer2!

The full changelog follows:

0.205001  2017-07-11 08:03:21-05:00 America/Chicago

* GH #1332: Add check for old version of HTTP::XSCookies (Peter Mottram -
* GH #1336: Fix warnings on 5.10 and below. (Sawyer X)
* GH #1347: Add Perl versions 5.22-5.26 and appveyor to Travis-CI
  configuration (Dave Jacoby)

* GH #1281: Use Ref::Util in Core for all reference checks (Mickey 
* GH #1338: Add message explaining how to run newly-created application
  (Jonathan Cast)

* GH #1334: Fix prefix example in Cookbook (Abdullah Diab)
* GH #1335: Add missing word in request->host docs (Glenn Fowler)
* GH #1337: Fix link in SEE ALSO section of Dancer2::Core::Types (Stefan
  Hornburg - Racke)
* GH #1341: Clarify plugin documentation (Stefan Hornburg - Racke)
* GH #1345, #1351, #1356: Fix password check code example in tutorial
  (Jonathan Cast)
* GH #1355: Fix typo (Gregor Herrmann)

You can find us on at #dancer or the mailing list with any questions. Should you find any problems, please report them on Github.

Happy Dancing! Jason A. Crome / CromeDome

Dancer2 0.205000 improves application speed, deprecates request->dispatch_path

Dancer2 0.205000 is on it’s way to CPAN, and brings with it a number of bug fixes, documentation improvements, and enhancements. The changes with the most potential impact to your existing applications include:

  • Migrating from MooX::Types to Type::Tiny. This will improve the speed of any Dancer2 application automatically.

  • Deprecating request->dispatch_path. This was originally introduced to fix a buggy request->path implementation; fixing request->path caused dispatch_path to incorrectly fail a route match when SCRIPT_NAME was also a prefix of the PATH_INFO. request->path now functions as intended, and is the preferred method of dispatch. request->dispatch_path will throw a warning if used, and will call request->path instead. The method will be removed entirely two releases from now.

  • A new method is being added to Dancer2 applications, prepare_app(). This method will eventually get called automatically when to_app() is invoked. In preparation of this, any application that may already contain a prepare_app() method will complain - loudly - that implementation of this method is coming. Expect to see the final implementation of prepare_app() two releases from now.

Finally, this release saw a large number of community contributions, especially from first-time contributors. The Dancer Core Team is extremely appreciative of the efforts by its users - thanks so much for making Dancer an even better framework!

The full changelog is as follows:

0.205000  2017-03-10 15:37:52-06:00 America/Chicago

* GH #1325: Support multi-value cookies when using HTTP::XSCookies.
  (James Raspass)
* GH #1303: Read configuration options when send_as() creates a new 
  serializer (Paul Williams)
* GH #1290: Properly check buffer length in _read_to_end() (Marketa 
* GH #1322: Deprecate broken request->dispatch_path in favor of 
  request->path. Warn the developer of the deprecation (Russell 
  @veryrusty Jenkins).

* GH #1326: Speed up by using Type::Tiny, again. (Pete SysPete Mottram)
* GH #1318: Add support for the SameSite cookie attribute. (James Raspass)
* GH #1283: Skeleton now provides an example of setting the appdir.
  (Jason Lewis)
* GH #1315: Adjust dist.ini to set "build_requires" for 
  ExtUtils::MakeMaker. (Atoomic)
* GH #1331: Preliminary prepare_app() work (Sawyer X)

* GH #1324: Fix broken link to send_file. (Fabrice Gabolde)
* GH #1311: Typo and link fixes. (Breno G. de Oliveira - @garu)
* GH #1310: Document query string parameters in uri_for. (Michael J South)
* GH #1329: Remove dead code from file upload example (Stefan Hornburg - 
* GH #1256: Additions to migration manual (Daniel Perrett)
* GH #1330: Add middleware examples to scaffolder (David - sbts)

Happy Dancing!

Dancer2 0.204003 fixes missing dependencies, improves error handling

Dancer2 0.204003 is on its way to CPAN now, and provides the following changes:

  • The CPANTS testing service reported that some dependencies for Dancer2 were not specified in the distribution. This has been corrected, and we apologize for any issues this may have caused.
  • When a route exception occurred, Dancer2 would catch the error first, and would prevent any custom exception handling from trapping the exception. There were some ugly hacks for working around this, but this fix puts things right, and lets the exception hook fire first, and then will trap the error.
  • Several changes were made to Dancer2’s Template Toolkit integration, the most significant of which being the removal of the ANYCASE option.
  • Various documentation improvements.

A big thank you to those who contributed to this release and helped get it out the door.

The full changelog is as follows:

0.204003  2017-01-25 15:21:40-06:00 America/Chicago

* GH #1299: Fix missing CPANTS prereqs (Mohammad S. Anwar)

* GH #1249: Improve consistency with Template::Toolkit,
  using correct case for 'include_path', 'stop_tag', 'end_tag',
  and 'start_tag', removing ANYCASE option.
  (Klaus Ita)
* Call route exception hook before logging an error, allowing devs to
  raise their own errors bedore D2 logging takes over. (Andy Beverley)

* Add another example of the delayed asynchronous mechanism
  (Ed @mohawk2 J., Sawyer X)
* GH #1291: Document 'change_session_id' in Dancer2::Core::App.
  (Peter SysPete Mottram)
* Fix typo in Dancer2::Core::Response (Gregorr Herrmann)
* Document Dancer2::Plugin::RootURIFor (Mario Zieschang)

Happy Dancing!

Dancer2 0.204002 is now available, fixes public_dir option, adds plugin convenience

Your early holiday gift from the Dancer Core Team has arrived - Dancer2 0.204002 is on its way to your favorite CPAN mirror. This release provides the following:

  • A fix for public_dir: When using public_dir , Dancer2 now waits for the configuration to be read before deciding where static content should be served from
  • A new plugin helper method, find_plugin(), that lets you import another plugin’s DSL for use in your own custom plugin
  • A variety of documentation fixes and enhancements

Make sure to check out the Dancer Advent Calendar! It features a number of great articles not only from the Dancer Core Team, but a number of our community members too.

The Dancer Core Team would like to thank all of our contributors and community members for another great year. Simply put, you are the reason we keep working hard at Dancer, and we are grateful to have such a great community of users and developers around us. Here’s to a great 2017… Hope you all have a safe and happy holiday season!

Dancer2 0.204001 restores 5.8 support, fixes Test::Perl::Critic dependencies

Dancer2 0.204001 is on its way to a CPAN mirror near you. There are several important updates in this release that are worth noting:

  • Support for Perl 5.8 support has been restored. We used a named capture in a regex in resolving an issue in Dancer2 0.204000 and in the process, made Dancer2 unusable on Perl 5.8. This has been fixed. Thanks veryrusty!

  • Dancer2 0.204000 unintentionally required that Test::Perl::Critic be installed, and that we pass Perl::Critic tests to install properly. This has been reverted. We apologize for the inconvenience.

The full changelog is here:

0.204001  2016-10-17 08:29:00-05:00 America/Chicago

* Restore 5.8 support (fix test which required captures).
  (Russell @veryrusty Jenkins)
* PR #1271: fix wrong regex check against $_ (Mickey Nasriachi)

* GH #1262: Add 'encode_json' and 'decode_json' DSL, which are
  recommended instead of 'to_json' and 'from_json'.
  (Dennis @episodeiv lichtenthäler)

* Fix some typos.(Dennis @episodeiv lichtenthäler)
* GH #1031: Remove D2::Core::Context remnants from docs.
  (Sawyer X)

* GH #1273: Do not require Test::Perl::Critic to install.
  (Dennis lichtenthäler)

Thanks to Dennis @episodeiv Lichtenthäler for contributing to this release.

Happy Dancing!