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spreading perl on multiple level // please help with your codexp

jejky, I got a TPF grant. Even if scheduled it for 7 month, I plan to be ready end of this year. I think it will also appear in the first Module I ever uploaded to CPAN: Perl6::Doc, so you can grok perl 6 too. More info about that on my Perl 6 related blog.

Last week…

I'm now on Slide Share

So far I stored my slides on my homepage. Now that I saw that every speaker at Pisa put his slides on that site. So I simply did too.

Kephra is doing very well. Still 7 or 8 issues to be fixed till 0.5 plus some feature, but we will get there I think before the german perl-community workshop in Frankfurt. We n…

Pisa Résumé

its been a great YAPC, emotionally. Not as many technical talks where really compelling, but lot where really funny. But I met a lot of people I like. martin berends, jnthn and the bunch, finally i met mattia barbon which was also releasing and intresting (our interview will come soon on radio YAPC). I met a lot of germans, larry who tried to talk to me german too. and there were a lot more. great people, great food, wonderfull ice cream, fantastic hostel, great rides. it was the best possible holiday for me now.

my talks were both very well recieved but attended by few. Kephra is now…

croaching Kephra

finally does install under all sane linux systems and will be packaged to become a .deb package. thanks jozef++.

recently i got 3 new ideas what to put into kephra. elastic tabs i cant implement, like MC hammer said it: can`t touch it. an spelling checker will be implemented for me and wil propably become the first real Kephra plugin and an idea by stefan suicu I will implement ASAP because it seems to me helpfull, especially in oop programming. insert the variable from the last line on curso position.

my talk abo…

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