Pisa Résumé

its been a great YAPC, emotionally. Not as many technical talks where really compelling, but lot where really funny. But I met a lot of people I like. martin berends, jnthn and the bunch, finally i met mattia barbon which was also releasing and intresting (our interview will come soon on radio YAPC). I met a lot of germans, larry who tried to talk to me german too. and there were a lot more. great people, great food, wonderfull ice cream, fantastic hostel, great rides. it was the best possible holiday for me now.

my talks were both very well recieved but attended by few. Kephra is now on the verge to really take off and my main message was about th philosophy behind Kephra which is very similar to Perl. another long post about that here later. the second was about Rebol and what can lern Perl from it. at times this was a conversation between larry and me but interesting and fun. one of the major insights was that perl 6 and rebol give the parser they use also to the fingertips of there users. the rules it has IS the typing system of rebol and in perl 6 of course is typing optional, which needs a more complex logic behind the compiler. another big thing is to get a rebolish DSL for Perl 6 to enable a very dense syntax for GUI buidling.

I'm even tempted to write that by myself. i scanned the task a bit while talking with jnthn (zavolaj author), allison (parrot co dev), mattia (wxPerl dev). lets see what comes out of that.

the largest thing was of course my wxperl class. very well recieved in style and content, we skipped from one code example to the next and got in 5+ hours nearly all the stuff you need to write wxperl apps. of course we had breaks and it was a good and open conversation since not that many people came (to all courses). i learned that i have to relax more. people are more forgiving if you really talk with them instead above them. last times i learned to speak louder and prepare better. i think slowly i become a fairly good speaker. my slide could be more pro too (i saw damian :)).


The Rebol talk was sooo interesting. I'm glad you went ahead and did it!

And, hi : )

"i think slowly i become a fairly good speaker"

All it takes is practice :-) You should have seen the first time I spoke in English at a conference... scary...

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