PGVersion: a class to manage PostgreSQL Version (strings) within a Perl 6 Program

As you probably already know, PostgreSQL has changed its versioning number scheme from a `major.major.minor` approach to a concise `major.minor` one. Both are simple enought to be evaluated with a regular expression, but I found myself wrinting the same logic over and over, so I decided to write a minimal class to do the job for me and provide several information.

Oh, and this is Perl 6 (that I'm still learning!).

The idea is to have something like the following working:

use Fluca1978::Utils::PostgreSQL::PGVersion;

for 10.1 11beta1 11.1 9.…

PostgreSQL 11 Server Side Programming - Quick Start Guide

Last week my book PostgreSQL 11 Server Side Programming Quick Start Guide was released.


The book is a Quick Start Guide, that means it goes straight to the point, in this case, programming on the server-side of PostgreSQL.

Why is this related to Perl?
Well, one very cool feature o…

CPAN Pull Request: a little patch for January (and a lot more to learn!)

So I've done a very little (and to some extent very monkey-typing) patch for January.
I was assigned to Test::Pod.
The story of my first fail is here, and a little summary of what has been merged is here.

Reading about Perl

I like to read at least a computer book every 2-3 months, that makes around six books per year. This year was a very unluky one for me, due to family and personal wealth problems and surgeries. However I'm back on the rail of reading computers book again, and Perl is the predominant one this year.

About one-liners

It's not that I don't see the utility for one-liners, it's just my own mindset that seems to prevent me to use them.
On one hand, I often explain to other (non-Perl) developers how useful can be a one liner, but on the other hand I tend not to use them even when I could.