Barcelona Perl Mongers Meetup!

I had the honor to give a talk at Meetup. Perl community rocks as everybody knows; my new friends welcomed me and my family. We felt home, learned new things, enjoyed the nice dinner and it became the most memorable night in Barcelona.

I can't wait to visit Barcelona Perl Workshop.

Slides will be posted once I clean them up.


See you at!

I got a fantastic opportunity to give a talk at meetup in August. I'll speak about The Perl Foundation, focusing on grants and donations. For those who love technical talks as much as I do, there will be three more interesting talks by other Perl Mongers.

I started learning Spanish using Lingua::ES::Numeros. Uno, dos, tres. ¡Buenas tardes a todos!

September grant round started

We have five proposals to review, including the one from July.


This is a Japanese summary of Grants Committee Charter, How to write a proposal and Grant Benefits.

YAPC::Asiaが目の前に迫ってきました。日本のPerl使いの皆様向けにThe Perl Foundation内のGrants Committeeの活動を紹介します。

以前Grants Committee委員の牧から案内がありましたように、Grants CommitteeはPerlの開発に貢献する個人に1万ドルを上限として助成金の交付を行っています。もちろん日本の皆さんも対象で、最近はmoznion氏のPerl::Lintが採択されました。以下に私たちの活動理念と助成金の応募方法を記します。少し長いですがどうぞお付き合いを。

Grants Committeeの紹介

Grants Committeeは米国非営利法人、Perl Foundation内の最大勢力を占める委員会です。

Grantは日本語に翻訳しにくいのですが、助成金委員会とでも申しましょうか。オープンソースの活動は個人が自分の時間を使って無報酬で行われることが多いものの、人間は霞を食べて生きるわけにはいかないため、Perlのプロジェクトを通してPerlの成長に貢献してくださる方にGrants Committeeが助成金を出しています。

委員長は私、野崎が務めています。委員はコミュニティの代表を世界各地から集める方針を取っており、アジア・太平洋地域からは牧大輔とKaren Pauleyが選出されています。その他北米4人、欧州の4人の委員に加え、アジア・北米・欧州からGrant Managerという役職に1名ずつついており計14人の所帯です。



  • 提案の送付(フォーム)。このようなプロジェクトををするのでこれだけの助成をされたい、という内容を送っていただきます。メールアドレスなど個人情報を除き、内容は公開されます。
  • 奇数月の中旬にパブリックコメントを募集し、委員による投票が行われます。
  • 賛成多数で採択。提案に沿って実行していただきます。なお月一度の進捗報告が求められます。
  • 計画達成後、現金が支払われます。



  • 専属マネージャーが割り当てられ、進捗管理とTPF間の仲介をしてくれます。
  • TPFお墨付きのプロジェクトになり、世界中から注目が得られます。




  • 提案の作成、質問への返答
  • 進捗報告
  • 支払い手続きなど事務的なやりとり











tpf-grants-secretary at perl-foundation.orgへどうぞ。

RFC: Perl software of the year award

Earlier I wrote this blog post, which in summary says value of a Perl software project, as opposed to a Perl infrastructure project, is difficult to quantify until the software is written and used. And it often does not work nicely with our grant program where grant value has to be determined before the software exists.

For instance, if I request a $2000 grant to improve a popular Perl module's performance by 1000 times, I imagine I'll get the money provided I can demonstrate the performance improvement with some proof-of-concept code.

What if I propose to write face recognition software in Perl which finds your doppelgänger from images on the web? And if I request $5000? It's not hard to imagine your reaction will be "an interesting idea but how does it help the Perl community?"

The problem is that, while I believe this unwritten software will get attention and my website will get one million hits per day, which will help Perl reputation, I have no way to prove my website's future popularity upfront.

I'd like to propose a way to tackle with this dilemma - "Perl software of the year". By awarding successful/impactful Perl projects, we will add visibility to Perl and it'll give incentive to people to write more software in Perl. It doesn't have to be a Perl module. It can be software written in Perl or a website with Perl backend. Unlike the grant program where we have to determine the value before delivery, we can give an award after the fact without risk.

The prize depends on the TPF budget, but it won't be a showstopper. Its initial monetary value could be as small as the White Camel award.

Request for your comments!

P.S. I am not trying to alter the existing grant program, which has its own value.

(P.S. I see some people can't comment at If you have an issue, feel free to email to me so I can publish your comments here)