CFP Deadline on June 30

This year YAPC::EU conference will be happening at the beginning of September and we don't want you to spend your summer thinking about what could you be presenting in Granada, so we set the call for proposals deadline on June 30.

There already almost 30 talks accepted that amount more than 15 hours of interesting stuff for the more than 100 people that have already registered. What are you waiting to submit your proposal?

Would you like to organize any kind of training course instead? Please, see our ="ht…

Website, Sponsorship and the Walls

Last week the website for the upcoming YAPC Europe in Granada was launched. You can already register and submit talk proposals. If you plan to be a sponsor for the conference, please take a look at the sponsorship proposal.

On the other hand, we're very pleased to announce that Larry and ="Gloria's Web…

YAPC::EU 2015 from 2nd to 4th September

The YAPC::EU 2015 conference in Granada will officially begin on Wednesday Septermber 2nd and will end on Friday 4th.

We also encourage you to be in Granada by Tuesday September 1st: we will be having other interesting events to warm up before the conference. For instance, if you'd like to use the venue to organize a meeting, a hackathon or a workshop just drop us a line.

In any case, make sure you don't miss the pre-conference meeting on Tuesday evening.

How to get involved in YAPC::EU Granada 2015

Next year the YAPC::EU will take place in Granada (Spain) in early September, as you already probably know by now.

The organization team members are currently from, and, but we'd like to invite the Cloud Orga team that worked so well this year to get involved too. We plan to keep on using #yapceu channel on for contact and co-ordination, bu…

Conference Survey

Loved YAPC::EU::2014? Hated it? Perhaps the conference would have been perfect if only we'd done X? What was your favourite talk? Could some talks have been improved?

You should have received an email from Barbie with an invitation to complete the YAPC::Europe 2014 Survey:

As an attendee of YAPC::Europe 2014, we would like to invite you to participate in the online conference surveys. Whether you are an attendee, speaker or sponsor, we would like to get your feedback regarding any talks and tutorials you attend, as well as the conference itself, with the aim of he…