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  • markov commented on Open Letter to the Perl Foundation Board

    I was co-organizer of YAPC Europe 2020. As such, I had very long discussions with mainly SawyerX because he (as contact person for main sponsor forced the American Code of Conduct on our conference. He did not (want to) care that those rules are unconstitutional in Europe. It made me leave the Perl society.

    Societies have written regulations, which you MUST follow: it is what participants expect and what defends your actions in case of court cases. There never, ever is self-elected elite which will be able to solve conflicts.

    Expressions and behaviour of part…

  • BooK commented on Open Letter to the Perl Foundation Board

    Both events you used as examples seem to have a code of conduct:

  • markov commented on Open Letter to the Perl Foundation Board

    Certainly BooK. There is nothing wrong with explicitly state that you want everyone to be pleasant. As organizers of a big event, you are also required (by law) to solve problems which emerge: being explicit on such procedure is also a good thing. That's where FOSDEM and CCC end.

    But forbidding people to say unpleasant things beforehand is not allowed in the EU. Kicking people out solely because a few non-elected others do not like your expression is not acceptable. But it has been done a few times now. Giving your own interpretation on very sensitive terms as harassment is rea…

  • Dean commented on Open Letter to the Perl Foundation Board

    TPF's domain of control is limited to its official services & assets. This needs to be clarified.

    TPF should offer a boilerplate set of community guidelines which perl affiliated projects may elect to adopt.

    Beyond that, perhaps a mediation service should be offered to assist in resolving complaints. Projects may then wish to opt-in to the outcome of these resolutions.

    This is not the first time this has happened, it is however the first time the perl community didnt pile on to someone. That's something *everyone* should think about.


  • Marnix commented on Learning Perl Master Course (video) now available

    Dang. It seems I can't just see that one video. I'm asked to sign up for $49/month or $499/year. Not giving me a lot of choices.

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