• Commented on Learning Perl 6 - Find in a Large File
    ah, very interesting. Thanks for mentioning....
  • Posted Learning Perl 6 - Find in a Large File to :m)

    Currently I feel it is good to prepare for Christmas.

    To read in a larger file, /usr/share/dict/words in my case, I do

    my @dictionary = split /\n/ , slurp '/usr/share/dict/words';

    That is a cool piece of short code for the task…

  • Commented on YAPC::EU 2015 from 2nd to 4th September
    interestingly, at Swiss Perl Workshop, we choose dates that are *not* during the (local) holidays. Because some people might not be able to attend because they are away on (family) holidays.....
  • Commented on Second Swiss Perl Workshop - Perfect Location
    thank you for the kind words!...
  • Commented on Day Two At the Swiss PErl Workshop
    Thanks for the review and the "summit challenge" :-) It was Tobi Oetiker running the Mojo-Qooxdoo course. Which was a great success with a bunch of people having much fun!...
  • Commented on Day One At the Swiss Perl Workshop
    yeah, I liked the food a lot, too!...
  • Commented on The Whitespace in the Perl Community
    Thank you for the talk. Very inspiring!...
  • Commented on How to get involved in YAPC::EU Granada 2015
    looking forward to YAPC::EU 2015! Greetings from Switzerland :m)...
  • Commented on Swiss Perl Workshop has ROOM
    I wonder if we could put together an Arduino / Raspberry workshop. Anybody else interested?...
  • Commented on Follow Ovid on twitter
    if logged in at twitter, yes....
  • Commented on Learning project: introduction
    I am certainly interested in discussing this; your proposal seems a bit rough still. What is your background / in which environment are you planning to build something? (Is this rather a hobby-style project of yours or is it embedded...
  • Posted Using Stratopan Beta to :m)

    This morning, an innocent message landed in my mailbox:

    [Stratopan] The Beta Is Here

    Usually, advertisements go directly to .. "you-know-where", but this one was highly appreciated!

    (Read on for what I did.…

  • Commented on A Tiny Code Quiz
    ..And why does the comma operator behave like this? The Camel Book mentions "This is just like C's comma operator." I have not thought about it enough, but the current behaviour does not seem intuitive, and therefore seems to violate...
  • Commented on Comma quibbling in Perl
    Thank you for pointing to this. I have had a lot of fun playing around with it. First I thought all cases could collapse along this: - join elements with comma - replace last comma with "and" (See the Python...
  • Posted Mop for Beginners to :m)

    Here are some comments on the mop-redux regarding situations in which Perl OO (code) is thought to newcomers or to outsiders. Such situations could be explaining code to an non-Perl colleague at work for a holiday substitution or a Perl class in high school.

  • Commented on p5-mop Inside-Out object problem
    excellent! :-)...
  • Commented on p5-mop Inside-Out object problem
    Interestingly "secure" objects - as implemented by inside-out techniques have become a commodity feature to me. It is a bit like with strictures and warnings. You get the "guarantee" to not inadvertently corrupt your objects by setting a value in...
  • Commented on p5-mop, a gentle introduction
    Thank you for doing this. My first impression: I mostly like how the code looks and that we get "safe" objects. In a small example, the error messages I got were sensible and the script loaded fast. I wonder if we...
  • Commented on Proposal: elseif be an alias for elsif (as in foreach and for)
    point taken. This bit me in my "First Days of Perl". Long, long time ago.. ;-)...
  • Posted Tomato Plant vs. Nuclear Plant to :m)

    With great interest I read When "unsafety" is a Good Thing and brood over Gabor's comment regarding "inconvenience vs. danger".

    In my job, I have done a fair amount of coding these days. Mostl…

  • Posted Regexp::Debugger saved me twice today to :m)

    I just wanted to say that if you stumble with a regex try Regexp::Debugger.

    Here is how I proceeded:
    - write regex and see it not doing what I want
    - think, rewrite, think again, rising anger

  • Posted German Perl Workshop: My Day 3 to :m)

    Again a lovely bike ride to the venue, this time with some air pressure trouble in the front wheel. Then a great day with talks, chatting and again excellent food.

    And then it was already over.



  • Posted German Perl Workshop: My Day 2 to :m)

    Today I was quite busy $working. I was a bit tired, too, because a group of young and cheerful boys and girls (possible future Perl hackers?) had their small hotel party on the floor outside my room. After a short bicycle ride (numerous places of interest again) I reached the Betahaus (many…

  • Posted German Perl Workshop: My Day 1 to :m)

    Yesterday evening I got onto the City Night Line and spent a most comfortable night in my small single…

  • Commented on YANWT (Yet Another No-Warnings Tester)
    it is under "Manage" -> "Entries". Then click on the entry you would like to edit, save & done....
  • Commented on Better late than never - Perl School is awesome!
    Thanks for the reminder; I had even forgotten that Perl Schools existed. :-S...
  • Commented on About the Grants Committee
    I am afraid to say that I would have to change countries before requesting a grant.. And that is probably not going to happen. I live in a spot too expensive at the moment.....
  • Commented on Sometimes a good talk is enough to motivate
    Thank you for sharing the link. Enjoyed the talk a lot. :m)...
  • Commented on Swiss Perl Workshop has a Logo
    Hm, I am not sure.. But it's a pretty view, in any case! See you @spw1? :m)...
  • Commented on Perl 10
    :m) likes "Black Perl"...
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  • daixtr commented on Does Perl (5) have a future?

    I DO NOT get and CANNOT understand WHY WHY WHY that if Perl6 will not come will eventually led to the death of Perl????


    Look, I remember I started doing my first computer program on a programmable calculator in high school. I have exhausted all the APIs of the calculator and so what remains available to me are the infinite possibilities of how to solve a problem in the most efficient means. Now, when i moved the world of PC computer programming, I AM a bit surprised there. I am surprised that there seems to be an ever growing set of API and no matter how much I waited, …

  • Mike Friedman commented on Swiss Perl Workshop has ROOM

    I'll be there and I'd love to learn a bit about hacking Arduinos with Perl.

  • Lee J commented on Swiss Perl Workshop has ROOM

    ++ for Arduino / Raspberry workshop.

  • Salvador Fandiño commented on YAPC::EU 2015 from 2nd to 4th September

    In my case, I can seldom attend YAPC::Europe because of it happening during my kids holidays (that BTW, in Spain last until mid September!)

  • Tim commented on Sending a simple email: the current "modern" way

    I tried the following:
    use Email::Simple;
    use Email::Sender::Transport::Sendmail qw();
    use Try::Tiny;

    $recipient = $_POST['recipient'];
    $firstname = $_POST['firstname'];
    $lastname = $_POST['lastname'];
    $from = $firstname + $lastname;
    $subject = $_POST['subject'];
    $body = $_POST['body'];

    my $email = Email::Simple->create(
    header=>[To=>$recipient, From=>$from,

    try {

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