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    Doing development work on Windows is becoming easier and better all the time. However, it's still somewhat cumbersome to do development work ON Windows, FOR Windows.

    Luckily for us Perl developers, the team making ="http://strawber…

  • Posted Module Adoption Opportunities! YAY! to Chase Whitener

    Quite some time back I was anxious to find a Perl module or two to work on and gain some experience in the process of releasing modules to the CPAN. Like I'm sure many of you do, I looked through the ADOPTME list to see what looked simple…

  • Commented on Perl don't work well in "bash on ubuntu on windows"
    Nothing can be installed until you patch File::Find, as you found. Issue #186 has the work-around at the end. I hope that helps you....
  • Commented on Reflections on Test2
    Thanks for the writeup! I haven’t been following the progress or reasoning behind Test2 and your blog post clearly laid it all out for me....
  • Commented on Mock Testing Web Services with Mojo
    That is, unfortunately, the nature of writing and maintaining clients for web services you do not control. A well-behaved web service gives you versioned endpoints to hit, a la Salesforce. If I write and test a client against version 34.0...
  • Posted Mock Testing Web Services with Mojo to Chase Whitener

    Occasionally, the need to write a web service client comes about. For example, when the decision gets made to move away from a piece of software that you run in-house to a suite of hosted apps.

    The hosted apps offer RESTful APIs for communication that you will need to use to transfer your …

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