• Commented on This Week in PSC (094)
    Perhaps add links to the relevant RFCs? RFC#### => RCP2023-## (Requested Change for Perl)...
  • Posted Meeting, Tuesday, January 12th, 2021 to Bob

    This is your friendly reminder that the quarterly meeting will be this Tuesday, January 12th, starting at 7 PM PST. As has been the case for the last several meetings, we'll be meeting again on Zoom (details below).

    Topics for the meeting include Perl (of course), COVID-19, Ce…

  • Commented on San Diego Perl Mongers Meeting, Tuesday, October 13th
    If you're interested, the presentation is available here:
  • Posted San Diego Perl Mongers Meeting, Tuesday, October 13th to Bob

    This is a quick reminder that the quarterly San Diego Perl Mongers meeting will be occurring on Tuesday evening, starting at our normal time of 7 PM PDT.  As has been for the last several meetings, we’re going to meet online, as in-person meetings are discouraged, and online meetings seem…

  • Commented on Meeting, Tuesday, July 14th, 2020
    Two of the presentations from the meeting: What I Saw at the Perl & Raku Conference 2020 What's New in Perl 5.32
  • Posted Meeting, Tuesday, July 14th, 2020 to Bob

    The Quarterly Meeting is tonight, 7 PM PDT.

    Because of the pesky disease that's been spreading, we'll be gathering online. The agenda for tonight is: Normal conversation and seeing how everyone is doing; if there are any questions that need to be answered, we'll do that; foll…

  • Commented on Tabs vs Spaces. Article about symbols that are used for indentation in 3.8 million Perl files on CPAN
    There are several issues that are not being considered. First off, the code for analysis looks at every line. It should ignore all blank lines, lines that are within POD ( /^=\w+/ .. /^=cut\s*$/ ), all lines that are solely...
  • Commented on As simple as possible...but no simpler
    Damian's communication style (in person, in presentation, in writing, or in any other form that I've interacted with him) is always so clear. This is yet another example of why I love the Perl community: we're trying to do better...
  • Posted I'm not positive about this... to Bob

    I'm not positive about this, but I'm not sure that things are behaving as I would expect. What would you expect the following lines to output?

    perl -E 'say "x"; say -"x"; say -"-x"; say -"+x";'

    For me, lines 1 and 2 make sense. Lines 3 and 4 …

  • Commented on What's going on here?
    Ah, thank you Aristotle! You have cleared up some subtleties in the language that I knew were there, but were quite hard to pin down. Thank you for taking the time to clearly explain those subtleties, and give an example...
  • Commented on What's going on here?
    Tom: If it were taking `@_[0,1]` as a scalar parameter, it would be printing out `2`. That's what happens with `sprintf(@_)`. It's clearly taking in two parameters, but for some reason the second parameter is being coerced from a number...
  • Posted What's going on here? to Bob

    What do you think the following lines print?

    use feature 'say';
    sub fmt { sprintf( @_[0, 1] ) }
    my $num = 1_234_567_890.12_345_678_9;
    say sprintf( '%.6f', $num );
    say fmt( '%.6f', $num );

    I think the two say lin…

  • Commented on Hacktoberfest: Thank You
    As one of the many distributions that got your attention (more than once, I might add), I thank you. It feels good to have somebody else notice your imperfections, and offer up a solution, rather than simply being a critic...
  • Commented on Managing my shell setup
    I do a similar thing with my home directory. I have a .profile.d and a .bash.d, and I have my own lib/sh and bin directories, where I have some startup files. The .profile.d directory is for systems (like Ubuntu) that...
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  • ysth commented on What's going on here?

    This is a fine example of why prototypes should not be used on user-created subroutines; just memorizing what they are for the built-ins and expecting the syntactic effects they have is hard enough.

  • Cuong Manh Le commented on As simple as possible...but no simpler

    You version 4 must be:

    constant vanEck's = 0, {@_.end - (@_.head(*-1).first(@_.tail):end:k//(@_.end))}...∞;

    Otherwise, we will get undefined error on `$N`.

  • Vinny commented on As simple as possible...but no simpler

    I learned a lot reading this--thanks! Your explanations are so clear, and the improvements in speed you got from thinking and algorithm improvement makes the idea that perl6, which might be 30% slower than xyz language, moot. I'm trying to switch to perl6, and hope you keep up this quality of blogging!

  • Damian Conway commented on As simple as possible...but no simpler

    Yes indeed!
    Thanks for spotting that.
    I've corrected it in the text.
    Much appreciated!

  • byterock commented on Tabs vs Spaces. Article about symbols that are used for indentation in 3.8 million Perl files on CPAN

    IMHO the bloger would of better off spending his time doing a few pull requests and fixing some bugs then spending a bunch of time exaiming the ages old 'tab' vs 'space' debate.

    Since the days PC computers got more than 640K of disk space on a floppy it has stopped to be an issue.

    In the good old days of 64k many of old farts would argue for 'tabs' as the took only 8 bits of less memory than while '4 spaces' took up 32.

    In the big scope of things it really doesn't matter much

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