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Perl Is Still The Goddess For Text Manipulation

"Ever since I learned Perl during the dot com bubble, I knew that I was forever beholden to its powers to transform.

You heard me. Freedom is the word here with Perl."

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MTA-STA for Exim, thanks to Perl

MTA-STS (RFC8461) is a new standard that makes it possible to send downgrade-resistant email over SMTP. In that sense, it is like an alternative to DANE. It does this by piggybacking on the browser Certificate Authority model.

There is a validator here which defaults to checking, and possibly can answer your questions about it without the "tl;dr" factor of the RFC.

This perl script was posted on the ="http…

Reddit: After 2020, European Perl conferences are over

This popped up on Reddit, I don't go there much either, but the crowd here might want to read get involved in the dicussion:


Nice clickbait, eh?

Over the past years, it has been increasingly difficult to find hosts/venues for the next year. The reason why a location could be announced each time in the closing session of a conference has rather more to do with heroics than deliberation. YEF is de facto disbanded, de jure will happen RSN. Long-time member domm's numerous attempts to revitalise YAPC organisers have all failed. It does not help that ACT re…

Monitorix 3.11.0 released

Another great Perl software that I find very useful is Monitorix.

Monitorix is FOSS lightweight system monitoring designed to monitor as many services and system resources as possible.


The tl;dr is that it works really well for monitoring stand alone machines- which is what I used it for. It's tracks all sorts of metrics with minimal configuration…

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