One More Record? from YAPC::Asia Tokyo 2011

YAPC::Asia Tokyo 2011 was record breaking, but I think we just broke one more record: namely, number of blog posts

We collected at least over 150 blog posts (~157) from our attendees about YAPC::Asia Tokyo 2011. We had 672 attendees total, so that means about 23% of our attendees wrote something in their blog. I'm pretty sure this will pay off in the future, as it will be much much easier for us to tell our would-be sponsors and attendees what YAPC is like

BTW, this year punytan created a simple form for people to submit the url, and a lot of people including myself just kept collecting them blog entries. punitan++.

If you're an organizer, make sure to tell your attendees that their YAPC ain't over until you blog about it!

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