people are stupid

i dont like it when people say that. because i like I love people. they deserve some understanding, tenderness and indulgence. and its a decent behaviour to do so anyway.

But on the other hand:

most people on this planet I see as incredibly limited. and in many different ways. whats the most limiting factor are prejudices and be stuck to the own point of view.

in the 19th century scientists measured that womans brains are smaller and therefore concluded their less capable of thinking and thatswhy it would be a waste to let them study at university. that was rational and reasonable to many at that time. of course today - most people can see that the motivation of that argument was short sighted, abusive and driven by base motives. the emotional motives come clearer because mainstream opinion changed in this area. but if you not so stuck in you emotional reaction you can see right trough (even todays mistakes). I have no doubt in my mind most of todays so called scientific argumentation will be seen by future generations in similar ways as we now see the hubris of 19th century royal society: "everything that could be invented we know today".

I already posted once why i think einsteins work is almost completely misleading. the point I want to make here today is that computer science and IT are in no way different and I want to reinforce my fellow people to use their own mind and instinkt and heart. If something feels like a piece of crap it most probably is so. And I also believe many of the misunderstandings between perl 5 and perl 6 people will go away immediately if we can keep our standpoint but also can feel a bit into others and their words into the context of their point of view. sounds simple but As I was at the german perl workshop and talked with in any other way smart people about Perl 6 i felt that this would solve a tention. Thatswhy this was one of my main messages of my spontaneous perl 6 lightning talk in schorndorf.

thank you very much.

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