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While preparing some major technical stuff not yet released, here some more philosophical items. Last time i was comparing Larry with Al Yankovic. A funny thing with some mostly well known insights. so lets go even deeper. What's a Pearl really?

Like many Perl scripts also Pearls start with a pain. A mussel gets a stone or something else painfull into his shell and has to deal with it and something shiny takes birth out of it. Perl is also more focussed to solve practical problems than demonstate paradigmes. But lets go even deeper.

Where pain comes from? From injustice, ignorance and own ego of course. And it shows real greatness to stay humble but don't render yourself as an victim and do something productive with that situation.

Ultimate darkness and what some would call evil is called in the rabbinic tradition Binah. And its associated with a Pearl (all other sephira with clear see-through-gems). Because in the end every darkness/shortcoming is turned into great gift. But only by those who stay to their greatness. And the Perl community has several of them.

The path from darkness to strength is called Gimel (in the version i prefer at least), which translates to Camel. How appropriate. I start to wonder what Larry knew when he choose that logo :).

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Just a minor quip, Gimel, the letter, is not the same as Gamal, which is the Camel. Otherwise interesting idea, also I would suggest the onion logo compared with the notion of Clipah (peel/shell).

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