Grantreport - Perl 6 Tablets - 5th week // Perl 5 Testing

By week i mean 7 days in which I touched the tablets.

Basically i just read the advent calendar and other sources and check if the tablets missing something. This way Appendix A has 25 entries more, much more revamped finding even keyword fossils of ancient Perl 6, not even known to moritz++, jnthn++ was helpful too. Also wrote the section about quoting and some minor parts of tablet 3.

Other than then I wrote last week an article for the next (10th) Perlzeitung about basics in Perl testung, because even beginners can't start too early with that. Since Perl's official Testing site lies pretty dormant I maybe take the brush to sweep there some things. but hej bigmouth I dont even got time follow properly p5doc and still in the starts for my thingy for the perl ecosystem group (still a seakrit). But my anger toward that subject rises. Any other volunteers for that out there?

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