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Brain Memory Management

My next dev article about the important concept of cognitive load of code and how to manage it.

System Thinking

I started to also post on and will post there mostly about topics larger than Perl : psychology of programming, software engineering and alike.

Why YACM (yet another color module) ?

At the recent YAPC::EU (still running) I gave a talk about my latest CPAN module: Graphics::Toolkit::Color (in short GTC - v1.53). It went a little out of hand and even worse: some of the key thoughts I did not formulate as clear as wanted. That is why I use this channel to correct that. In this first part I outline the goal of the module and the next part will be about the design principles of the public API, moving than into implementation details and the general issues when dealing with colors.

KBOS methods

After scopes, types and signatures we got all the prerequisites to talk about the syntax and semantics of KBOS methods. Unless you want to contribute to Kephra or write a plugin, you may never use them, but please join me in the thought experiment - maybe we get a littler smarter.

KBOS signatures

There are signatures in Raku, core Perl 5, Moose, Dios and lot of other modules. With KBOS I tried to find out how optimal signatures would look like to me. My objectives are: 3. easy to parse with the eye, 2. concise syntax and 1. delegates as much work as possible into the background so I have to write the least amount of code.

KBOS types

After introducing KBOS I should write about the most fundamental concept in this Perl syntax extension. In fact it's so basic, you could use it even without objects.

Introducing KBOS

Starting even before Moose, we (in the Perl 5 world) have a plethora of Modules extending the syntax of the language with Perl 6 and more in mind. The following article sums up not only my 2 and a half cents on the subject but also an attempt to implement it. It should be of interest to anybody thinking about programming in general.

WxTut is complete, whats next from you?

In the next Perl Magazine will come the 12th and last part of my big WxPerl tutorial. To me its almost like my teenage child is now out of the house (brain). You might complain: "but its German, I can't read that". Don't worry the resulting book will be in English. But this post is really about something different, but related, in fact about coming English articles: written by You.


It was a good YAPC although I already knew FFM and their slightly musty University, so it lacked the excitement of a new unknown place. But I guess its part of the joy to meet the class of Perl again, greet domm here, say hai to karen there and so on.

Highlight was to me Stevan Littles presentation (no keynote was utterly important), even if I extracted the crucial infos before. I was especially sceptical to declare one line to get the getter/setter like in Moo/s/e. But combined getter/setter are not always right, you might follow the damian or even (god forbid) your own taste. So to …

starting my twitter account

I think I want to use this account from now on to write more essay like pieces. Many of my posts here were just short reports of the existence of slides, talks, articles and other things. Maybe I will do comparing and reflecting summaries on such things, but for recent informations please subscribe my twitter channel. Some messages there might be German. Please don't mind.!/kephra_lk

the mental monitor box and the guys in the last row

On my "how much you can handle"-tour I gave my talk about Perl 6 array and hashes thrice. Third time masak and jnthn were in (the last row as any troublemaker in school) the audience and spottet some serious errors (I think it was an former rakudo bug). but its fixed and uploaded now. ( Arrays as in [] will not flattened inside a signature and so the number of elements in @_ on the last question in round 1 is…

my YAPC::EU summary

first some ad for Gabor, you might want to skip that *g*. I read "perl testing" and listened to some talks on that topic, even gave one, but until 2 days ago i actually hat had some misunderstanding about Devel::Cover and that it actually marks code pieces "already executed" when tests just call subs with different options and not by calling the pieces directly. Just a short comment by Gabor has lightend that up. thank you.

What i like most about yapc even more than about perl workshops: you get more high profile people. just grab them and discuss things that needs to get done. I met …

My YAPC::EU Update

2 of 3 talks ( / days almost) done and I roll some ideas in my head what I do next weeks. I spoke with brian d foy (brought lot of insights on the state of perl docs) and damian (thanks for helping on my slides) and with lot of ather people. I heard about twin city workshop, which I try to attend (Turin and Frankfurt too).

When I come back to germany, next $foo needs 2 more article (recension and wxperltut9) and I have to think about the 4th part of the fm-perl.tutorial a…

State of the Doc II

As an update and continuation of my last post: lot has happened. This is also a kind of Grant report since the Perl 6 Tablets are rolling again and I plan to cash in the first half of the TPF grant around YAPC in Riga but definitively before Frankfurt (german perl workshop).

You may ask what took so long or why I believe to be now much faster. I just…

Grantreport - Perl 6 Tablets - 5th week // Perl 5 Testing

By week i mean 7 days in which I touched the tablets.

Basically i just read the advent calendar and other sources and check if the tablets missing something. This way Appendix A has 25 entries more, much more revamped finding even keyword fossils of ancient Perl 6, not even known to moritz++, jnthn++ was helpful too. Also wrote the section about quoting and some minor part…

back to quiet

hooray I will give my first training course at YAPC. As every quarter, i written another wxperl article for $foo which will get part of the teaching material as well as my code examples for the wxperl workshop last year. i really need to prepare better for such incidences.

horray my first article for heise got published. it was about the german perl workshop some days ago, $foo got an e…

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