State of the Doc II

As an update and continuation of my last post: lot has happened. This is also a kind of Grant report since the Perl 6 Tablets are rolling again and I plan to cash in the first half of the TPF grant around YAPC in Riga but definitively before Frankfurt (german perl workshop).

You may ask what took so long or why I believe to be now much faster. I just see how much I was able to do in last months. There was the perl tutorial which was very successful in his first part, but 7 or 8 other will follow. You can watch them growing or participate in our wiki.

Than I was lucky enough to look over Johans shoulder while he was updating the Perl Pocket ref. In contains some input from me. Its now in print and will go up to 5.14.1. As a side effekt I could publish an article about 5.14 on heise online (biggest IT portal in germany), which also found its way in a shortened version into iX (largest general print mag for IT pros). Good to have factual content about Perl there.

Next issue of Perl-Magazine will contain 4 articles from me, including my annual Perl 6 update which i took as a kind of work phase to get again into the matter for the tablets. Next issue of Perlzeitung will also contain a text by me about Kephra.

All this squeezed a bit air out of my lungs but its refilling again. Next articles and updates will follow as a marvellous Kephra rewrite which looks very promising.

P.S. I give a WxPerl class in Riga which got very high rates last year (only complain was: "too much stuff for 5 hours" which i wil maybe listen to)

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