sorta Perl 6 grant report

uh yes I have a running grant and want to close it in 2012 even it will take much more effort than just written down in the proposal. I was a bit shy with that to don't get rejected. I don't want to open any new projects til I get this done.

Recently I updated Index A, which is still the most usable part, because its a quick overview of all builtins and operators. There were tons of details I did: setting new links, cleaning up things I didn't understood myself exactly, making better examples, more "see also" for similar commands. There were even some Perl 6 commands new to me, which I added and we are currently approaching the entry number 650. But the most important bit was: I understand the strange socialtext wiki syntax a bit better, so I could insert a lots of anchors inside of lines. So not only similar terms are now interlinked. Even better, many (and soon every) commands can be linked from outside which is good for automatically generated links if you need some quick explanation to a perl 6 term which is linked to an even more detailed explanation and to tables where it is summarized with similar things.

Thats the link-syntax for the builtin "if":

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