ATGR (another tiny grant report)

I almost could repeat the last post, But in an effort not to be boring: here are the exciting parts. I turned over to do something almost daily. Sometimes not much, but it turned out that i discover this way some dark dark corners of the spec and the tablets as well that really need some attention. And its so much fun to come up with keywords in the #perl 6 channel present people never heard of.

Much work went further into the details. I standardize almost everything not only that the result is easier to read for humans but also for scripts. The examples got a definite position and a delimiter so you can grep them or filter them out in later docs. I made also rules for link anchors so now everything can be crosslinked even operators that contain special characters that would break any wiki link syntax. Also when you have 2 same buitlins that do in different context not exactly the same we have now cleanly seperated explanations. The context in round braces directly after the term is part of index A almost since the beginning. Now you can also link to any single explanation.

And I didn't even touch most of the actual tablets (1-10), but what I started to do is categorizing them and creating places where i will explain the details. It's still huge mount ahead, but it shows. We're now really close before 700 items. Some also had to be deleted since $Larry decided that some regex modifier are not necesary and I ruthlessly cut out some unneeded explanations and dups.

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